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H-Bomblot249harmonica (54)moody (52)western (50)cowboy (34)modern (17)
Far From Homenealgardnerelectronic (563)film score (45)soundtrack (289)chill (162)cinematic (124)moody (52)
The Streets Are Emptybgmusicmkrpiano (957)loop (46)loops (169)soul (144)calm (63)moody (52)
kings of oblivionmullidreamy (42)moody (52)soundtrack (289)cinnamin toast (2)genuis (1)
Molar Flares RageAweful Noiselast (21)day (51)hurt (26)rain (140)dark (422)moody (52)intense (32)drain (4)sprain (1)grind (14)spine (2)
Seething (Extended Mix)domdinodark (422)ambient (831)moody (52)sad (189)crunching (1)painful (4)
YoudreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)pop (694)spooky (32)psychotic (3)moody (52)loves fruit and yogurt (1)broadway (5)show tunes (2)
She Comes In BlackborisluxxGothic (79)techno (472)moody (52)creepy (34)dark (422)dance (780)Boris Luxx (58)
Sing me to SleepLeumassing (21)me (104)to (103)sleep (62)jazz (983)folk (545)blues (741)rock (1959)slow (120)rhythm (43)moody (52)
She Comes In Black - w/MoorlandtborisluxxMoorlandt (6)Boris Luxx (58)Dark Wave (22)Electronic (563)Creepy (34)Moody (52)She Comes In Black (2)Black Dahlia (3)Goth (74)
Cacophony (Thin Air Mix)borisluxxDark (422)boris luxx (58)electronica (379)moody (52)gothic (79)Cacophony (2)
Voice of the Machine (Heaving Mix)CIPHERtydelwave (1)cipher (23)techno (472)machine (31)eeri (1)sad (189)moody (52)insane (17)waffles (35)crap (46)Bush (58)end of days (1)
dave space w/Volcaniquebudminimal (29)moody (52)repetitious (1)ok if you like that sort of thing (1)
TemporalSecaModeSecaMode (25)temporal (1)remixed (4)moody (52)instrumental (832)
Shroudraceratdark (422)moody (52)shroud (1)darkness (38)wig (2)passion (33)alone (59)gratified (1)venus (6)moon (55)sunrise (27)blackness (2)compromise (3)
Smokesherrill56acoustic (812)experimental (505)ambience (18)hand drums (2)musical (26)atmospheric (35)moody (52)
Facadesherrill56acoustic (812)ambient (831)moody (52)chill (162)harmony (88)harmonica (54)
Green FingersPeter BauckhamGloomy (2)moody (52)laid-back (3)slow. (1)
SynthromanticborisluxxDark (422)Electronica (379)Synthromantic (1)synth (386)keyboard (80)melodic (94)discord (2)boredom (7)Boris Luxx (58)neck pain (1)rain (140)moody (52)
DarkenDivinerHip Hop (417)Instrumental (832)Dark (422)Moody (52)Haunting flute (2)
Level of ActualbudAustin again (2)moody (52)muddy (2)misty (5)scratchy (3)drifting (23)
Loose ChangestevelLoose (6)Change (41)moody (52)acoustic (812)ballad (259)
PoisonborisluxxPoison (11)boris luxx (58)120 bpm (1)deep bass (2)moody (52)dark (422)
On Firetjayswiftrock (1959)alternative (400)moody (52)dramatic (34)guitar solo (124)
Down at Dreary's BarHenkeHenke's Movie Music (2)bar (21)pub (11)beer (60)pool (7)dreary (2)loops (169)moody (52)
Leave12parsecsundone (3)leave (12)twelve parsecs (1)12 parsecs (1)heavy (204)moody (52)up and down like toilet seat (1)
Submarine SerenadeMannequinRacesdark (422)moody (52)indie (192)indie rock (41)alternative rock (47)tuba (16)mellotron (8)cello (82)cajun drums (1)percussion (78)noise (85)quirky (24)
Nocturnelocalmanatmospheric (35)brooding (9)retro (35)dark (422)relaxed (25)moody (52)
The Thunder (2)GrathyClassical (816)moody (52)dark (422)rainy (6)
In The EveningMannequinRacesdissonant (4)moody (52)creepy (34)mannequin races (2)movie soundtrack (10)cinematic (124)quirky (24)unusual (2)ambient (831)
All WorkDead EndAll Work (1)Dead End (4)Rock (1959)Blues (741)Folk (545)Acoustic (812)Moody (52)
On Top AgainKicbalOn (52)Top (9)Again (33)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Rock (1959)Synth (386)Guitar (1349)Vocals (151)Lyrics (43)Programming (4)Electronic (563)Moody (52)Epic (62)Inspiring (6)
long agocondensemikeacoustic (812)blues (741)moody (52)
untitled 4/12/12 piece--ANYONE WITH LYRICS?indigobluSedate (3)Hypnotic (14)Melancholy (80)Insular (1)Moody (52)Arpeggiated (2)
SnacksDrToastyAmbient (831)Flute (193)California (25)Cold (64)Sad (189)Moody (52)Boards of Canada (1)Samples (30)Electronic (563)
Despairflagg1337Hard Rock (100)melancholy (80)moody (52)double bass (9)
ruminationStun NutzMIDI (73)clarinet (46)Garageband (82)mellow (151)moody (52)jazz (983)pensive (5)
stagnationStun NutzMIDI (73)clarinet (46)Garageband (82)moody (52)jazz (983)pensive (5)depression (39)