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Never SurrenderAEROjetBebop (17)fast (162)jazz (983)piano (957)hyper (6)no loops (38)improv (57)improvised (53)improvisation (103)chaos (36)chaotic (7)stressful (1)stress (10)anger (34)insanity (28)despair (19)
ClockworksAEROjetExperimental (505)machine (31)clock (86)no loops (38)guitar (1349)fx (16)ambient (831)texture (2)technology (7)
Needs VocalsOneManBandvocals (151)needs (2)needs vocals (7)guitar (1349)no loops (38)good (182)minor (12)minor key (3)
A Million, Billion Stars (Opera Gig)richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)synths (68)marimbas (1)dance (780)
Ouroborosrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)synths (68)timpani (21)bassoon (37)
Night Trainrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)layered synths (1)
Canon for Timpanirichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)canon (12)timpani (21)
New Hope (mj space race 2011)richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)harpsichord (29)optimism (3)
Gregorians On The Trailrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)chanting (6)Grofé (1)serious (7)
Trio in Gm (Ride the Wave)richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)piano (957)viola (21)piccolo (4)
Everywhere I Gorichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)synths (68)
Lament For a Loved Onerichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)piano (957)drone (26)piccolo (4)
Have I Told You How I Feel?richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)synths (68)strings (402)piano (957)
Swimming to Atlantisrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)synths (68)minimalist (13)
Intimations of Mortalityrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)morbid (4)depressing (13)old fart (1)
Moccasin Blues v2 (w/ Six-Nail-Coffin)richard13richard13 (90)no loops (38)bad singing (1)swampy (7)
October Moonrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)atmospheric (35)tone-poem (2)
And I'm a Kid Againrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)synths (68)upbeat (69)
Astral Travelingrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)
There and Backrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)backwards (8)
Chasing After Spritesrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)pixies (2)
Celtic Suiterichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)two and a half movements (1)
Toward the Lightrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)
Adrift Near Andromeda (SRC13)richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)SRC (3)Space Race Challenge (7)Alchemy (13)
Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)Alchemy (13)bassoon (37)french horn (9)homage (6)
Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)no loops (38)Alchemy (13)bassoon (37)french horn (9)homage (6)