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Run Away Freejgurnerfreedom (80)life (255)history (23)sense of place (3)
Stone/Southern BoyjgurnerSouth (13)Southern (17)Stone (11)Belonging (2)Place (9)History (23)Past (25)
Don't Make Me (Upgraded)domdinofrustration (15)love (1469)past (25)history (23)forget (13)confused (7)lost (82)raining (8)wasting (3)
RosaliaMissChaosMissChaos (23)dream (157)downtempo (96)history (23)nightmare (27)haunting (37) (0)
Brick by Brick (New Mix)jgurnerHistory (23)Preservation (1)Heritage (3)Bricks (2)Buildings (2)
Trail of Tears (w rschletty)mint01Indians (3)trail (3)of (103)tears (44)strings (402)pop (694)protest (30)history (23)American (40)acoustic (812)melancholy (80)sadness (43)
Awake My Fellow PatriotslegatoMarching (8)Bagpipes (11)Piccolo (4)Patriots (1)War (168)Legato (12)Wind Instrument (1)History (23)Battle (41)Soundtrack (289)Cinematic (124) (0)
Giggle Snot Symphonybjorkforkerbjork (2)forker (1)bjorkforker (1)giggle (1)snot (2)gigglesnot (1)symphony (76)seven (9)movements (3)progressive (220)rock (1959)progressive rock (90)pugs (2)happy (163)face (32)happy face (1)adolescent (1)love (1469)adolescent love (2)school (29)bus (5)school bus (1)history (23)class (8)history class (1)day (51)dream (157)day dream (2) (0)
Come Cleanraceratcome (18)clean (22)emotion (25)angry (27)man (46)boy (24)history (23)feat (1)will (23)apathy (4)snapshot (1)mean (10)
Endless WareasyesteemerBattle (41)war (168)sadness (43)grief (10)weapons (2)history (23)
Mary Queen of ScotsGlaikitMary Queen of Scots (1)Ambient (831)Spoken word (78)Scotland (10)Tom Weir (1)History (23)
Invaders From The South (Old)DragonasUkraine (6)Turkey (5)history (23)trilogy (7)battle (41)war (168)marching (8)struggle (8)epic (62)historic (1)big (22)dramatic (34)Dragonas (30)
AnthemDragonasUkraine (6)Turkey (5)Poland (5)Lithuania (1)Belarus (1)Romania (1)Black Sea (1)Anthem (15)Dragonas (30)history (23)epic (62)trilogy (7)peace (176)
Kormáks Saga (Edited)mikkinylundIceland (8)Scandinavia (2)Viking (3)History (23)Folk (545)Pagan (6)
Bloody Royal Pride (unplugged version)daibhrefolk (545)history (23)story (64)
Take a little trip and forget all about itmikkinylundAirplane (5)flight (17)history (23)love (1469)peace (176)dreaming (26)
Stone/Southern BoyjgurnerHome. the South (1)Sense of Place (3)Sense of Self (1)Belonging (2)Place (9)History (23)Past (25)Life (255)The Universe (6)Everything (17)
The Immortality Scriptsgroovsh8kerDystopian front (10)Moguls (1)History (23)
Voicesuncle808ushistory (23)voices (21) (0)