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The Flaming Toothbrushgavin_sasserjungle (38)bears (2)toothbrush (1)
uRBAN jUNGLE tHEMEjmtuRBAN (16)jUNGLE (38)tHEME (26)fretless (16)5 string (5)bass (374)sampler (6)bust (2)Baltimore (3)evening (9)blue (60)light (158)district (3)jmt (5)
Banana LandJ.A.StewartKing Kong (2)rap (311)banana (4)rock (1959)harmony (88)jungle (38)theremin (9)drum (76)
Regression (collab w/Moses)mandimonkeemonkey (36)jungle (38)beastiality (1)carnal (1)arouse (1)frighten (1)
Three Drums with ApituakristyjoWorld (236)Drums (314)jungle (38)
Electronic Passion (Tahiti Klubbin' Edit)SEAC99Benny Benassi (1)Benassi Bros. (1)Procast (4)DJ Hi-Fi (3)Pulstate (2)Cicada (2)Underworld (5)Tiesto (3)Anjunabeats (2)Armada (2)Joop (1)Armin Van Buuren (2)Ross Lara (1)Junkie XL (1)Megara (1)Salem (17)Marcel Woods (1)Jesselyn (1)techno (472)beat (137)bass (374)percussion (78)groove (158)vibe (9)stephen (8)katie (2)heart (150)love (1469)time (141)bleepy (4)snare (12)roll (43)snare roll (1)flange (1)pulse (12)build up (3)pads (8)floating (23)brain (18)energy (42)synthosizer (1)synth (386)garageband (82)awesome (81)trigger (3)electronic (563)passion (33)dj (42)dj procast (1)99 (2)electronica (379)jungle (38)
March OnartHouse (194)Ambient (831)Jungle (38)Techno (472)
Locked In (remake 2006)artTechno (472)Jungle (38)Ambient (831)House (194)Jazz Fusion (77)
Wide OpenartHouse (194)ambient (831)Jungle (38)Breakbeat (69)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)Dance-club (13)
Old Man RiverartJungle (38)Breakbeat (69)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)
El Rio Latino (the remake 2006)artHouse (194)Jungle (38)Breakbeat (69)Nujazz (51)Dance-club (13)Jazz (instumental) (7)
MacintoshartHouse (194)Jungle (38)Breakbeat (69)electropop (48)Dance-club (13) (0)
That Choo Choo TrainartHouse (194)ambient (831)Jungle (38)Nujazz (51)Dance-club (13) (0)
The JungleartHouse (194)Jungle (38)Breakbeat (69)Dance-club (13) (0)
E.J's GrooveartHouse (194)Jungle (38)
I Don't Know Why 1999artHouse (194)ambient (831)Jungle (38)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)
Bellydancing Fire Hydrantshavingronaldscarfusion (213)experimental (505)breakbeats (3)jazz (983)funk (357)psy funk (1)jungle (38)other (58)
Tales of a Concrete Junglewillbill808tales (3)of (103)a (136)concrete (4)jungle (38)willbill808 (92)hip hop (417)rap (311)
Acoustic JunglethetilerFingerpicking (50)classical (816)new-age (7)acoustic folk (2)jungle (38)acoustic finger-style (1)
Harder they fallFiltersweeperdrum n bass (62)drumnbass (4)jungle (38)drum and bass (36) (0)
No GunsJungleMovementPeace (176)Unity (4)no (69)guns (16)Nick (4)JJ (1)Jungle (38)movement (52)
Kunt Rave 3 (Surface Scratch)Mellowshipdnb (38)drum n bass (62)drum and bass (36)jungle (38)braindance (6)electronic (563)computer (20)new (167)song (277)mellowship (64)machine (31)mask (6)fast (162)square (7)saw (5)tri (2)long (33)breaks (25)amen (5)ableton (19)live (168)8 (5)idm (37)
Jungle Technician(Predatory Remix)feat.ZamZamAcetyleneJukeboxjungle (38)Drum n Bass (62)jazz (983) (0)
JungloopDemeter7Jungle (38)wild (18)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
Rhythm Of The JunglethetilerJungle (38)they need a place to have fun too ! (1)
jungle dreamsglinnemanneasy listening (67)electronic (563)electro (185)linnemann (1)elektro (9)chill (162)chill out (13)drum (76)base (2)jungle (38)birds (40)
Animalistic (An Experimental Ambient Mix)Reinholt56Jungle (38)animal sounds (1)rainforest (4)animalistic (1)Ambiental (11)