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No-doyon (Geronimo part two)johnGeronimo (3)Native American (23)
War PartyjohnGeronimo (3)Native American (23)Rock (1959)Instrumental (832)
The Natives are RestlessVicDieselnative american (23)flute (193)canyon (1)improvised (53)
The Natives are Restless - the coming of IkhabodVicDieselflute (193)native american (23)indian (29)improvisation (103)flutecore (5)
BeliefBowmanNative American (23)Flute (193)Prayer (38)Film (111)Cinema (99)
North RimVicDieselflute (193)grand canyon (4)native american (23)echo (29)reverb (64)space (234)flutecore (5)
Seminole SolsticedreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)mountain dulcimer (22)First Nations (1)acoustic (812)Seminole (1)Yat'Siminoli (1)Native American (23)drums (314)folk (545)peace (176)desert (39)mountain (46)valley (14)earth tunes (1)red clay (1)solstice (6)dreams (118)magic (23)Great Architect (1)
PerigeekristyjoNative American (23)flute (193)courting flute (5)pentatonic (10)drone (26)
Frostkristyjonative american (23)flute (193)simple. (1)
Dirt RoadsVicDieselnative american (23)flute (193)arizona (4)flutecore (5)
Tears of KokopelmanadreadmonKokopelli (3)Kokopelmana (1)Bing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)Native American (23)Hopi (3)flute (193)mountain dulcimer (22)tribal (36) (0)
Crimsonkristyjonative American (23)meditation (65)peaceful (24)slightly mournful (1)world (236)flute (193)
Harvest JoykristyjoNative American (23)Flute (193)World (236)Dance (780)Joy (67)happy (163)
The Huron CarolVicDieselrecorder (48)native american (23)huron (1)christmas (284)
Vermillion cliffsVicDieselflute (193)native american (23)flutecore (5)
In memory of 400 Cheyenne and Arapahoe IndiansVicDieselflute (193)native american (23)atrocity (1)war crime (2)
TracksVicDieseldinosaur (4)fossil (1)arizona (4)flute (193)native american (23)
SMILE ( onesweetworld Remix )vblueskyLinda C (1)vbluesky (2)onesweetworld (21)collab (90)native american (23)smile (40)
The flute also dancesVicDieselflutecore (5)native american (23)flute (193)dance (780)
A People of Many NationsscaustritaNative american (23)american indian (9)caustrita (29)steve caustrita (31)steven santana caustrita (1)