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The Joy Of His ComfortRickWGod (270)Jesus (141)instrumental (832)inspirational (109)
EmmanuelthetilerJesus (141)ambients (1)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar (1349)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92)folk (545)
Deck The HallsthetilerDeck The Halls (2)Chrstmas (1)presents (3)Jesus (141)Happy Times (4)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar (1349)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92)folk (545)
Midnight Clear/variationsthetilerMidnight Clear (1)Savior (9)Jesus (141)improvisation (103)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar (1349)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92)folk (545)
O Santadan the manchristmas (284)santa (17)jesus (141)child (32)adore (2)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/ragtime/guitarthetilerIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear (1)Christmas Songs (2)Christmas (284)Jesus (141)baby jesus (4)guitar (1349)solo guitar (27)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)Christmas songs (2)merry christmas (5)happy times. holiday (1)giving (8)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar strings (90)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92)folk (545)
What Jesus Did For MeRickWJesus (141)Son of God (3)healed the sick (1)gave sight to the blind (1)new birth (1)peace (176)love (1469) (0)
Going Through The MotionspoodyglitzChristmas (284)Jesus (141)praise (48)Lord (34)gospel (65)contemporary (37)christian (137)faith (62)vocal (197)dance (780)R&B (92)rnb (21)pop (694)medium (3)
The Garden of EdenRickWCreation (11)Garden of Eden (3)God (270)Jesus (141)love (1469)
I Celebrate You With My Lifepoodyglitzinspirational (109)gospel (65)celebrate (7)jesus (141)christ (21)christian (137)god (270)lord (34)love (1469)song (277)bollywood (6)indian (29)ethnic (67)middle (6)eastern (21)uptempo (11)string (15)rhythmic (7)
Magnetic PolarityAweful Noisetorchhappy (11)boobers (1)bored (8)brain (18)tired (19)sex (99)strange (32)weird (61)dumb (16)glass (12)ass (22)grass (11)mass (12)bass (374)fish (16)trippy (50)bug (7)rasta (4)Jesus (141)
FootprintsRickWfootprints (2)Jesus (141)love (1469)
When I Met Jesussaved777Father (56)Son (30)Holy Spirit (13)God (270)Jesus (141)
Jesus Lover of My Souljmb1099Jesus (141)lover (18)soul (144)love (1469)
You Must Surrender All (Henry Alone)saved777God (270)Holy Spirit (13)Jesus (141)Son of God (3)Bible (21)saved77 (1)Henry Alone (1)Henry (4)
Near The Crossjmb1099Jesus (141)love (1469)grace (29)soul (144)mercy (10)cross (10)
Follow You Downrhodesbros.Jesus (141)Christian (137)Christian Rock (32)Jesus Christ (9)Christianity (2)discipleship (1)faith (62)foundation (3)garage (20) (0)
Jesus loves meHeidi_EJesus (141)Loves (7)Me (104)Bible (21)
Just Don't Go With The Flowsaved777God (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit (13)Father (56)Son (30)Saviour (4)Light (158)
You Take It Away Lord (Nina da Costa)saved777God (270)Jesus (141)
Born AgaindruckdeschelBorn Again (3)Jesus (141)
I See Lord JesusdruckdeschelJesus (141)Love (1469)forgiving (1)
with JesusdruckdeschelJesus (141)faith (62)love (1469)
In The Arms Of The Father (Nina da Costa)saved777God (270)Jesus (141)Father (56)Son (30)Love (1469)Holy Spirit (13)
At Your Feet (Nina da Costa)saved777God (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit (13)Son of God (3)Father (56)Love (1469)
Alive!ajewelljesus (141)god (270)easter (8)resurrection (7)alive (9)
ONLY YOU LORDstevewhitChristian (137)Jesus (141)Gospel (65)Worship (56)
All Your Heart (Henry Alone)saved777God (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit (13)Father (56)Son (30)
Maker of Heaven and EarthRoxyleeRoxylee (45)harmony (88)praise (48)worship (56)Jesus (141)Christian (137)
Song for MichealstevewhitGod (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit. (1)
AMAZING LOVEstevewhitGod (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit (13)Love (1469)
The Sword Of The Lord, And Of Gideonsaved777God (270)Jesus (141)Bible (21)
Angels We Have Heard on HighPostludes Trioangel (42)angels (40)Christmas (284)religious (26)Nativity (10)praise (48)devotion (10)Jesus (141)Baby Jesus (4)Bethlehem (3)chorus (21)harmony (88)polyphony (2)
Song for Cody Ray!stevewhitChristian (137)God (270)Jesus (141)Heaven (48)Christmas (284)Love (1469) (0)
Confessor Moon (New Version)springclockspring (112)clock (86)wonder (99)ian (93)baird (81)michael (39)saul (3)confessor (3)moon (55)jesus (141)jones (1)peter (11)gabriel (6)my (104)bloody (5)valentine (15)elation (5)wavelengths (3)
EASTER SONGstevewhitGod (270)Jesus (141)Easter (8)Love (1469)Gospel (65)Christian (137)
Hearts In The SandBoiAfricaReligion (46)Jesus (141)Christ (21)love (1469)philosophy (13)relationships (43)family (55)life (255)sex (99)
TIME FOR CHANGEstevewhitGod (270)Love (1469)Jesus (141)Christian (137) (0)
I Give You Thanks O LordstevewhitGod (270)Jesus (141)Christian (137)Easter (8)
I think of You LordstevewhitGod (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit (13)Love (1469)Peace (176) (0)
Thank You FatherRickWFather (56)Jesus (141)praise (48)love (1469)
when jesus was a kid (by the hamlet machines)cjdaleyjesus (141)kid (15)oriental (17)loops (169)gnostic (1)
Novena SongSTKNovena (1)Virgin Mother (1)Our lady (1)Jesus (141)Sinner (3)Rock! (1)
The Final RabiSTKRabbi (1)Jesus (141)God (270)Love (1469)Peace (176)Secret (12)Change. (1)
MagdaleneSTKDi VInci (1)Jesus (141)Magdelane (1)Revolution (28)Peace (176)Truth (46)Change (41)Secret. (1)
It's RealSTKKilling (13)Peace (176)Real (18)TV (34)Jesus (141)Wife (24)Money (61)War (168)Today (10)
15 of 52: Forty DayseorthmanFolk (545)Gospel (65)Jesus (141)Temptation (7)
Stroking Jesus Beard Yet RestlessTripeWagonkink (1)Jesus (141)beard (2)restless (7)Pluto (2)lavatory (1)
ChimayovblueskyJesus (141)NativeAmerican (3)BlueSky (14)Tibetan Bowls (1) (0)
The Definitive History Of Glue.bonnieprincejohnnyDoris and The Doris (1)jesus (141)
As i WalkGodchaserChristian (137)Jesus (141)God (270)Truth (46)pop (694)alternative (400)
AWAY IN A MANGER (Dadai-Richard & Anne Schletty-Matthew Holmstrom-Youth Choir)Postludes TrioChristmas (284)nativity (10)Jesus (141)children (83)
Salome w/R.SchlettythetilerJohn The Baptist (2)Salome (1)Jesus (141)Colaboration (1)
My ColorskylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
Walkin Away From the BluesRoxyleeHouse of Blues (4)Roxylee (45)Jesus (141)Blues (741)Christian (137)
Come To MelisashayeFather (56)Holy Spirit (13)Jesus (141)Christ (21)Salvation (10)Love (1469)Faith (62)Life (255)
UnsurebigblotbobNeedles (4)Pins (1)Jesus (141)
Caught dead in this...cloudfactoryCaught dead in this... (1)Brenton Little (5)Cloud Factory (5)Gazer (2)Christian Baxter (1)Fellowship Bible Church (1)Batesville (1)Arkansas (4)Meridian (1)Mississippi (4)CCM (5)Christianity (2)Sin (20)Jesus (141)Faith (62)Indie Rock (41)Indie (192)My Sail has flown (1)Chris Wheeler. (1)
Angels We Have Heard On High feat. Solomon KeallisashayeAngles (2)we (33)have (15)heard (1)on (52)high (22)Christmas (284)Jesus (141)God (270)Child (32)Elohim (1)Hymn (31)Heavenly (5)Father (56)Holy (14)Spirit (25)
Kirie Isus Hriste Eleison imas (Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us)victorias_playgroundprayer (38)Jesus (141)religion (46)spiritual (68)
It's Jesustltatejesus (141)
Maker of Heaven and Earth remix (MJRF)Roxyleeworship (56)praise (48)Jesus (141)harmony (88)Roxylee (45)inspirational (109)
Light of Bethlehem (w/ Roxylee)awigzeIrish (69)Jesus (141)Faith (62)Mandolin (61)recorder (48)pawless guitar (1)
Jesus and The Little ChildrenthetilerJesus (141)Children (83)true joy (1)Savior (9)high level of living (1)parents (8)guidance (1)
SolitudekylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
Dont Give Up on GodLivingstoneGOD (270)FAITH (62)ADDICTION (12)EDEN (2)DISGRACEFUL (1)JESUS (141)FATHER (56)SON (30)CITY (43)PAIN (93)PRAYERS (3)PRAY (18)
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Pink Dulcimer Version)Ren-Tin-10Sweet (50)Jesus (141)Pink (15)Dulcimer (56)
Look for the Rainbow - unpluggedslopartsGod (270)Jesus (141)dark (422)clouds (30)cry (39)rainbow (17)promises (3)life (255)sorrow (32)pain (93)sin (20)hate (62)control (27)loves (7)us (13)
Love Goes OnlisashayeJesus (141)Heavenly Father (1)HolySpirit (1)Love (1469)Goes (4)On (52)Christian (137)Church (27)contemporary (37)Gospel (65)inspirational (109)
Tell It to JesusRen-Tin-10Jesus (141)
Sweet GraceRoxyleeRoxylee (45) (0)praise (48)worship (56)Jesus (141)harmony (88)Romans 8 (1)
The F-BombtempieFFA (1)Jesus (141)Devil (34)4-H (1)Rock Show (1)
Grace Greater than Our Sinbowensgrace (29)christian (137)Jesus (141)God (270)acoustic (812)hymn (31)
Mercy and GraceRoxyleeMercy and Grace (1)Jesus (141)praise (48)worship (56)roxylee (45)
Have You Any Room for Jesus / There Is a FountainRen-Tin-10Room (16)Jesus (141)Fountain (2)
Covered-poem by Jack Miller, added vocals by Rich SchlettyRoxyleeJesus (141)acoustic (812)worship (56)Roxylee (45)Jack Miller (9)Rich Schletty (1)harmony (88) (0)
Jesus Lover of my SoulRen-Tin-10Jesus (141)Lover (18)Soul (144)
Softly and TenderlythetilerJesus (141)love (1469)hope (132)prayer (38)belief (12)heaven (48)happiness (50)comfort (4)peace (176)
Jesus Is Coming!tltateJesus (141)Jesus is coming (1)worship (56)gospel (65)praise (48)
She Looked Delicate As Lace...butclaypottsslash (4)pimp (5)crack (10)jesus (141)lord (34)lace (2)delicate (10)love (1469)hate (62)sex (99)credit (1)toilet (3)bride (2) (0)
A Bell in the Valley, by SmokeyVWRoxyleeJesus (141)Simple Gifts (2)A Bell in the Valley (4)SmokeyVW (11)Roxylee (45)harmony (88)open collab (5)
Here and NowDanBrownJrAcoustic (812)Christian (137)Soft Rock (20)Jesus (141)Smooth (120)easy (36)Drums (314)Nice Voice (1)Jesus (141)Praise and Worship (3)worship (56)dan brown jr (10)dbj (8) (0)
StayDanBrownJrJesus (141)Praise (48)Worship (56)and (116)Voice (56)Christian (137)Faith (62) (0)
My HeroDanBrownJrHero (14)Dan Brown Jr (10)dbj (8)Jesus (141)christian rock (32)Lord (34)saved (1)worship (56)
The AwakeningDanBrownJrJoe Satriani (3)Steve Vai (2)dan brown jr (10)dbj (8)jesus (141)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)shredd (1)solo (125)worship (56)
Even WhenDanBrownJrDan Brown Jr (10)Jesus (141)Praise and worship (3)praise (48)worship (56)Chrsit (1)Christian (137)Metal (274)guitar solo (124)leads (1)guitar (1349)
Gonna RainDanBrownJrJesus (141)christian music (3)worship (56)dan brown jr (10)dbj (8)danbrown jr (1)
Joy of SalvationDanBrownJrJoe Satriani (3)dan brown jr (10)danbrownjr (3)dbj (8)guitar solo (124)Jesus (141)christian music (3)instrumental! (1)
Silent NightthetilerJesus (141)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustic guitar (97)fingerpicking (50)
Phariseestempiestax (1)jesus (141)flash gordon (3)frogs (6)
Just mere Breathli3detect0rHigh (22)weed (6)kush (1)life (255)Jesus (141)
night walkingjottdeeguitar (1349)poland (5)domanski (1)blues (741)jesus (141)
Fanaticli3detect0rfanatic (2)Jesus (141)Blood (33)Club (174)
Jane and Lilyli3detect0rmaryjane (1)dance (780)hip hop (417)Jesus (141)
Worm Juice DelightBlobWorm Juice (1)God (270)Drunk (30)Jesus (141)Devil (34)Atrophy (1)Mongoose (1)Pelmet (1)Lumbar (1)
Guy In The Skyfive_extra_armsGospel (65)Jesus (141)
Jesus or the DevilFatherTimeJesus (141)devil (34)Howard Stern (1)car (25)goodbye (46)night (129)desert (39)Arizona (4)New Mexico (7)Needles (4)California (25)
First Breath In The MorningslopartsJesus (141)Love (1469)Savior (9)God (270)
Love Like ThistltateLove (1469)love of God (1)Jesus (141) (0)
You and IRickRomanwatchtower (1)christian (137)jesus (141)bible (21)Horses (11)riders (3)Protest (30)Christ (21)Church (27)
Roman RoadCrystalBlueLife (255)Jesus (141)Repentance (1)Joy (67)
god of lovetimothyclark13God (270)of Love (1)Jesus (141)Christian (137)Faith (62)Godsel (1)Glory (12)God (270)Love (1469)
calling jesusrustykangarootelephone (9)jesus (141)rain (140)brain (18)lonely (64)
His Name is JesusMartinD28Jesus (141)God (270)Klezmer (8)Messianic (1)clarinet (46)acoustic guitar (97)gospel (65)folk (545)christian (137)acoustic (812)Jewish (12) (0)
God is GodMartinD28God (270)praise (48)Jesus (141)worship (56)lamb (4) (0)
Isaiah SaidMartinD28Christian (137)Christ (21)Jesus (141)Isaiah (1)prophet (7)prophecy (2)Messiah (5)Servant (2)
God is God (Revised)MartinD28Gospel (65)Christian (137)praise (48)worship (56)God (270)Jesus (141)Christian (137)ballad (259)song (277)
sing the songstimothyclark13jesus (141)love (1469)sing (21)songs (10)zion (1)calvory (1)cross (10)love (1469)faith (62)belief (12)jesus christ (9)lord (34)savior (9)garageband (82)SX Guitars (1)Timothy Clark (1)Chris Tomlin (1)