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bang bang hey heyStun NutzKids (46)fun (253)rock (1959)kazoo (16)stomp (12)noise (85)family (55)loops (169)modified loops (55)samples (30)chanting (6)shouting (6)devil worship (1)
Some People's KidsAweful Noisekids (46)kidz (1)dork (19)snot (2)pony (4)dale (5)badass (3)crazy (86)weird (61)abstract (34)pain (93)brain (18)lame (6)psychedelic (124)
Skip To My Lou-Variationthetilerchildren (83)kids (46)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar (1349)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92)folk (545)
This Girl I Love (Geetar Mix)CIPHERpretty (29)MIDI (73)sesame street (2)waffles (35)kids (46)crap (46)cool (98)sweet (50)
the despair of youthStun Nutzkids (46)children (83)family disturbance (1)tears (44)crying (19)screaming (17)Dr. Phil (2)Nanny 911 (1)social services (1)
Like Sugar for Children IIpooeytrombone (7)kids (46)laughing (12)energy (42)poop rock (1)
When Monsters Want to DanceJoannamonsters (9)Joanna (44)kids (46)children (83)dance (780)monster (9)chaos (36)
E Oru OkristyjoAfrican (16)Yoruba (1)Nigeria (2)kristyjo (7)sing (21)percussion (78)kids (46)concert (10)children (83)
Stand Up, Sit Downkristyjokids (46)sing (21)follow directions (1)stand (3)sit (2)kindergarten (1)first grade (1)
Puski duskiapbeducation (7)languages (1)multi-lingual (1)educational (10)puski (1)duski (1)pusky (1)dusky (1)apu (1)in middle ocean (1)sardines (3)bath-time (1)bathtime (1)kids (46)children (83)spanish (37)german (16)french (21)korean (2)english (161)harp (82)collaboration (131)collab (90)
The Liesl StompDonny Rauschkids (46)fun (253)dance (780)smurfy (1)
The Silly Things I Didn't Do TodayJoannaJoanna (44)children (83)kids (46)silly (43)fun (253)happy (163)
Love Won OuteasyesteemerLove (1469)greed (20)kids (46)campfire (2)religion (46)story (64)
Christmas, Christmas.MovizChristmas (284)Trees (14)People (41)Children (83)Snow (82)Church bells (2)Absent Friends (1)Singing (34)Smile (40)Kids (46)Warm (25) (0)
Changakristyjoschool (29)students (4)kids (46)drums (314)percussion. (2)
Prayer, CD versioncthayesrock (1959)prayer (38)kids (46)
Kids like making noiseTheWhizzieschildren (83)kids (46)noise (85)playful (5)screaming (17)vocals (151)
Dance 'til your pants come offTheWhizzieschildren (83)kids (46)dance (780)screaming (17)chanting (6)hoedown (2)
I love my catTheWhizzieschildren's music (14)kids (46)cat (29)pets (1)synth (386)rock (1959)crowd (12)squeal (2)squeak (3)meow (6)
The EVIL Robotic UnicornTheWhizziesevil (52)robotic (3)unicorn (3)synth (386)electronic (563)loops (169)children's music (14)kids (46)fantasy (37)story (64)funny (85)
birthday cakeTheWhizziesgoofy (11)improvisational (9)rant (3)spoken word (78)children (83)kids (46)girl (144)beat (137)
Dance 'til your pants come off! (v2)TheWhizziesdance (780)jerk (5)jiggle (2)wiggle (1)goofy (11)crazy (86)scream (21)kids (46)children (83)
Join the ClubJoannaJoanna (44)children (83)kids (46)club (174)treehouse (2)fun (253)
The State That Were InAbstractVisionabstractvision (32)billy attwell (31)rock (1959)pop (694)global warming (8)the state that were in (1)indie (192)tv (34)poverty (9)war (168)kids (46)guns (16)cyber space (1) (0)
Starfields #1Reinholt56Telescope (1)kids (46)night sky (1)Pole Star (2)constellations (2)forboding (6)chocolate milk and cookies mmm (1)
CircumflexMellowshipmellowship (64)new (167)drum n bass (62)dnb (38)live (168)korg (35)emx-1 (17)electronic (563)what (39)is (65)up (50)you (195)kids (46)
Wonder Worldmvh9591kids (46) (0)
emx6Mellowshipmellowship (64)new (167)other (58)song (277)electronic (563)electronica (379)ambient (831)clap (7)korg (35)emx-1 (17)electribe (10)work in progress (17)check (3)it (72)out (47)kids (46)fun (253)
Do What Your Momma Said!daibhrekids (46)children (83)upbeat (69)fun (253)
Who Rides the WindPete_NBKids (46)Olympics (6) (0)
Get Away with Murder Eyes (5XArms Cover)tempieterror (19)eyes (45)murder (44)blips (4)beatboxing (1)fly bys (1)kids (46)
Love's Gonna Live Heretempieloves (7)family (55)kids (46)wives (3)booster seat (1)distortion (47)frustration (15)
Keep on Truckin'tempietempiepolitan (1)kids (46)ex-wife (2)truckin (2) (0)
Where Can I Go?thedobboschristian (137)kids (46)kids music (4)family (55)gospel (65)
Rocket Riders?Pete_NBkids (46)fatherhood (2)wah (8)
Crianças, criancinhasmarcellocorreiaKids (46)fun (253)children (83)
Summer BreakaRcTipbbq (1)sprinkler (1)fun (253)sun (110)play (20)beer (60)ice (25)party (45)friends (78)kids (46)family (55)lawn mower (1)bugs (5)beach (31)vacation (18)
Women and Horses (Children and Dogs)tempiedogs (19)women (21)horses (11)kids (46)
The Sound Of Me Ignoring Youkarmicfreakkids (46)children (83)fun (253)parents (8)daughter (13) (0)
First Snowuncle808ussnow (82)sledding (1)kids (46)winter (77)falling snow (1)cold (64) (0)