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Never Feel Alone (Revised)Joannaisolation) (1)loneliness (22)vocals (151)Joanna (44)piano (957)harmony (88)Xena (2)life (255)infomercials (1)
Many MistakesJoshoshpop (694)mistakes (8)light (158)josh (11)rock (1959)harmony (88)
Undiscovered BeautyJoshoshjosh (11)heart (150)romance (74)harmony (88)rock (1959)solo (125)radio (15)soundtrack (289)vocals (151)acapella (12)
walk of the fungusspringclockwalk (20)fungus (2)flowers (33)outside (20)friends (78)dance (780)transmission (2)harmony (88)receiver (1)channel (1)signal (2)energy (42)revolutions (3)orbit (8)forward (9)divine (6)
The New Doo WopJoshoshharmony (88)love (1469)doo (1)wop (1)piano (957)acapella (12)vocals (151)ballad (259)romance (74)cheesy (3)hesitate (4)lyrics (43)
You Liedjigumaharmony (88)Cronulla (2)sad times (1) (0)
Modern-Day RomanceJ.A.Stewartbrass (53)horns (54)guitar (1349)piano (957)bells (78)harmony (88)rock (1959)
Song Of This World - Enhanced Production of an ejh SongJ.A.Stewartfolk (545)harmony (88)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)harmonica (54)mandolin (61)accordion (27)
Banana LandJ.A.StewartKing Kong (2)rap (311)banana (4)rock (1959)harmony (88)jungle (38)theremin (9)drum (76)
willpaxedenacapella (12)vocal (197)singer songwriter (8)spiritual (68)inspirational (109)art (81)bjork (2)radiohead (7)enya (16)kate bush (4)chorus (21)choir (45)harmony (88)
unresolvedpaxedenargument (4)resolution (9)break-up (11)break up (15)breakup (41)radiohead (7)the strokes (1)singer songwriter (8)vox (15)vocals (151)harmony (88)cake (7)
As the Church Bells Did RingJoshoshminer (2)church (27)bell (18)josh (11)ocean (61)sky (65)hesitate (4)guitar (1349)vocals (151)harmony (88)heavy (204)serious (7)
Delight YourselfRoxyleepraise (48)worship (56)harmony (88)acoustic (812)Roxylee (45)inspirational. (1)
Dulce Amor - RoxyvoxRoxyleeRenaissance (52)dulcimer (56)Drakonis (77)Roxylee (45)harmony (88)folk (545)peaceful. (1)
Where Would I Go?ValleyPastorInspirational (109)harmony (88)
String Quartet in D MajorValleymanintense (32)clever (5)harmony (88)non-diatonic (1)diatonic (2)crunchy (5)crazy (86)classical (816)string (15)quartet (21)interesting (5) (0)
Lord, Let MeRoxyleeworship (56)praise (48)harmony (88)round (19)a cappella (27)
Bring Me HomeRoxyleeacoustic (812)fake violins (1)harmony (88)pity party (1)longing (40)inspirational to take a vacation. (1)
Coastal Dazejigumasummer (122)beach (31)laid back (17)acoustic (812)harmony (88) (0)
learn to flypaxedenharmony (88)choral (20)introspective (7)lullaby (79)
Maker of Heaven and EarthRoxyleeRoxylee (45)harmony (88)praise (48)worship (56)Jesus (141)Christian (137)
CrushJoshoshharmony (88)crush (9)crash (23)vocals (151)daydream (7)alternative (400)rock (1959)
Crazy Feels LikedreadmonBing (13)Futch (2)dreadmon (53)dulcimer (56)mountain dulcimer (22)rock (1959)alternative (400)groove (158)vocal (197)harmony (88)pop (694)new romantic (1)80's (40)
Angels We Have Heard on HighPostludes Trioangel (42)angels (40)Christmas (284)religious (26)Nativity (10)praise (48)devotion (10)Jesus (141)Baby Jesus (4)Bethlehem (3)chorus (21)harmony (88)polyphony (2)
Simply FineEd Hannifinsimply (1)fine (88)love (1469)certainty (2)epiphany (3)coffee (29)folk (545)harmony (88)
Neon Tiki (Remix)dreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)dulcimer (56)rock (1959)Neon (6)Tiki (6)search (10)desire (23)hope (132)pop (694)rock (1959)happy dance (3)harmony (88)dream (157)hippie (5)did I mention neon? (2) (0)
Neon Tiki (Futchlogic Remix)spitlogicBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)dulcimer (56)rock (1959)Neon (6)Tiki (6)search (10)desire (23)hope (132)pop (694)rock (1959)happy dance (3)harmony (88)dream (157)hippie (5)spitlogic (51)
Facadesherrill56acoustic (812)ambient (831)moody (52)chill (162)harmony (88)harmonica (54)
Through A WindowReinholt56Choir (45)harmony (88)disharmony (2)cathedral (8)practising (1)pipe organ (4)tonewheel organ (1)bass (374)imagination. (1)
18 Stepssherrill56acoustic (812)harmony (88)folk (545)relaxing (65)
Sweet Little Girlsherrill56acoustic (812)lullaby (79)harmony (88)delicate (10)melancholy (80)
June WaltzMystifiedjoy (67)June (6)waltz (52)anniversary (9)love (1469)devotion (10)harmony (88)Mystified (167)
Flying Air Central (Procast Mix)SEAC99Pulstate (2)Procast (4)Hi-Fi (2)Dj Hi-Fi (3)Vision84 (1)Armada (2)Anjunabeats (2)airplane (5)trance (387)ambience (18)amor (2)love (1469)harmony (88)peace (176)waves (32)
Break OutRoxyleeRoxylee (45)folk (545)love (1469)vocal (197)harmony (88)break out (1)
As You Walk With Me-Collab w DadaiRoxyleeAs You Walk With Me (1)Roxylee (45)Jack Miller (9)Dadai (41)folk-rock (19)duet (32)harmony (88)love (1469)
Of Summers GoneMovizYoung (11)Days (7)Skylarks (3)sing (21)harmony (88)summer (122)smells (3)songs (10)
Simple Gifts w FeterRoxyleeFeter (37)Roxylee (45)mandolin (61)harmony (88)folk Simple Gifts (1)
Lay It DownRoxyleeRoxylee (45)Lay it down (1)acoustic (812)harmony (88)inspirational (109)encouragement (1)
If The World Was Graylank81Folk (545)Peace (176)Rock (1959)Acoustic (812)Peace (176)Racism (10)Love (1469)Harmony (88)Unity (4)
Long Time Gonebroncoacoustic (812)finger picking (5)harmony (88)folk (545)ballad (259)
Meadow Song, w FeterRoxyleeRoxylee (45)Feter (37)duet (32)harmony (88)folk (545)guitar (1349)mando (3)bluegrass (31)love (1469)
Harmoniesfabien0784peace (176)harmony (88)
Maker of Heaven and Earth remix (MJRF)Roxyleeworship (56)praise (48)Jesus (141)harmony (88)Roxylee (45)inspirational (109)
Drifting Today (with Roxylee) V2Dadai.2moonbeam (3)cloud (11)charity (7)rainbow (17)dream (157)drifting (23)folk (545)acoustic (812)harmony (88)
Smile, by Feter (C to C)RoxyleeSmile (40)Feter (37)Roxylee (45)acoustic (812)harmony (88)
A Matter of Historydaibhreacoustic (812)harmony (88)
My Love is Your HarmonyonesweetworldLove (1469)Harmony (88)Demons (6)Thread (1)Hanging (4)
Maggie Rodriguez tributemvh9591maggie (1)pop (694)morning (59)happy (163)rock (1959)harmony (88)
Sweet GraceRoxyleeRoxylee (45) (0)praise (48)worship (56)Jesus (141)harmony (88)Romans 8 (1)
Covered-poem by Jack Miller, added vocals by Rich SchlettyRoxyleeJesus (141)acoustic (812)worship (56)Roxylee (45)Jack Miller (9)Rich Schletty (1)harmony (88) (0)
Lady, You Had Me (Demo)indigobluLove (1469)Party (45)Social (4)Booze (10)pain (93)room (16)woman (37)control (27)heart (150)soul (144)light (158)windows (5)eyes (45)scene (7)alone (59)time (141)feeling (35)reason (35)layers (13)spell (7)spells (5)harmony (88)poppy (7) (0)
Lady You Had Me (Vocal Retake)indigobluLove (1469)Party (45)Social (4)Booze (10)pain (93)room (16)woman (37)control (27)heart (150)soul (144)light (158)windows (5)eyes (45)scene (7)alone (59)time (141)feeling (35)reason (35)layers (13)spell (7)spells (5)harmony (88)poppy (7)Indie Rock (41)indie Pop (4)rock/Pop (1)Pop/Rock (2)Rock (1959)Pop (694)
I Know You Rider-Early versionbroncofolk (545)harmony (88)guitar (1349)
Car of the decadeJoeGarveyRock (1959)space (234)car (25)motor (2)automobile (2)slide (36)harmony (88)guitar (1349)orchestra (289)orchestration (27)
The ShockJoeGarveyRock (1959)shock (3)tapping (3)harmony (88)harmony guitar (2)
A Bell in the Valley, by SmokeyVWRoxyleeJesus (141)Simple Gifts (2)A Bell in the Valley (4)SmokeyVW (11)Roxylee (45)harmony (88)open collab (5)
blue skyside (the fair) work in progressdimm witnessfolk (545)traditional (103)irish (69)fair (8)mountainside (3)synth (386)electronic (563)harmony (88)unfinished (18)not very good (1)
Galloping victoryCounterHarmonyHarmony (88)metal (274)dual (1)guitars (83)NWOBHM (1)
Laughter is a gift (Demo version)CounterHarmonyDepressive (2)rock (1959)harmony (88)
Laughter is a giftCounterHarmonyDark (422)Harmony (88)rock (1959)
A.I.CounterHarmonyAndroid (2)twilight zone (4)Metal (274)alternative (400)harmony (88)
LeviathanCounterHarmonyLeviathan (2)Metal (274)Guitar (1349)Harmony (88)
Nightmare Gallery, Part 3: Awaken to RealityCounterHarmonyDark (422)nightmare (27)Hell (37)metal (274)harmony (88)
YOUR PRECIOUS THINGS WITH STAN LOH (Lagusaya2)jibesBreakup (41)harmony (88)Pickup Truck (1)horders (1)
AloneCounterHarmonyMetal (274)harmony (88)last (21)alive (9)alone (59)
Confessions of a LunaticCounterHarmonycrazy (86)rock (1959)harmony (88)lunatic (1)guitar (1349)
IsolationCounterHarmonyHarmony (88)metal (274)alone (59)jail (8)guitar (1349)
Intertwined, Part 1. The escapeCounterHarmonyHarmony (88)Intertwined (4)fate (12)guitar (1349) (0)
LikegeckobeatAcoustic (812)Contemporary Folk (2)Duo (7)Harmony (88)
ResonancekarmicfreakResonance (4)love (1469)sex (99)life (255)rock (1959)vocal (197)harmony (88)
Melodyuncle808usMelody (34)music (391)tune (11)harmony (88)writing (5)composing (1) (0)