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Dance 'Til You're Doomedperceptualvortexnuclear (4)political (50)boom (10)folly (6)militarization (1)kapow (11)Joint Task Force (1)oblivious to the threat (1)blam (5)h-bomb (1)war crime (2)secret projects (1)explosion (3)nightmare (27)retro (35)apocalypse (17)mushroom cloud (1)Crossroads (7)Sandstone (1)Ivy (2)Castle (22)Dominic (1)Swordfish (1)Trinity (2)catastrophe (7)
Danger SignsjigumaStevel (39)jiguma (20)katrina (8)political (50)guitar (1349)harmony vocal (1)
State of Fearjgurnerpolitical (50)instrumental (832)sound clips (1)Dr. Strangelove (1)Plan 9 from Outer Space (4)Ronald Reagan (2)Pat Robertson (1)nuclear war (1)Dubya (2)
A Matter of Choice?Roxyleespoken (18)political (50)other (58)futuristic (5)
Christian ApologyRoxyleespoken (18)Christian (137)commentary (2)poetry (147)political (50)
The Free & The Brave w/ Jim BouchardmacgalverPolitical (50)
Born Again LiarAppleVenusbeat (137)bush (58)pop (694)political (50)humor (43)iraq (42)war (168)dance (780)
born again liar reduxAppleVenuspolitical (50)industrial (167)dance (780)electro (185)pop (694)rock (1959)spoken word (78)Bush (58)lies (32)liar (4)war (168)iraq (42)
Bill Gatesbroncosatire (22)funny (85)protest (30)political (50)acoustic guitar (97)
In the name of peace (Game plan) part 1&2kennybenderBush (58)george (5)war (168)iraq (42)desert storm (1)rock (1959)alternative (400)political (50)
Stain on the Flag (w/ The Composer)Tiny_Man_Insideheavy (204)rock (1959)political (50)disillusionment (3)Tiny_Man_Inside (1)The Composer (1)
These Tears (remix)Joannatears (44)Joanna (44)world (236)asian (20)oriental (17)middle-eastern (5)political (50)
Submerged Terrain Homesick BluesMasonAtompolitical (50)George Bush (6)Dubya (2)dumbass (2)moron (2)rock (1959)heavy (204)crushing you with the weight of the world (1)government (15)corruption (8)politics (49)cheaters (2)liars (6)crooks (4)guitar (1349)hard work (3)washington DC (2)beltway (2)Halliburton (3)president (4)presidential debate (2)lack of brain (2)just plain old stupid (1)
Justify This (CD version)Peter Greenstonepolitical (50)war (168)Bush (58)
Defending Democracy (U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd)Peter Greenstonepolitical (50)democracy (3)freedom (80)constitution (4)justice (11)speech (6)Iraq (42)war (168)Bush (58)Sen. Robert Byrd (1)unconstitutional (1)9/11 (18)WMD (4)patriotism (6)liberty (4)vigilance (1)
Another Scandal in CongressWarren SmithCongress (1)scandal (7)Warren Smith (49)political (50)
Bitter SeasonDWLAnti-war (16)rock (1959)political (50)
Knife-Edge BluesValleyPastorBlues (741)political (50)Christian (137)Rock (1959)Guitar (1349)
Ziti Mix: Knife-Edge BluesValleyPastorKeywords: Blues (1)political (50)Christian (137)Rock (1959)Guitar (1349)collaboration (131)
Seven MenJoannaacoustic guitar (97)anti-war (16)Joanna (44)singing (34)vocals (151)protest (30)political (50)
Not In My Namephilonniepolitical (50)iraq (42)bush (58)blair (5)ant-war (1)wmd (4)oil (6)
Rip It UpdolbyRip It Up (1)Political (50)Travel (53)Accoustic (105)Alternative (400)Philosophical (2)Melodic (94)Interesting (5)Musing (1)Contemplative (11)Literate (1)Ambiguous (2)Whatever (17)
Black DanceFrogmortonpolitical (50)folk rock (45)garage rock (4)chimpy (1)
StackedWarren SmithWarren Smith (49)Richard Schletty (9)St Paul (1)energy (42)energy crisis (1)stack (1)political (50)Bush (58)McCain (1)Obama (17)
Goin DownMarkHolbrookDark (422)Pulsating (6)Political (50)
Known Unknowns (MJRF)Peter Greenstonepolitical (50)demo (43)MJRF (14)
Total Darknessdadgarustotal (3)darkness (38)political (50)politic (2)terrorism (7)
Automatic Genocide (remastered)apocafunkguitar (1349)dark (422)heavy (204)political (50)war (168)rock (1959)zombies (13)
SmuhugRaquiellecollage (9)ambient (831)voices (21)experimental (505)political (50)religious (26)
Confusionbroncorock (1959)political (50)guitar (1349)
If I Ran The CircusKicbalRock (1959)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Saxophone (56)Political (50)vocals (151)heavy (204)angry (27)aggressive (12)groove (158)riff (20)
I Can't Hear YouAbstractVisionPresident (4)Bush (58)political (50)rock (1959)abstractvision (32)shadowofnine (3)billy attwell (31)macjams (138) (0)
LOOK!J-DookieFuck (12)YOU (195)J-Dookie (14)Hate (62)Jo pokie (11)Slug Life (6)skinny pants (1)f-bomb (15)choppy gadda (7)hip hop (417)rap (311)gangsta (3)political (50)salem (17)missouri (14)american (40)usa (6)faggots (1)grim reaper (3)money (61)forest (23)
Every People Know w/Rok41, KTB, Scofugate & SistershackneyblokePrejudice (1)stupid white men (1)racism (10)inequality (2)equality (3)discrimination (1)homophobia (1)protest (30)political (50)
Not a Witcholdlibmikeweird (61)political (50)HALLOWEEN2012 (4)