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GorglepoofEinarusGenesis (10)Gorglepoof (2)Grabblesnaps (1)Progressive (220)11/8 (1)7/8 (5)Moog (32)tempo changes (4)
GrabblesnapsEinarusGenesis (10)Moog (32)solo (125)progressive (220)Gorglepoof (2)Tempo changes (4)
Galaxy Band : Part VEinarusGalaxy Band (3)Space (234)Aliens (27)Einarus (10)Home (76)Progressive (220)Moog (32)beat changes (1)
What I Was Thinking While You Were Talking (w/ Ziti, Mungo)TobinMuellerZiti (35)Mungo (17)organ (108)Moog (32)Fender Rhodes (3)collaboration (131)chill (162)blues (741)ambient (831)jam (94)new age (165)
7:30 Wednesdayphilgmosynth (386)moog (32)indiepop (1)
Quel Fromagepoodyglitzelectronic (563)trance (387)experimental (505)moog (32)space (234)fromage (2)arturia (6)protools (8)soundscape (49)analog (26)sequencer (1)collage (9)cinematic (124)soundtrack (289)film (111)score (38)trippy (50)psychedelic (124)filter (6)
Media Manpoodyglitztechno (472)soundtrack (289)moog (32)sampletank (7)electronic (563)pop (694)fast (162)loud (79)
Media Man Updatepoodyglitztechno (472)soundtrack (289)moog (32)sampletank (7)electronic (563)pop (694)fast (162)loud (79)
Toyland 2010 (with Ren-Tin-10)TobinMuellerRen-Tin-10 (2)Jim Edwards (1)Toyland (1)Moog (32)Christmas Challenge (1)TobinMueller (61)
i wanna go homedimm witnessmoog (32)synth (386)experimental (505)electronic (563)
enter actiondimm witnessmoog (32)realistic (4)tote-a-tune (2)oldie (5)electronic (563)1982 (3)missed notes (1)overproduced (2)
larger lifedimm witnessno wave (7)new wave (28)old wave (3)borrowed wave (1)blue wave (1)something wave (1)wavy (3)wavy gravy (1)gravy (3)groovy (30)groovie (2)goodbye (46)ruby tuesday (1)electronic (563)supersonic (1)bonk your head in (1)it's a dead end! so hang in (1)and hang out (1)hold down (1)hold fast (2)hope our little world will last (1);-) (1):-] (1)moog (32)alesis (1)roland (14)yeah (6)jumpin (1)jack (11)flash (3)it's (10)a (136)gas (5)gas (5)gas (5)gas gas gas! (1)
LIOLI_10 i'm dreamin tonightdimm witnesselectronic (563)music (391)LIOLI (56)moog (32)loops (169)arpeggiator (3)arpeggiated (2)golden (8)calf (1)
hey misterdimm witnessElectronic (563)New Wave (28)Technopop (6)Electrofolk (1)Electropop (48)Technofolk (1)Electrowave (1)No Wave (7)Old Wave (3)Wavy (3)Gravy (3)Moog (32)Radio Shack (4)Realistic (4)Concertmate (3)Tote-a-Tune (2)Orgatron (1)Psychedelic (124)Cool (98)Far-Out (1)Funky (92)Just Plain Weird (1)Help (18)Halp (1)
it's all overdimm witnesselectronic (563)end of the world (5)power outage (1)multistate (1)1982 (3)roland (14)moog (32)too much delay (1)too much compression (1)too much reverb (1)
heavens so neardimm witnessNew Wave (28)Old Wave (3)No Wave (7)Next Wave (1)Wavy (3)Wavish (1)Wavier (1)Newer (1)Older (2)No-er (1)Nexter (1)Electronic (563)Moog (32)Nat King Cole (2)Spooky (32)Miraculous (1)Beat Matching (1)Analog (26)Mattel (2)Synsonics (1)Radio Shack (4)Realistic (4)Moog (32)Crazy (86)God (270)Heaven (48)Near (4)Clever (5)a little too clever (1)borderline smarmy (1)please forgive me (1)
test after livedimm witnessMoog (32)Realistic (4)MG-1 (2)Concertmate (3)Oscillators (2)Subtractive Synthesis (1)synthesizer (74)24dB ladder filter (1)analog (26)bliss (10)tears (44)eyes. (1)
never enuff (fifties challenge)dimm witnessfifties (2)moog (32)downtown (3)get up (5)shake it (3)never (25)enough (8)stupid (36)
walkin thru the windowsdimm witnesspaisley (1)pop (694)electronic (563)moog (32)salvia (2)divinorum (1)lsd (9)trip (47)acid (37)too much (2)sky (65)windows (5)walkin (2)orange slices (1)seen em (1)neighborhood (2)local group (1)galaxy (9)flotilla (1) (0)
Tiny Tim finally sees Godoldlibmikeelectronica (379)Moog (32)synth jam (1)
In ShadowobbsterGame Soundtrack (3)Shadow Of The Beast (1)Electronic (563)Synth (386)Moog (32)
SeratonicoldlibmikeDowntempo (96)Moog (32)Chill (162)
Bob's BirthdayoldlibmikeMoog (32)MiniMoog (5)Arturia (6)
Man in the WelloldlibmikeKorg (35)Aalto (2)Moog (32)
The Mighty Morphox SpeaksbilldancourtneyElectronic (563)Dark (422)Synth (386)Synthesizer (74)Moog (32)Kaossilator (6)