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spineStun Nutzcollaboration (131)noise (85)sounds (14)effects (25)unmelodic (1)non-melody (1)spine (2)structure (2)bop bop bop (1)drama (23)aliens (27)Bishop (1)spewing milky white stuff (1)terminator (3)tension and release (1)construction (3)deconstruction (1)relentless (4)distortion (47)
the little white dwarfmogleedwarf (3)white (20)noise (85)nothing (17)something (16)broken (77)zero (5)circuit (3)design (2)laughing (12)accesorios de audio (1)chaos (36)
More TImemacgalveralternative (400)rock and roll (25)punk (155)experimental (505)dark (422)rock (1959)house (194)dance (780)noise (85)velveeta. (1)
Ant Hill (live)Paranoid Androidpink floyd (21)rock (1959)noise (85)ambient (831)
bang bang hey heyStun NutzKids (46)fun (253)rock (1959)kazoo (16)stomp (12)noise (85)family (55)loops (169)modified loops (55)samples (30)chanting (6)shouting (6)devil worship (1)
Cut to PiecesCIPHERdeath metal (13)shredding (8)riffs (8)double bass (9)loud (79)noise (85)crap (46)heavy (204)instrumental (832)guitar (1349)rock (1959)waffles (35)bunnies (13)Randy Johnson (1)meathook (1)head in a bag (1)intense (32)
Your MomAweful Noisecollaboration (131)mind (49)bend (2)weird (61)dumb (16)strange (32)hurt (26)God (270)yellow (6)grunge (35)noise (85)guitar (1349)aweful (3)pyrofly (9)dragon (13)brain (18)collabo (2)
Skunk HopAweful Noisenoise (85)drum n bass (62)rat (4)butt (7)chicken (11)lickin (1)bum (11)scum (1)eat (6)out (47)crazy (86)zombie (19)chicks (1)daily (1)bumpin (1)bass (374)drum n bass (62)humboldt (4)california (25)party (45)background (14)
P. I. C. (Lester Gillis Mix)Fleshy JOANnoise (85)masami akita (1)baby face nelson (1)don glen vliet (1)JOAN (10)
I Want Yo Waffles, Baby!!!Aweful Noisenoise (85)Chanterelle (7)Frog (14)dork (19)torchhappy (11)plingus (2)goat (5)cow (4)barf (3)jump (12)grind (14)buffalo (6)nerd (12)bucket (8)
All You Can EatAweful Noisedork (19)dance (780)beats (174)bounce (10)nerd (12)bucket (8)noise (85)dry (4)help (18)
Sky Dive into the Oceannorick.hSpace (234)Ambient (831)Abstract (34)Experimental (505)Noise (85)Electronic (563)instrumental (832)
DuoNearlyArtbaritone saxophone (1)drum kit (3)rhythm (43)noise (85)distortion (47)
Everyone In LA...crucial_dmetal (274)noisecore (1)grindcore (2)mathcore (1)hardcore (53)loud (79)noise (85)
Nearly RandomcjorgensenRandom (11)Noise (85)Sound (35)Chaos (36)
Blap That BlitchAweful Noisetrippy (50)noise (85)grind (14)Frog (14)butt (7)cheese (30)
stzntpzyStun Nutzstooey (9)pooey (4)stunnutz (1)noise (85)scream (21)screaming (17)screams (7)bass (374)clarinet (46)cat (29)tv (34)randomness (2)chaos (36)fun (253)
Funky TribederrenleepooleJazz (983)funk (357)rock (1959)jam (94)improvised (53)noise (85)bass (374)guitar (1349)drums (314)
Improv Session 1 (Ivy Remix)derrenleepooleExperimental (505)noise (85)soundscape (49)AFX (2)bass (374)industrial (167)
The SquiggleScared sacredNoise (85)
The Birds Have The DancefloorReinholt56Noise (85)beat (137)bass (374)definitely (1)bass (374)woofers (2)annoyance (1)short (118)not (34)so (18)sweet (50)short (118)thank (8)the (254)person (2)in (105)the (254)way (26)HIGH (22)room (16)
Even Chaos Has StructureReinholt56Noise (85)noise (85)reeds (2)chords (9)chatter (2)silence (22)experimental (505)sour (3)without (7)the (254)sweet (50) (0)
Evemichael2drone (26)psychedelic (124)loop (46)loops (169)noise (85)
FacsimileReinholt56Strings (402)copies of strings (1)facsimile (1)tweaks (1)textures (3)time (141)noise (85)false strings (1)
SarazongScared sacrednoise (85)
Casio CZ-1 Experimentmichael2noise (85)casio (8)sound (35) (0)
That Ways No1Babtunde Interstellartrippy (50)expiremental (2)noise (85)rock (1959)manolin (1)electric (100)effects (25)
The Seduction of CorruptionDWLnoise (85)reverb (64)cockney (2)
Interstellar AirwavesReinholt56Nothingness (3)silence (22)noise (85)intelligence (2)beats (174)hissing (1)
Staple GunPigeonfilterfuzz (13)noise (85)beats (174) (0)
knotted windpipeStun Nutzclarinet (46)improvisation (103)electronic (563)editing (1)glitch (35)noise (85)psychedelic (124)wankery (1)free jazz (5)squeak (3)honk (2)beep (5)
The Honkey In The LampshadeJustmescrewingaroundBottle (7)Noise (85)Pipes (8)Clang (2)Smash (4)Bonk (1)Bash (1)Weeeoooooooo (1)
Gleetchlab Experimentmichael2noise (85)static (9)space (234)
Soundtrack Montagesundaydriversoundtrack (289)film (111)video (28)ambient (831)noise (85)art (81)creative (11)mix (27)montage (1)techno (472)experimental (505)electronic (563)background (14)dramatic (34)
Jason's Loop Songsundaydriverflute (193)percussion (78)fx (16)noise (85)strange (32)insane (17)crazy (86)humor (43)silly (43)drums (314)synth (386)analog (26)experimental (505)loop (46)
Pontius Pyroatriskteenindie (192)experimental (505)noise (85)electro (185)
Industrielle #3: NOISEsonic_magpiesonic_magpie (5)Mystified (167)biba_nova (33)sbc (68)bmc (32)NOISE (85)industrial (167)ambient (831)Industrielle (2)Industriambient (1)lost in sound (1)lost in space (3)bass (374)boom (10)
Patienceblackboxambient (831)noise (85)dream (157)distortion (47)hypnotic (14)
Battle Noise IIPongobattle (41)noise (85)explosions (8)plane (2)shoot (5)epic (62)gun (21)gunfire (1)Pongo (2)war (168)film (111)
Kids like making noiseTheWhizzieschildren (83)kids (46)noise (85)playful (5)screaming (17)vocals (151)
More Screamy (W/Michael2's WGEDT track)Skean(VARNIG (1)THIS (44)IS (65)NOISE (85)AND (116)I (149)LIKE (30)THAT) (1)
Submarine SerenadeMannequinRacesdark (422)moody (52)indie (192)indie rock (41)alternative rock (47)tuba (16)mellotron (8)cello (82)cajun drums (1)percussion (78)noise (85)quirky (24)
Droppin' a DimeDamrozenoise (85)sound effects (8)FX (16) (0)
Droppin' a QuarterDamrozenoise (85)industrial (167) (0)
Start Your Grey Matter...apocafunkexperimental (505)beats (174)eclectic (35)noise (85)dark (422)guitar (1349)keyboard (80)
Listening for the last breath of TiSVaisvilnoise (85)
Rudy Nine1oneRoaringGirlgiuliani (1)9/11 (18)dark (422)noise (85)
News is Noise #1RoaringGirlnoise (85)exeprimental (1)
The MachineAemynHeavy (204)Noise (85)New Years (7)
Nightmare (take 1)RoaringGirlnoise (85)experimental (505)
Midnite KinkCIPHERCrap (46)Heaving Cipher Steelwork (2)Chaos (36)Prodigy (3)noise (85)techno (472)wheels (3)prison food (1)waffles (35)Obama's mess (1)
A Taste Of What Is To ComefremsleyA (136)Metal (274)Heavy (204)Low (14)Rock (1959)Noise (85)detuned (1)
Eating Satellitesatriskteenat (17)risk (7)teen (16)eating (5)satellites (4)indie (192)noise (85)electronic (563)experimental (505)
Eating Satellites (UK Radio Edit)atriskteenindie (192)teen (16)at (17)noise (85)h4h (2)experimental (505)risk (7)electronica (379)
H4H (Rough Edit)atriskteenindie (192)teen (16)at (17)noise (85)h4h (2)experimental (505)risk (7)electronica (379)
Delay KittenLes_Klookittens (7)noise (85)2012 (11)Les_Kloo (37)
jam 1.30.12airportsevendissonant (4)loud (79)abstract (34)noise (85)
Finding TruthZoltanTougasNoise (85)Distortion (47)Rhythm (43)Electric Guitar (40)Heavy (204)Trance (387)
Fire Damaged Club Hitatriskteenindie (192)electronic (563)noise (85)experimental (505)at risk teen (2)
Forever NeverEftoseftos (97)industrial (167)sequel (2)metal (274)noise (85)
4.16.12 improvisationairportsevenspace (234)noise (85)hesitation blues (2)
A Tasteful Bloodlettingatriskteenindie (192)electro (185)electronic (563)noise (85)experimental (505)techno (472)bloodletting (1)tasteful (1)
Choreographing Arsonatriskteenarson (2)at risk teen (2)shoegazer (5)house (194)my bloody valentine (1)noise (85)experimental (505)electronic (563)indie (192)
Time to DieNormalpower (66)noise (85)electronic (563)experimental (505)udr (2)ebm (29)tucson (2)seattle (13)
Daft Minuetatriskteenindie (192)electronica (379)experimental (505)noise (85)DIY (2)
kj 9.3.12 solobudSolo (125)guitar (1349)noise (85)
Mondo ExpressoJohnnyCanuckcoffee (29)hurry (2)time (141)noise (85)confusion (9)yoga (15)travel (53)neurotic (2)psychotic (3)rest (12)sleep (62)field (4)flowers (33)
The Devil's Dislocationatriskteenindie (192)experimental (505)electronic (563)noise (85)at (17)risk (7)teen (16)devil (34)alternative (400)
Chameli (preview)SeanLawrenceglitch (35)noise (85)experimental (505)electronic (563)
Infected Monsters, Storming Gatecrasheratriskteenat (17)risk (7)teen (16)dance (780)electronic (563)indie (192)noise (85)DIY (2)experimental (505)alternative (400)EDM (13)
Your Words Are NoiseDeputyDoofyyour (58)words (21)are (25)noise (85)dep (17)doof (52)depdoof (18)deputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)