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The March of Spring Maysky shoesSpring (112)Folklore (3)mental problems (1)bitchen guitar (1)Imagination (40)
Moorlandt's ReverieRickB1Cinematic (124)orchestral (141)strings (402)dream (157)vocals (151)child (32)lullaby (79)fantasy (37)imagination (40)
Dinosaur MuseumMystifiedMystified (167)dinosaurs (3)museum (3)bones (12)whimsical (7)imagination (40)
Hollow Earth Revisited (w/vox)Mystifiedhollow earth (3)space (234)imagination (40)journey (85)Mystified (167)sbc (68)ambient (831)
EVP Series #4: Amusing Ourselves to DeathMystifiedbmc (32)sbc (68)Mystified (167)biba_nova (33)EVP (7)imagination (40)cinematic (124)experimental (505)laughter (12)
SallybudMar Twain (1)river (30)records (7)books (6)imagination (40)Sally (6)
ArtifactMystifiedartifact (2)mysterious (13)exploration (13)journey (85)discovery (1)imagination (40)ambient (831)search (10)solitary (1)reminisce (1)echoes (8)voices from the past (1)spectres (1)Mystified (167)biba_nova (33)bmc (32)sbc (68)
in a darksome wood....MystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)forest (23)woodland (1)imagination (40)storytelling (8)ambient (831)darksome (1)fairy tales (1)faeries (4)Silvan (1)Moriquendi (1)
Industrielle #2--SubterraneanMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)Industrielle (2)imagination (40)subterranean (1)industrial (167)mechanical (3)futuristic (5)Mungo (17)sonic_magpie (5)Beach Boys (5)Unfinished Business (1)
a spectre's taleMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)EVP (7)spectre (1)ghost (43)eerie (15)imagination (40)exploration (13)haunted (13)once upon a time (1)
HubbleReinholt56Outer space (7)trip (47)wonders (3)imagination (40)Hubble (1)cosmos (13)
the memory of starsMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)stars (62)ambience (18)experimental (505)imagination (40)creation (11)possibilities (1)
Slalom #4 (The Friends Helped Mix)Reinholt56Slalom (3)rhythm (43)percussion (78)ski-on-snow sounds (1)Scaper (1)ambient techno (1)imagination (40)
NebulaReinholt56Nebula (3)celestial phenomenon (1)awesome majesty (1)the power of nature (1)the wonder and awe (1)space ambient (25)imagination (40)
BiotaReinholt56Dawn (18)life somewhere in the multiverse (1)Ambient (831)Space Ambient (25)soundscape (49)biota (1)imagination (40)a condensation of the thought process (1)
Forever Voyaging (space race 2009)Mystifiedmystified (167)voyaging (1)imagination (40)final frontier (1)celestial (3)universe (24)infinite (4)
JKCS041Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)clusters (1)galaxies (1)distance (12)x-ray (5)imagination (40)trips (3)far out (3)
LunacyChimalusLunacy (4)horror (30)terror (19)hallucination (6)dream (157)nightmare (27)fantasy (37)imagine (5)imagination (40)ghost (43)eidolon (3)
Trying To Get Home (The Volcanic Ash Mix)Reinholt56Iceland (8)volcanic ash (1)trips (3)glass particles (1)pumice (1)Space Shuttle (4)journey (85)imagination (40)
Ambient Mindscape #1Reinholt56Trip (47)travel (53)imagination (40)Mindscape of the Unexpected (1)indulgance (1)is it really music? But not as we know it? (1)
Cloud Hopping (An Ambiental Mix)Reinholt56Clouds (30)cloud hopping (1)imagination (40)ride (19)research (2)Ambiental (11)experimental ambient (3)journey (85)heady (2)
Unicornalfredthepelicanunicorn (3)poetry (147)moonlight (12)imagination (40)
Cafe de NuitthetilerRomance (74)imagination (40)Paris (19)glass of wine for two (1)
ImaginericaPaddyNavinCaryatidAmerica (43)imagination (40)imaginerica (2)
To Dream of Stars (An Imaginary Journey Mix)Reinholt56Journey (85)imagination (40)Milky Way (3)Amitriptyline (1)
Robot Done Got No SoulReinholt56Robots (18)electronica (379)band (136)service time due (1)imagination (40)oooops!! (1)
Lightyears AwayReinholt56Journey (85)outer space (7)intergalactic maelstrom (1)awe (6)cosmic magnificance (1)imagination (40)imposing (1)
The Wonder of the UniverseReinholt56Wonders (3)Universe (24)soundscape (49)imagination (40)mystery (33)unknown (12)drifting (23)
ImaginateReinholt56Mystery (33)eerie (15)illusion (15)tense (8)imagination (40)hallucinate (1)
Photosphere (An Ambiental Mix)Reinholt56Photosphere (1)trip (47)sun (110)imagination (40)