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Turn It AroundTobinMuellerdance (780)disco (44)electronica (379)pop (694)vocal (197)keyboards (40)happy (163)just for fun (3)tobin (86)save the world (2)pop (694)electropop (48)puppet (10)
WaterfallsGenEarPiano (957)Happy (163)Lighthearted (4)Cheerful (7)Continuous (2)
let's dance in our firemikkinylundgroovie (2)60's (15)peace (176)happy (163)alternative (400)rock (1959)love (1469)party (45)fire (55)guitar (1349)tambourine (8)
Hope TooCIPHERhappy (163)rock (1959)instrumental (832)guitar (1349)crap (46)
Lineining UpDOShappy (163)melodey (3)
The Happy Metal SongDOSHappy (163)Melodey (3)
I'm So GladDOSElectric (100)guitar (1349)happy (163)happiness (50)goodness (9)christmas (284)good (182)me (104)joy (67)fun (253) (0)
Merlinpaddleraccordian (2)merlin (4)happy (163)pig (6)
Washed Away AgainCIPHERdrowning (12)happy (163)mournful (10)suicide (35)electronic (563)noisy (7)busy (4)crap (46)cipher (23)monkey (36)killer (13)midi (73)
Good Choices Lead To HappinessDOSAcoustic (812)Guitar (1349)Greatness (2)Happy (163)good (182)things (12)make (18)fake (9)? (18)what (39)how? (1)DOS (12)deadication (6)dedication (15)of (103)sufacation (4)
unknown 11springclockunknown (12)11 (8)happy (163)she (57)well (6)never (25)run (32)laugh (11)leopard (2)true (19)nothing (17)sell (2)you (195)time (141)wishing (2) (0)
Come What MayCIPHERInstrumental (832)Guitar (1349)melancholy (80)swing (64)halftime (1)waffles (35)belly (5)nice (100)sweet (50)piano (957)cipher (23)easy (36)sad (189)happy (163)vomit (2)crap (46)hack (6)
Sunshine LoungeParichayakaserene (8)sunshine (30)lounge (42)ambient (831)tranquil (4)peaceful (24)spiritual (68)jazz (983)strings (402)orchestral (141)happy (163)feel good (5)soothing (37)
to the top againhappygemini3to (103)the (254)top (9)again (33)ian (93)miq (8)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17) (0)
pondering the 10th planethappygemini3pondering (13)the (254)10th (1)tenth (1)planet (6)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)miq (8)ian (93)space (234)warp (4)
mic up the trainhappygemini3mic (6)up (50)the (254)train (45)miq (8)ian (93)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)einstein (2)
we cryo sleep on starshappygemini3we (33)cryo (1)sleep (62)on (52)stars (62)miq (8)ian (93)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)
PalmsGenEarMellow (151)Soft (85)Happy (163)Cheerful (7)
Shinin' Down on Me (Roxylee Vocals)kristyjoHappy (163)shiny (1)love (1469)pop (694)vocal (197)collaboration (131)
Standing AlonejgurnerHappy (163)Peppy (4)breakup (41)evil (52)dumbfound (1)
Dancing Shadowskennybenderhappy (163)dance (780)in the sun (1) (0)
hatching a planhappygemini3hatching (1)a (136)plan (2)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)
swallow your headhappygemini3swallow (3)your (58)head (22)lift (3)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)miq (8)ian (93)
letter 1happygemini3letter (7)1 (12)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)miq (8)ian (93)improv (57)
what's a cool namehappygemini3what's (4)a (136)cool (98)name (15)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)miq (8)ian (93)
WhimsyRoxyleeClassical (816)whimsy (3)Roxylee (45)happy (163)light (158)
Sunday (and the Sky is Blue)HenkeHenke (38)Dreams in Cerulean Blue (12)Sunday (15)guitar (1349)happy (163)
Saving GraceCIPHERinstrumental illness (1)guitarist (92)happy (163)MIDI (73)rock (1959)Thanksgiving (4)Will Ferrell (3)crap (46)bass (374)wanking (7)waffles (35)
spaceman vs. astronauthappygemini3spaceman (2)vs. (1)astronaut (8)miq (8)ian (93)happy (163)gemini (9)3 (17)happygemini3 (1)happy gemini 3 (1)
Prepare the Way of the LordkristyjoCeltic (130)Christmas (284)Advent (4)vocal (197)folk (545)guitar (1349)flute (193)happy (163)
A Song of Freedom and HappinessSecaModehappy (163)robert (6)ingersoll (1)freedom (80)happiness (50)creed (1)freethinker (1)
Naive Little Medomdinolove (1469)sweet (50)sad (189)happy (163)lovely (13)pretty (29)
Carribean GrooveReinholt56Happy (163)dancing (26)jolly (2)boogy (2)limbo for the aged (1)
Mystic BurstDarkstalker Xpower (66)fast (162)synth (386)might (8)mystic (5)hyper (6)happy (163)drums (314)feeling (35)pad (4)bass (374)might (8)
MiDNiGHT DREAMSWiFiWalrusdance (780)club (174)WiFi (16)Walrus (20)Blake (18)Johnson (19)Happy (163)Grumpy (2)Hardcore (53)duby (1)
Helium (w/domdino)ledebutantdemo (43)domdino (2)ledebutant (51)fly (33)Chagall (1)helium (2)balloon (5)dance (780)bar (21)love (1469)crying (19)pop (694)don't let him drag you down girlfriend (1)happy (163)sad (189)
Pound Sign GlorybenjhannahIndie (192)Rock (1959)Punk (155)Acoustic (812)Happy (163)Catchy (34)
Oxygen At 7 AMiG.STUDiOlight (158)happy (163)synthsizer (1)electronic (563)
Lovin' YaWiFiWalrushappy (163)light (158)wifiwalrus (17)wifi (16)walrus (20)blake (18)johnson (19)your (58)mom (16)
Happy to Be Gonepenguirock (1959)alternative (400)acoustic (812)happy (163)
JamboReinholt56Swahili (1)African (16)Ethnic (67)happy (163)
Giggle Snot Symphonybjorkforkerbjork (2)forker (1)bjorkforker (1)giggle (1)snot (2)gigglesnot (1)symphony (76)seven (9)movements (3)progressive (220)rock (1959)progressive rock (90)pugs (2)happy (163)face (32)happy face (1)adolescent (1)love (1469)adolescent love (2)school (29)bus (5)school bus (1)history (23)class (8)history class (1)day (51)dream (157)day dream (2) (0)
The Silly Things I Didn't Do TodayJoannaJoanna (44)children (83)kids (46)silly (43)fun (253)happy (163)
stillwaterBoiAfricalove (1469)calm (63)romance (74)friendship (21)happiness (50)joy (67)fun (253)friend (129)best friend (3)happy (163)lover (18)
You Think You got the BluesMovizblues (741)pain (93)suffering (16)barefoot (4)happy (163)mood (21)TV (34)people (41)
Let It Shine (Bauckham Family)Peter BauckhamChristmas (284)Happy (163)Rejoice (4)Festive (3)Merry (3)
ContentedMikeNYethereal (36)guitars (83)piano (957)winter (77)spring (112)summer (122)fall (29)seasons (9)seasonal (10)happy (163)contented (1)peace (176)
Remnants (Aftermath)cyberquartz23good (182)great (44)awesome (81)remnants (1)dance (780)elecro (1)rejoicing (1)fantastic (16)dj (42)quartz (18)new (167)synth (386)abrupt (1)intense (32)happy (163)
DaisyRy_EdwardsDaisy (1)Fun (253)Spring (112)Summer (122)Upbeat (69)Happy (163)Good music (8)Ry Edwards (1)hat man (1)bluesy (16)
Playin' Around #1Reinholt56Jamming (4)happy (163)good times (5)relaxing (65)cold beer (1)sun (110)a good book (1)a tide going out (1)
Happy ThoughtsthekurtisprojectHappy (163)Thoughts (17)Good day (1)
SunfallTribeOdisco (44)happy (163)dance (780)
Two as One (Final Version)Kori ArashiLove (1469)two (21)peace (176)peaceful (24)romance (74)complete (6)warm (25)happy (163)passion (33)one (58)
High Groundkristyjoband (136)concert band (6)fanfare (8)short (118)bright (16)happy (163)
Hang on to Your Red CoatParanoid Androidfolk (545)pop (694)song (277)lyrics (43)inspirational (109)happy (163)sad (189)girls (26)lady (14)love (1469)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)
Harvest JoykristyjoNative American (23)Flute (193)World (236)Dance (780)Joy (67)happy (163)
It's ChristmasMovizChristmas (284)people (41)bustle (1)snowballs (1)fire (55)sneeze (3)happy (163)
HVisionssimonazelecto rock (1)instrumental (832)happy (163)
Not Just Another GirldiblitPop (694)Pop(mainstream) (1)Love song (76)Love (1469)Guitar (1349)Piano (957)Drums (314)Bass (374)Rock (1959)Happy (163)Not Just Another Girl (1)Girl (144)Another Girl (1)Just Another Girl (1)Rain (140)Kiss (24) (0)
Stamp On My HeadT_Being_esqStomp (12)Bang (2)Cheese (30)Happy (163)
Mexico 2T_Being_esqHoliday (146)Chill-Out (7)Ambience (18)Dancing (26)beach (31)Sea (74)Mexico (14)Vacation (18)Happy (163)
WhitbyT_Being_esqSea (74)Sailing (12)holiday (146)Sea gull (1)Happy (163)
Going HomeAJerkin_ProgressRock (1959)Instrumental (832)Jason Mallow (1)Rickenbacker 4001 (1)happy (163)fun (253)uplifting (25)positive (10)traveling (9)alternative (400)positive (10)
Maggie Rodriguez tributemvh9591maggie (1)pop (694)morning (59)happy (163)rock (1959)harmony (88)
Calling All ConundrumsMannequinRaceshappy (163)bouncy (29)quirky (24)bass (374)
I Love My UkuleleJoannaukulele (27)joanna (44)happy (163)love (1469)
Fields of LoveYordbearChildrens (9)loops (169)happy (163)easylistening (3)
Happy Machinedesakotahappy (163)light (158)cheery (2)calliope (3)child (32)children (83)happy machine (1)
Kill Kill Happy HappyTonyAzemiatony (18)azemia (16)kill (15)something (16)i (149)mean (10)love (1469)peace (176)penis (8)and (116)death (198)happy (163):) (6):D (4)
Kling GlöckchenkristyjoChristmas (284)bells (78)folk song (4)happy (163)sweet (50)
Sweet CaramelHypnotiQ SorcereHappy (163)guitar (1349)
Valentine II (MJRF2010)Pete_NBValentine (15)Love (1469)Happy (163)
PilgrimHonzaJourney (85)Dream (157)Goal (2)Happy (163)Wanderer (2)Prayer (38)Silence (22)Victory (8)
Robot EpiphanyMannequinRaceselectronic (563)robot voice (1)robot (24)record (2)reason (35)bouncy (29)happy (163)mannequin races (2)cool (98)quirky (24)bass (374)
(It Weighs) Heavy on my Mindclaypottsdeath (198)love (1469)happy (163)sad (189)loss (85)mother (51)brother (19)religion (46)
Salford DiscoT_Being_esqloops (169)happy (163)dance (780)oh my head (1)
Me TientamexlesMe (104)Tienta (1)Woman (37)mexles (1)alexei (1)folk (545)guitar (1349)love (1469)eyes (45)eyed (1)blue (60)happy (163)live (168)temptation (7)
Love, Love.MovizLove (1469)Sad (189)Happy (163) (0)
A Good DaySCJohnson59happy (163)optomistic (2)
A Good Day Take 2SCJohnson59Carribean Islands (1)happy (163)optomistic (2)
In My LifeMovizLife (255)friends (78)laughter (12)Happy (163)
Postaplastic A Movement To Dance In Three PartsT_Being_esqDance (780)Mad (16)Bounce (10)Experiment (48)Happy (163)
So Happy Ichristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)bass (374)woodwind (33)happy (163) (0)
Wishing Merry ChristmasMovizWish (12)Christmas (284)good (182)Happy (163)Dreams (118)Hoping (4)
I Need YouT_Being_esqNice (100)Love (1469)Happy (163)
You Can Count On Me (The Weather Song)mfwmilesWeather (8)Friends (78)Happy (163)Happiness (50) (0)
Camel Tongue Ragthetilercamel (5)tongue (11)rag (15)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustical guitar (26)solo guitar (27)happy (163)joy (67)
Happy(in progress)SCJohnson59Happy (163)
You Think You Got the BluesMovizpeople (41)blues (741)suffering (16)mood (21)happy (163)
Happy DaySir BassHappy (163)
Happy Birthday Jack - Again!MarkHolbrookHappy (163)birthday (28)jack (11)
You're Out Of My Lifemartinthecoolyou're (7)out (47)of (103)my (104)life (255)for (57)good (182)boss (8)leaving (25)elated (1)happy (163)synth (386)pop (694)martin (43)song (277)pop (694)
There'll Be Some Changes MadeSylviaDChanges (5)piano (957)keyboard (80)happy (163)
Happy BirthdayHis_Boy_ShermanTempie (5)Birthday (28)Happy (163)
Running As Fast As I CanT_Being_esqHappy (163)Mad (16)Joke (4)
Happy Birthday To Me!Orpheusbirthday (28)happy (163)orpheus (6)
HappymatthewbowserHappy (163)angry (27)sad (189)rock (1959)alternative (400)blues (741)different (14)
Heart Symbolsxavrockbeats1334happy (163)dance (780)fun (253)madeon (1)is (65)pretty (29)cool (98)you (195)should (5)look (11)his (4)stuff (16)up (50)xav (18)rock (1959)beats (174)1334 (15)xavrockbeats1334 (10)heart (150) (0)
out of sight, out of mindSea Monk Sevensea monk seven (24)northern lights (30)milton (35)milton cabrera (2)cabrera (2)stu (16)stephan (2)stephan fortin (1)alex (18)alex jang (8)jang (2)dont let me down (1)sad (189)happy (163)the smiths (1)
Hard Times...Feat/Patricia Edwards...SoundhoundFaith (62)Hope (132)Understanding (9)truth (46)happy (163)forward (9)honesty (2)groove (158)reality... (1)
Tell me moresaSHguitARacoustic (812)groove (158)clean (22)guitar (1349)rhythm (43)melodic (94)happy (163)
I Mellow ToneMovizMellow (151)happy (163)tone (2)live (168)
AirDJWestMatmospheric (35)air (18)happy (163)freedom (80)
Better DaysDJWestMHappy (163)new (167)
SummertimeDJWestMHappy (163)Party (45)Summer (122)Beach (31)Sunny (16)Nice (100)Lovely (13)
The year has comeDJWestMHappy (163)sad (189)light (158)brightness (1)
The Happiest MarchFire_AngelMarch (41)G (6)G Major (3)Happy (163)
The Happiest March (Take Two).Fire_AngelMarch (41)G (6)G Major (3)Happy (163)D Major (6)D (4)
Places UnknownDJWestMsad (189)happy (163)memories (66)forgotten (5)
CherishParichayakajoyful (5)celebrating (3)Christmas (284)happy (163)uplifting (25)orchestral (141)
CherishParichayakajoyful (5)celebrating (3)Christmas (284)happy (163)uplifting (25)orchestral (141)