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Pop Pop Peepcjorgensenpop (694)pop (694)peep (1)
sweet jane and a trainmikkinylundtrain (45)love (1469)jane (2)pop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)80s (45)sweet (50)
Waiting For The SignI.G.M.pop (694)blues (741)jazz (983)guitar (1349)signs (1)hang-ups (1)
3-0jesushairdopop (694)guitar (1349)rock (1959)japanese (48)indie (192)
What Thou Lovest Well (w/ Packo)TobinMuellerfolk (545)adult contemporary (17)pop (694)spiritual (68)inspirational (109)keyboards (40)vocal (197)collaboration (131)love (1469)tobin (86)packo (1)packosmokes (1)
Turn It AroundTobinMuellerdance (780)disco (44)electronica (379)pop (694)vocal (197)keyboards (40)happy (163)just for fun (3)tobin (86)save the world (2)pop (694)electropop (48)puppet (10)
Forge A New Life - Part ITobinMuellerpop (694)adult contemporary (17)storytelling (8)folk (545)folk rock (45)immigration (6)divorce (14)Forge A New Life (3)Pilgrim Village (11)tobin (86)europe (2)escape (18)escaping (2)running away (4)
Forge A New Life - Part 2TobinMuellerpop (694)adult contemporary (17)storytelling (8)folk (545)folk rock (45)immigration (6)divorce (14)Forge A New Life (3)Pilgrim Village (11)tobin (86)new world (2)starting over (3)
(Ain't that a) KickerCIPHERpop (694)melody (34)hook (4)crap (46)devo (1)bubblegum (3)
House of Cards (...When I Sing)TobinMuellerfolk (545)contemporary folk (2)pop (694)knowing no answers (1)uncertainty (3)unbelief (1)lie (14)lies (32)lying (2)transitory (1)temporary (1)garbage (6)electric piano (18)organ (108)fingerstyle guitar (37)songwriter (24)tobin (86)throw away (2)folk rock (45)A Bit Of Light (14)
Nunca Acabo NadaaivanNunca (1)Acabo (1)Nada (1)español (8)castellano (1)alternative (400)indie (192)pop (694)aivan (2)
Snap Krackle Pop w/Amanda Chapman (remix)stevecpop (694)remix (126)british (37)female (24)
All I NeedkrtayloPop (694)christian (137)musical (26)
Calling Out Your Namekrtaylopop (694)christian (137)
When the Rocks Cry Outkrtayloworship (56)pop (694)
Mi Venenoaivanguitar (1349)indie (192)pop (694)español (8)spanish (37)aivan (2)love (1469)over (16)
518krtaylocollaborate (2)pop (694) (0)
I'm Finejhennydivorce (14)selfishness (1)pop (694)rock (1959)edgy (8)vocals (151)
Many MistakesJoshoshpop (694)mistakes (8)light (158)josh (11)rock (1959)harmony (88)
The Last Timedrumgodvirtuosoemo (98)punk (155)pop (694)rock (1959)acoustic (812)loop (46)vocal (197)etc. (18)
I Can Make Itjhennylove (1469)pop (694)guitars (83)vocals (151)
Dance, Dance, DanceJ.A.Stewartparty (45)dance (780)fun (253)chance (51)girl (144)pop (694)rock (1959)beat (137)thump (3)emergi-date (1)j.a. stewart (1)j (3)a (136)stewart (2)movie (49)soundtrack (289)movie soundtrack (10)
Beautiful EveningWGacoustic (812)melodic (94)soft (85)mellow (151)original (78)pop (694)alternative (400)folk (545)
Art of HappinessParichayakaaccoustic (105)pop (694)jazz (983)folk (545)soundtrack (289)
Vi ska allid vara kompisarSunbeamkids music (4)pop (694)
Going Through The MotionspoodyglitzChristmas (284)Jesus (141)praise (48)Lord (34)gospel (65)contemporary (37)christian (137)faith (62)vocal (197)dance (780)R&B (92)rnb (21)pop (694)medium (3)
highschool suicide club (by the morning glories)cjdaleypop (694)loops only (72)
ConfusionHypnotiQ Sorcereconfusion (9)slow (120)emo (98)soft (85)pop (694) (0)
Door In My HeartTobinMuellerfolk (545)adult contemporary (17)anthem (15)piano (957)vocal (197)acoustic (812)showtune (13)musical (26)love (1469)romance (74)questions (11)tobin (86)song (277)lyrics (43)rhyme (6)door (11)unlock (1)unlocked (3)pop (694)gospel (65)
Jam Pack 3Parichayakarock (1959)pop (694)orchestral rock (3)
Thick Dark GlassesXVERIONglasses (3)bus (5)pop (694)blind (13)piano (957)
Changegkellerelectronica (379)mellow (151)relax (57)strings (402)pop (694)easy (36)float (8)
The Days When I Could Run And Playdanestop (4)far (9)reality (28)sick (26)normality (1)remember (24)protect (2)protection (5)free (69)freedom (80)security (3)run (32)play (20)love (1469)red (27)balloon (5)simple (43)growing up (9)pop (694)suction (1)suction cup (1)handle (1)life (255)darkness (38)hide (7)dream (157)seams (1)innocence (11)repent (1)sorry (20)dirty (16)filthy (1)monstrosity (2) (0)
Exchanging AttitudesKillingTimeSad (189)breakup (41)attitude (3)pop (694)
krtaylo demoI.G.M.krtaylo (1)igm (1)love song (76)demo (43)pop (694)songwriter (24)singer (32)lots of other stuff (1)
The Apprenticephilonniesixtees (1)pop (694)fun (253)upbeat (69) (0)
Born Again LiarAppleVenusbeat (137)bush (58)pop (694)political (50)humor (43)iraq (42)war (168)dance (780)
agorophobiaAppleVenusdance (780)pop (694)club (174)electronic (563)rock (1959)
Stay With MesometimesthreeSinger/Songwriter (4)Acoustic (812)Acoustic Rock (40)Pop (694)Mainstream (8)
born again liar reduxAppleVenuspolitical (50)industrial (167)dance (780)electro (185)pop (694)rock (1959)spoken word (78)Bush (58)lies (32)liar (4)war (168)iraq (42)
The Letterlensmusic1975Letter (7)acoustic rock (40)rock (1959)songwriter (24)pop (694)
Shinin' Down on Mekristyjopop (694)sunny (16)guitar (1349)trumpets (13)world percussion (1)
YoudreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)pop (694)spooky (32)psychotic (3)moody (52)loves fruit and yogurt (1)broadway (5)show tunes (2)
Shinin' Down on Me (Roxylee Vocals)kristyjoHappy (163)shiny (1)love (1469)pop (694)vocal (197)collaboration (131)
it's about xmullisoulful (11)sexy (40)pop (694)radio friendly (1)old school (17)
Only Everything (w rschletty v3)mint01orchestra (289)pop (694)strings (402)
You Want This (Remix)Leonwant (12)club (174)dance (780)pop (694)
Carport (All In Your Mind Mix)quintessonGarage (20)House (194)Chillout (62)Chill out (13)grime (1)ambient (831)lo-fi (39)uk garage (1)uk (10)instrumental (832)euro (11)pop (694)
Never Againmint01e-bow (4)strings (402)orchestra (289)pop (694)collaboration (131)
You Are v2 (w rschletty)mint01strings (402)pop (694)collaboration (131)orchestra (289)
Fallen TearsHypnotiQ SorcerePop (694)Rock (1959)U2 (19)Police (13)The Police (6)Ballad (259)Pop ballad (3)slow (120)delay (17)The Edge (2)Edge (4)
last man on earth/editmulliacoustic (812)pop (694)folk (545)mainstream (8)
Love Is All (collaboration with LWinston)LeonLove (1469)All (42)LWinston (2)Leon (26)pop (694)dance (780)
Feel (w rschletty)mint01strings (402)pop (694)orchestra (289)melancholy (80)recitation (1)
Kick it OutPopMagicalpop (694)britney (4)jessica (4)pussycat dolls (1)awesome (81)
walking through rainmissyepop (694)male vocal (1)
You Can't Make Me Love You (Fun Fun Fun Version)dreadmonBing (13)dreadmon (53)Alannah (16)sexy (40)jazz (983)pop (694)piano (957)
Frivolous (Sunday Afternoon)charliechenFun (253)sexy (40)pop (694)bumble bee (2)Sunday (15)lazy (13)
Last NightJ.A.Stewartgood time (4)pop (694)rock (1959)strange (32)lucky (10)sex (99)smile (40)last (21)night (129)last night (2)j.a.stewart (1)stewart (2)
dirtymoneyturnerup211Rock (1959)pop (694)alternative (400)blues (741)strat (18)fender (37)gibson (4)p-100 (1)drum loops (10)
Good Ol' Feelingmfcountry (178)pop (694)guitar (1349)hit (8)
Nipple Presswalkedawaybynowrock (1959)fun (253)funny (85)comedy (83)pop (694)
In Your Dreams (w rschletty)mint01pop (694)strings (402)orchestra (289)symphonic (35)pathetic (2)
Vox Populijakgetar69vox pop (1)vox (15)pop (694)vox populi (1)
Anniversary InsuranceParanoid Androidrock (1959)pop (694)sing (21)guitars (83)garage (20) (0)
100 Mile BlockBonkabonka (8)billy reid (7)jeff bryant (1)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)melody (34)pop (694)sweet (50)lullaby (79)picking (8)fun (253)vocals (151)
Saving Great Turtle (w rschletty)mint01rschletty (65)acoustic (812)nylon (1)picking (8)folk (545)narrative (1)inspirational (109)melancholy (80)turtle (4)pop (694)mainstream (8)m.o.r. (1) (0)
Say you don't love meapbpop (694)rock (1959)power (66)folk (545)
Bringin'MeDown(Resolution)Hectoriouspop (694)jazz (983)funk (357)rock (1959)r&b (92)reggae (85)
Say you don't love me (edit)apbpop (694)rock (1959)folk (545)power (66)
Into The Heart with Amanda Chapmanzallaz01amanda (3)chapman (2)zallaz (11)pop (694)into (8)the (254)heart (150) (0)
F*k !t (Refit)ElectroClubCrewsynthpop (19)synth (386)pop (694)space (234)theme (26)zoom (2)zip (2)boop (1)beep (5)
The BaitDWLcontemporary (37)rock (1959)acoustic (812)psychedelic (124)pop (694)morality (3) (0)
Falling Starpenguiambient (831)smooth (120)trip-hop (18)jazz (983)pop (694)rock (1959)
Play AlongmattshockleyMatt Shockley (1)Play Along (1)Acoustic (812)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Singer-Songwriter (3)Singer/Songwriter (4)Guitar (1349)Vocal (197)
Messengerpenguirock (1959)alt (9)alternative (400)pop (694)
The State You're Inpenguipop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)
Broken Chordsasolimanpiano (957)pop (694)
Trail of Tears (w rschletty)mint01Indians (3)trail (3)of (103)tears (44)strings (402)pop (694)protest (30)history (23)American (40)acoustic (812)melancholy (80)sadness (43)
See When You BelievejesushairdoRock (1959)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Japanese (48)Lost (82)Love (1469)Breakup (41)
Crazy Feels LikedreadmonBing (13)Futch (2)dreadmon (53)dulcimer (56)mountain dulcimer (22)rock (1959)alternative (400)groove (158)vocal (197)harmony (88)pop (694)new romantic (1)80's (40)
Real #3penguirock (1959)pop (694)alternative (400)
Spacehopperapbbouncy (29)fun (253)nostalgia (23)spacehopper (1)rock (1959)pop (694)alternative (400)guitar (1349)celtic (130)ceilidh (1)shindig (1)fling (2)classical (816)folky (4)bluesy (16)mixolydian (1)quirky (24)bollywood (6)
The Keydanml69Rock (1959)Funk (357)Jazz (983)Pop (694)
Otra VezDaroModedaromode (7)secamode (25)collaboration (131)spanish (37)español (8)otra vez (1)pop (694)rock (1959)
I Don't Miss The RainLeonsexy (40)back (30)Leon (26)dance (780)pop (694)electropop (48)love (1469)break-up (11)sex (99)
Don't Eat Mesexy_potatoEAlternative (400)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Punk (155)Vegetables (5)Rotten (5)Sexy (40)vegetable (2)bad (33)ass (22)deluxe (3)
For a whileDrToastyPop (694)Rock (1959)Indie (192)Electronic (563)
Saturday Afternooncatxinkeyboard (80)new (167)cool (98)pop (694)cat (29)singing (34)lyrics (43)lyrical (8)
WeLeonLeon (26)dance (780)pop (694)rock (1959)we (33)love (1469)passion (33)hip-hop (88)
Love In CyberspaceJoannaJoanna (44)Love (1469)cyberspace (1)duet (32)vocals (151)lyrics (43)artist08 (1)pop (694)
3 a.m. RestlessNienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
Filthy MartiniNienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
Indelicately Yours [Walking Nightclub Pneumonia Remix]NienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
Break My Heart, BeautifullyNienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
The First DayNienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
Innocent ObsessionNienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
Find MeNienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
Indelicately YoursNienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
The First Day [Delicious Breakbeat Dub]NienteProjectElectronica (379)Chillout (62)Ambient (831)Trance (387)House (194)Euro (11)Pop (694)
Indecisive Dreampenguirock (1959)pop (694)vocals (151)diva (3)
New Beginningspenguipop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)dance (780)
Slow Descent Live (Knossos)legatoMiddle Eastern (26)live (168)pop (694)blade runner (7)ambient (831)taksem (1)knossos (2)Club Tropical (1)band (136) (0)
KamakuraFrogmortonbuddhism (2)positive (10)rock (1959)pop (694)
She Is Love (w rschletty)mint01strings (402)pop (694)love (1469)rock (1959)distortion (47)guitar (1349)lovely (13)
REAL WORLDVic Holmanreal (18)world (236)pop (694)rock (1959)walls (6)dark (422)words (21)doubt (9)spitoons (1)wall plaques (1)tipped over garbage cans (1)
Tequila SunrisetommarieTequila (6)Sunrise (27)Orange (7)beat (137)smooth (120)electro (185)pop (694)sunset (25)
Bustamante's Cavephilonniepop (694)recollections (2)poscards (1)holidays (10)caves (5)gorges (1)sun (110)
On se voit ce soir/lets meet tonighttommarieTonight (16)pop (694)electro (185)smooth (120)soir (1)
LimonCELLOtommariedistorted (29)cello (82)cute (6)light (158)smile (40)pop (694)electro (185)lemon (3)
Kling Klang (Instrumental)alexweilerpiano (957)dark (422)instrumental (832)pop (694)synth (386)midi (73)
140tommarietechno (472)electro (185)pop (694)140 (3)
Being Soiled (a tribute to The Human League)alexweilerbeing soiled (1)being boiled (1)remix (126)tribute (39)human league (1)visage (1)pop (694)
What Do You Careeleveneyeswhat (39)do (20)you (195)care (16)911 (5)pop (694)culture (3)terrorist (4)media (12)armpit (1)nosehair (1)bush (58)evil (52)cheney (1)more evil (1)pizza (10)hong kong (1)gay (11)coke (4)yolks (1)kim-chee (1)saurkraut (1)chemicals (3)beer (60)thong (2)grandma (3)fear (60)rock (1959)alternative (400)rap (311) (0)
Hold on.danml69R&B (92)soul (144)pop (694) (0)
Somedaymichael2pop (694)accoustic (105) (0)
Ordinary daytommarieOrdinary (2)day (51)slow (120)smooth (120)electro (185)pop (694)
I Don't Knowmichael2pop (694)60's (15)indie (192)alternative (400) (0)
Petmichael2summer of love (2)pop (694)indie (192)alternative (400)harmonies (35)
I Can Be Happymichael2sunshine (30)pop (694)indie (192)lo-fi (39)alternative (400)girl groups (1)spector (1)
Is This Love?michael2pop (694)postpunk (1)new wave (28)incromprehensible mumbling (1)lou reed fixation (1)skinny ties (1)torn skinny jeans (1)striped tee-shirts (1)fake farfisa (1)drugs are bad for you (2)it's quite likely that you are a better musician than I am (1) (0)
Backstabbermccannmp1pop (694)rock (1959)backstabber (1)betrayal (14)guitar (1349)keyboard (80)upbeat (69)production (6) (0)
Dustmichael2ballad of shame (1)pop (694)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)predictable yet fairly enjoyable (at least for me) (1)prom ballad (2) (0)
Right As Rainmichael2drinking beer in an indie dive bar with a cute girl in glasses (1)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)corduroys and thrift store t-shirts (1)party had to end sometime (1)alternative (400)pop (694)indie-poop (1)endlessly touring in a broken down van (1)those are the only chords i know (1)playing for free beer and gas money (1)
Neon Tiki (Remix)dreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)dulcimer (56)rock (1959)Neon (6)Tiki (6)search (10)desire (23)hope (132)pop (694)rock (1959)happy dance (3)harmony (88)dream (157)hippie (5)did I mention neon? (2) (0)
How Dare Youmccannmp1war (168)protest (30)anti-war (16)pop (694)funk (357)liberal (1)terrorism (7)terrorist (4)islam (7)America (43)
Sea-foam Greenmichael2pixies rip-off (1)old-skool indie (1)boy/girl harmonies (4)self deprecation (1)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)pop (694)alternative to what? (1)
Beyond There (collaboration with Mint01)LeonHendrik Steiner (2)Leon (26)ballad (259)inspirational (109)pop (694)sentimental (8)orchestral (141)contemporary (37)
We´re Gonna Make it Throughmccannmp1pop (694)love song (76)love (1469) (0)
Helium (w/domdino)ledebutantdemo (43)domdino (2)ledebutant (51)fly (33)Chagall (1)helium (2)balloon (5)dance (780)bar (21)love (1469)crying (19)pop (694)don't let him drag you down girlfriend (1)happy (163)sad (189)
Phony TonyMystifiedbiba_nova (33)Mysified (1)The Leonids (3)bmc (32)sbc (68)backwards singing (1)forwards singing (1)Pop (694)feline (5)crazy (86)phony (2)tony (18)from now on (1)
We can but dreamapbpop (694)rock (1959)fun (253)fake crowd (2)
California #2michael2pop (694)accoustic (105)indie rock (41)alternative (400)harmonies (35)
Neon Tiki (Futchlogic Remix)spitlogicBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)dulcimer (56)rock (1959)Neon (6)Tiki (6)search (10)desire (23)hope (132)pop (694)rock (1959)happy dance (3)harmony (88)dream (157)hippie (5)spitlogic (51)
Shinecthayesrock (1959)pop (694)instrumental (832)upbeat (69)
Stayed At Homemichael2slide guitar never would have happened without George Harrison (1)pop (694)melancholy (80)indie (192)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)alternative (400) (0)
Play Alongmichael2new wave (28)prom ballad (2)80's (40)electropop (48)pop (694)alternative (400)back in the day i loved girls with dyed black hair (1) (0)
South Shore Swellleapfrogunicornshawaii (25)jack (11)johnson (19)honolulu (4)indie (192)experimental (505)guitar (1349)synth (386)pop (694)alternative (400)surf (45)shore (4)wave (21)guitars (83)horns (54)dub (63)flute (193) (0)
Sun in the skytommarieSky (65)pop (694)electro (185)inside (19)eye (13)mind (49)
"The Fighter"mvh9591rock (1959)pop (694)soft-rock (7)adult (21)new age (165)instrumental (832)acoustic (812)rock & roll (25)country (178)folk (545)ambient (831)folk-rock. (7)
to learn to relax / editmullialter native (2)pop (694)avantgarde (27)rock (1959)
Through tha WindowjamminbenThrough (14)tha (1)window (13)ben (5)biddick (1)dirty (16)pop (694)nsync (1)backstreet (1)boys (9) (0)
Down Highleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)pop (694)lips (9)flaming (2)guitar (1349)keyboard (80)hawaii (25)downtempo (96)electronic (563)electric (100)chill (162)sleep (62)lullabye (2)
Flying HighDay For NightFlying (29)High (22)DFN (6)Mystified (167)Stevel (39)ambient (831)pop (694)dreamy (42)Twilight (10)Stories (7)
YOU'RE IN LOVE (feat.TRULALA)djdeewreckR&B (92)Soul (144)Pop (694)
Song for a crying sawtommarieSong (277)voice (56)vocal (197)saw (5)guitar (1349)electro (185)pop (694)
Winter LoveSlashh!winter (77)love (1469)pop (694)pep (1)surf (45)rock (1959)roll (43)
Agroundpenguirock (1959)alternative (400)Ghost Hoodie (1)pop (694)
The Universe Is BurningMarcSupsicUniverse (24)Burning (4)Marc (2)Supsic (1)Pop (694)80s Influence (1)AAA (1)Rock (1959)Adult Alternative (3)Relaxed (25)Classically Influenced (1)melodic (94)harmonies (35)
Epic PassionLightTronicslove (1469)electric (100)lighttronics (29)pop (694)electropop (48)LT (4)epic (62)passion (33)
Would it be differentapbBoldt (2)Fitch (1)metal (274)pop (694)guitar (1349)banjo (42)nostalgia (23)catchy (34)explosions (8)
Feel MeMarcSupsicUpbeat (69)Melodic (94)Hooks (1)Harmonies (35)Male Vocals (2)Acoustic (812)Pop (694)Rock (1959)Strings (402)
The Bee's KneesjfaazDance (780)Rock (1959)World (236)Pop (694)Hip Hop (417)
Random Musingselvirapiano (957)pop (694)new (167)age (8)
No More Tricksn.j.natural (6)japan (62)pop (694)love (1469)
Leave It OutbenjhannahPunk (155)Acoustic (812)Pop (694)Punk (155)Ska (19)Catchy (34)
The Argumentative CouplebenjhannahIndie (192)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Punk (155)
Believe it to be seenDay For NightBelieve (32)seen (1)power (66)pop (694)low fi (2)guitars (83)bass (374)drums (314)Mystified (167)Stevel (39)DFN (6)
Space RappGerman Elekktro Popspace (234)rapp (2)theremin (9)german (16)elekktro (1)pop (694)
Escargoleapfrogunicornsindie (192)pop (694)experimental (505)hawaii (25)aloha (5)waves (32)goodbye (46)friend (129)artist (18)electronic (563)downtempo (96) (0)
Matador Of Designleapfrogunicornsend (36)goodbye (46)design (2)bull (6)matador (1)retire (1)finish (1)rock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)experimental (505)downtempo (96)fight (32)blood (33)spain (15)hawaii (25)aloha (5) (0)
Would it be different (w/sonnyjim/jiguma)apbcollab (90)collaboration (131)metal (274)pop (694)
Tunnelsleapfrogunicornsmidnight (20)tunnels (1)time (141)work (34)loss (85)hawaii (25)indie (192)experimental (505)guitar (1349)emo (98)aloha (5)hole (5)down (49)sad (189)opportunity (1)pressure (14)pop (694)alternative (400)rock (1959)
A List Is Not A Songmichael2pop (694)harmonies (35)the turtles (1)mama's and papa's (1)grab a glass of lemonade before hitting play (1)love the one you're with (1)technical limitations or just not enough patience to sit down and do it right? (1)
Suddenlystevie_vidspop (694)alternative (400)life (255)events (1)changes (5)suddenly (2)buildiing. (1)
Eddeaa(Pretension)SignalXSka (19)World (236)Pop (694)Reggae (85)Rock (1959)
work in progressdarin803miami (4)acoustic (812)pop (694)indie (192)rock (1959)guitar (1349)classical (816)singer (32)songwriter (24)
aside/beside w/Vic Holman,Volcanique & Willnlfbud45 (2)single (11)top forty (1)am radio (1)pop (694)makeout parties (1)every day (1)girl (144)
born again blondeelnortesuck (5)off (10)Beatles (26)ella (1)jazz (983)neo-lounge (1)Havana Futurist (1)pop (694)blonde (6)
Secret SmilestevelSecret (12)Smile (40)Stevel (39)pop (694)guitar (1349)tune (11)
IN MY BLOODSir Bassdance (780)pop (694)hip hop (417)disco (44) (0)
High LifeSir BassPop (694)jazz (983)blues (741)alternative (400)Sir Bass (7)
(You're like a) Guided MissilestevelGuided (1)Missile (1)Rock (1959)Guitar (1349)Grunge (35)Pop (694)
As i WalkGodchaserChristian (137)Jesus (141)God (270)Truth (46)pop (694)alternative (400)
You Lied (LSP)DWLPop (694)lie (14)glockenspiel (8) (0)
In My Headrsorensen
Merry Go Round (with Markkoch)NorthPointCarousel (4)Merry-Go-Round (1)Boardwalk (1)Oregon (9)Portland (9)South Dakota (1)Carnival (10)Calliope (3)Rock (1959)Pop (694)NorthPoint (6)Markkoch (1)
Rain Falls DownNorthPointRain (140)Oregon (9)Portland (9)Espresso (1)NorthPoint (6)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Roots (20)
HQJaildaleHQ (1)Electro (185)Pop (694)Swell (4)
Still WatersNorthPointPortland (9)Oregon (9)Northwest (2)NorthPoint (6)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Roots (20)Alternative (400)Child (32)Still (22)Waters (3)Sea (74)Journey (85)Pearl (3)Jam (94)Crouch (3)Lowther (1)
Hand in HandValleyPastorPop (694)inspirational (109)
Yesterday CamekipakBallad (259)Pop (694)70s. (1)
Who´s at the door?trebbiapop (694)door (11)bell (18)music (391)film (111)who (24)at (17)the (254)relaxed (25)beat (137)romantic (64)smooth (120)
your pain becomes my legacythat80sboy80s (45)pop (694)synthpop (19)keyboards (40)
True To MeevolvwebRock (1959)Classic Rock (31)Pop (694)Indie Rock (41)80's Rock (1) (0)
please dont you gothat80sboypop (694)synthesizer (74)80s (45)
Ballad Of Boris LuxxborisluxxBoris Luxx (58)dance (780)synth (386)pop (694)electonic (2)electro (185)Kraftwerk (9)digital (14)
Song for EuropelavalampDance (780)pop (694)disco (44)club (174)rain (140)rain dance (1)fun (253)
Fork In The RoadHollywoodJetsetPop punk (11)pop (694)rock (1959)awesome (81)powerpop (11)punk (155)catchy (34)chicago. (1)
crushthat80sboypop (694)80's (40)genesis (10)
was it a dreamthat80sboypop (694)sad (189)80's (40)
silent crythat80sboy80's (40)synthesizer (74)pop (694) (0)
I Can't Waitdecentpiepower (66)rock (1959)pop (694)single (11) (0)
Today's the Daydlbacoustic (812)rock (1959)pop (694)ballad (259)
Real Lifedlbrock (1959)pop (694)blues (741)guitar (1349) (0)
Slow Thingdlbinstrumental (832)mellow (151)pop (694)rock (1959)solo (125)guitar (1349)
Day of Small ThingsValleyPastorpop (694)Brazil (6)love (1469)Inspirational (109)guitar (1349)
Ur BeautifulclwedelUr (1)Your (58)Beautiful (37)Pop (694)Love (1469)Relationships (43) (0)
when summer comes again (with lightman)that80sboy80s (45)pop (694)lightman (2) (0)
Dreamsdlbacoustic (812)rock (1959)pop (694)blues (741)dreams (118)dlb (15)
In My Head Againrsorensen
Grace Is Enough, ver2cthayespop (694)christian (137)worship (56)grace (29)
Adonaicthayesadonai (1)worship (56)upbeat (69)christian (137)gospel (65)rock (1959)pop (694)
Almost TimeLiteOneUp-Rock (1959)Pop (694)Reggae (85)Chill (162)Summer (122)Chicago (33) (0)
Yesterday Is HistoryLiteOneUp-Rock (1959)Pop (694)Reggae (85)Chill (162)Summer (122)Chicago (33) (0)
Where i'll Bedlbdlb (15)pop (694)rock (1959)ballad (259)guitar (1349)
ocean mistthat80sboypet shop boys (1)80s (45)pop (694)synthesizer (74)
Three Small WordsHollywoodJetsetPopPunk (2)Pop (694)Rock (1959)Powerpop (11)punk (155)awesome (81)catchy (34)chicago (33)
Supposed to knowDrToastyguitar (1349)singing (34)pop (694)rock (1959)acoustic (812) (0)
fall from gracethat80sboypop (694)synth (386)80s (45)sad (189)
Enough to Staydlbfunk (357)pop (694)guitar (1349)dlb (15)enough (8) (0)
I Want to Rock With Youdlbrock (1959)pop (694)guitar (1349)dlb (15)blues (741)
*Life* (demo)HollywoodJetsetChill (162)dub (63)reggae (85)pop (694)rock (1959)awesome (81)
16 Years (revisited)dlb16 years (1)rock (1959)pop (694)dlb (15)alternative (400)
Back to Orion 7/8NoiseMasternew age (165)ambient music (2)pop (694)
What It TakesclwedelAmerican (40)Idol (4)Mr. (2)Charles (5)What (39)It (72)Takes (1)Pop (694)Ballad (259)Songwriting (5)Song (277)
Zoom Bang Bang (CBGB) with Sir Dennis Crowther & RebsieDWLCBGB (7)Eurovision (1)Hammond (5)punk (155)rock (1959)pop (694)
still be here (08 DUB)that80sboy80's (40)synthesizers (14)pop (694)
Kaleidoscope 2008 [Public Beta V1]PieKaleidoscope (4)Bling (6)Quizzical (4)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Cynical (8)Love (1469)Cowbell (17)
The TruthDragonasThe Truth (2)Christina (3)Dragonas (30)Opera (24)singer (32)soprano (12)LA Opera (1)Choir (45)Los Angeles (6)California (25)Rock (1959)pop (694)folk (545)musical soundtrack (1)epic (62)huge (4)emotional (41)dynamic (12)classical. (2)
What Went WrongHollywoodJetsetRock (1959)Pop (694)Punk (155)Pop Punk (11)Awesome (81)The Shit (1)Chicago (33)Cool (98)
RotundaasolimanRock (1959)Guitar (1349)Rotunda (2)pop (694)
Quiet ScreamLeonLeon (26)pop (694)fear (60)sadness (43)paranoia (7)
Rosie's glow (feat. Caroline)apbpub (11)barmaid (1)tribute (39)sing-along (2)celtic (130)pop (694)rock (1959)folk (545)fun (253)caroline (60)irn bru (3)heavy (204)guinness (8)lager (2)scottish (17)heather (3)romp (3)jaunty (7)alcoholic frolic (1)
Ocean HymnDragonasOcean (61)sea (74)Hymn (31)the hunt for the red october (1)submarines (2)ships (4)sailors (5)naval (3)waves (32)water (69)opera (24)classical (816)pop (694)rock (1959)Dragonas (30)Anthem. (1)
Coming UpevolvwebEvolvweb (16)Tobin (86)Meyer (3)Pop (694)Rock (1959)Electronic (563)
Lonely Daysdlbpop (694)rock (1959)dlb (15)dance (780)
Yesterdays Girldlbpop (694)ballad (259)soft rock (20)dlb (15)
Are You Ready?Firesignpop (694)
Three Oh FourHollywoodJetsetRock (1959)Pop (694)Pop Punk (11)Chicago (33)awesome (81)indie (192)
one more chancethat80sboysynthpop (19)pop (694)
Tresspasservictorias_playgroundVictoria's Playground (8)acoustic guitar (97)pop (694)aliens (27)tresspasser (1) (0)
Tell EveryoneHollywoodJetsetRock (1959)Pop (694)Pop punk (11)Powerpop (11)Catchy (34)awesome (81)chicago (33)punk (155) (0)
SatellitestempieAM (22)Sunshine (30)Twang (9)60's (15)Folk (545)Indie (192)Pop (694)Nature (72)Love (1469)
Good Time (Why Shouldn't We?)tempieSunny (16)AM (22)Radio (15)Pop (694)Nature (72)Horns (54)Fun (253)
I'll walk awayBeccaJohnsonElectro (185)dance (780)pop (694)experimental (505)
Numbrockstar89Pop (694)rock. power pop (1)
Its truekipakAlternative (400)pop (694)
Tuesdays With MauryHollywoodJetsetTuesdays (1)With (40)Maury (1)Hollywood (16)Jetset (6)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Pop Punk (11)Chicago (33)awesome (81)catchy (34)
Kaleidoscope 2008 [Public Beta V2]PieKaleidoscope (4)Bling (6)Quizzical (4)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Cynical (8)Love (1469)Cowbell (17)
Aunt Jennifer's TigersHollywoodJetsetAunt (3)Jennifer (2)Tiger (5)Hollywood Jetset (2)Pop Punk (11)Pop (694)Punk (155)Rock (1959)Powerpop (11)
What the Summer is Abouttempiepop (694)high school (10)girl (144)love (1469)obsession (20)summer (122)
Hang on to Your Red CoatParanoid Androidfolk (545)pop (694)song (277)lyrics (43)inspirational (109)happy (163)sad (189)girls (26)lady (14)love (1469)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)
SolitudekylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
My ColorskylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
December 1985-2008Firesignholiday (146)pop (694)electropop (48)christmas (284)
Media Manpoodyglitztechno (472)soundtrack (289)moog (32)sampletank (7)electronic (563)pop (694)fast (162)loud (79)
Growing PainsevolvwebPop (694)Rock (1959)Folk (545)Blues (741)Jazz (983)Tobin (86)Meyer (3)Tobin Meyer (16)Evolvweb (16)
What I'm Sayin'duhdewdAlternative (400)love song (76)upbeat (69)positive (10)pop (694)rock (1959)
Media Man Updatepoodyglitztechno (472)soundtrack (289)moog (32)sampletank (7)electronic (563)pop (694)fast (162)loud (79)
Christmas in Japanhfarenajapanese (48)pop (694)music (391)electronic (563)japan (62)asia (28)new age (165)electro (185)dance (780)inspirational (109)
Christmas in Japanhfarenajapanese (48)pop (694)music (391)electronic (563)japan (62)asia (28)new age (165)electro (185)dance (780)inspirational (109)
Christmas in Japanhfarenapop (694)music (391)japanese (48)electronic (563)christmas (284)dance (780)techno (472)kyoto (4)japan (62)
Waiting For YouHypnotiQ SorcereRock (1959)Pop (694)Alt Rock (16)Alt Country (7)Ryan Adams (11)Cardinals (1)Counting Crows (3)Atmosphere (15) (0)
Arms Of CircumstanceAbstractVisionAbstractvision (32)undergrounhangama (1)billy attwell (31)folk (545)rock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)alternative (400)singer songwriter (8)lyricist (1) (0)
The State That Were InAbstractVisionabstractvision (32)billy attwell (31)rock (1959)pop (694)global warming (8)the state that were in (1)indie (192)tv (34)poverty (9)war (168)kids (46)guns (16)cyber space (1) (0)
Twisted Love SongAbstractVisionBilly Attwell (31)AbstractVision (32)Twisted Love Song (1)pop (694)S&M (3)Two People In Love (1) (0)
When I Called You MineAbstractVisionbilly attwell (31)billy (6)attwell (1)billy attwell (31)william attwell (1)angie carr (1)angela carr (1)angela (4)carr (1)Pop (694)love song (76)abstractvison (2)angela carr (1)angie carr (1)elgin (1)macjams (138)brighton (3)lancing (1) (0)
Don't Look BackAbstractVisionbilly attwell (31)abstractvision (32)pop (694)don't look back (2)depression (39) (0)
This Is Your LifeAbstractVisionBilly attwell (31)abstractVision (32)Pop (694)rock (1959)MacJams (138)this is your life (1) (0)
heartbeat awaythat80sboy80's (40)pop (694)synthesizer (74)
Plaid Shirt, Long Hair, No CluePaddyNavinCaryatidpunk (155)plaid (1)pop (694)garageband (82)grohl (1)snoop dog (2) (0)
Glorycthayesacoustic (812)pop (694)rock (1959)Christian (137)Christian rock (32)inspirational (109)folk (545)glory (12)
Tomorrow with Emily Rohm Gilmore (MJRF)FEELPOP (694)
Blue Skies And Best FriendsSixFeetUnderTheStarsAcoustic (812)SixFeetUnderTheStars (1)Six (9)Feet (12)Under (8)The (254)Stars (62)pop (694)rock (1959)catchy (34)fun (253)summer (122)
uncle leos bad hair tonichongshanpop (694)rock (1959)light (158)easy listening (67)
From The Firedantimmermansrock (1959)pop (694)ballad (259)
Sunset Moon Dubpetermsjazz (983)pop (694)percussion (78)drums (314)guitars (83)
Love Me HonestdantimmermansRock (1959)pop (694)schlock (1)hard rock (100)tasteless soloing (3)
Kaleidoscope (with Prologue) 2009 Beta V1PieKaleidoscope (4)Bling (6)Quizzical (4)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Cynical (8)Love (1469)Cowbell (17)Wrong (12)Broken. (2)
Until The Sun Doesn't RiseAbstractVisionRock (1959)pop (694)billy attwell (31)abstractvision (32)love (1469)sun (110)until the sun doesn't rise (1)macjams (138) (0)
My Friends Are Better Than YoursHollywoodJetsetacoustic (812)pop (694)rock (1959)hollywood (16)jetset (6)
The Song That Never Was - Imogen Heap Remixscaustritaimogen heap (4)caustrita (29)scaustrita (20)steve caustrita (31)smoke cloud entertainment (22)smoke cloud (16)la puente (15)
Sleepyheadtempiepunk (155)pop (694)wake up (9)night out (2)slept late (1)bones (12)love (1469)love (1469)love (1469)
like a melodythat80sboysynthpop (19)80s (45)pop (694)
Nineteendantimmermanspop (694)rock (1959)cheese (30)indie (192)
Falling Stars ForgottenKicbalTrip Hop (62)Vocals (151)Female Vocals (12)Harmonies (35)Break Beat (8)Saxophone (56)Pop (694)Beats (174)lyrics (43)Ethereal (36)Layers (13)Melody (34)Arpeggio (6)Kicbal (2)Chroma Specter (2)
GONAAH(Sin)dadgarusFarsi (2)Persian (14)rock (1959)pop (694)dadgar (92)Iran (11)Sin (20)Gonaah (1)
The one I wantdadgarusOne (58)I (149)Want (12)rock (1959)pop (694)love (1469)
Simple Songbudfolk (545)pop (694)sweet (50)short (118)
The Song That Never WasscaustritaImogen heap (4)caustrita (29)steve caustrita (31)smoke cloud entertainment (22)scaustrita (20)smoke cloud (16)la puente (15)
The Song That Never Was (The illuminati Mix)illuminatiImogen Heap (4)remix (126)pop (694)The Orbiting (28)illuminati (33)Twestival.fm (1)
Not Just Another GirldiblitPop (694)Pop(mainstream) (1)Love song (76)Love (1469)Guitar (1349)Piano (957)Drums (314)Bass (374)Rock (1959)Happy (163)Not Just Another Girl (1)Girl (144)Another Girl (1)Just Another Girl (1)Rain (140)Kiss (24) (0)
Fox, Hawk, Rabid DogdantimmermansRock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)
Mr Gumbyhongshanrock (1959)pop (694)groove (158)seventies (4)funky (92)
VCR (dead technology)HollywoodJetsetPop (694)Rock (1959)Pop Punk (11)Chicago (33)VCR (1)Technology (7)Dead (41)Hollywood Jetset (2)
All About You (ft. Linda Courtien)dlbpop (694)rock (1959)commercial (16)female vox (1)guitar (1349)
Without Meansdantimmermansrock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)tasteless soloing (3)
Open up the doorkaishinpop (694)acoustic (812)melodic (94)indie (192)
Head CaveAbstractVisionrock (1959)pop (694)accident (3)billy attwell (31)joshua irwin (6)head (22)cave (8)head cave (1)abstractvision (32)macjams (138)motorbike (2)tragedy (9) (0)
Time, Life, I, Highkaishinpop (694)synth (386)guitar (1349)
Don't Leave (Ooooooh Wee)dbaymon34r&b (92)pop (694)mainstream (8)hot (64)new (167)fresh (35)da'marcus (34)orginal (1)don't (22)leave (12)love (1469)life (255)lost (82)
My Heart Is Beating (update#1)ClambakePop (694)Smooth Jazz (28)Latin (117)
Running On Comfortdantimmermansrock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)dan timmermans (25)running on comfort (1)
Clouds Go ByWGLove (1469)Acoustic (812)Pop (694)Clouds (30)Melodic (94)Soft (85)Mellow (151) (0)
A Night @ NeverlandJ.A.StewartMichael Jackson (8)Neverland (4)King of Pop (1)Pop (694)Rock (1959)
You Therekitkat10you (195)there (19)pop (694)sincere (1)laid back (17)relaxed (25)ambient (831)
You There 2kitkat10you (195)there (19)experiment (48)pop (694)progressive (220)alternative (400) (0)
You There 3kitkat10pop (694)you (195)there (19)experiment (48)progressive (220)warm (25)alternative (400)
OpenMellowshipelectronic (563)electronica (379)electro (185)new (167)other (58)experimental (505)ableton (19)live (168)macbook (16)compute (1)open (27)up (50)jam (94)chill (162)ambient (831)techno (472)dance (780)pop (694)mellowship (64)fractal (12)fraqtal (11)
Again (acoustic)dantimmermansacoustic (812)rock (1959)pop (694)
PremonitionVince_HoranPremonition (1)alternative (400)rock (1959)pop (694)
Drawn Downstream (Acoustic)dantimmermansacoustic (812)rock (1959)pop (694)dan timmermans (25)
Drawn DownstreamdantimmermansRock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)tasteless soloing (3)
put that pen downchrishuntdark (422)pop (694)chrishunt (1)hip hop (417)gospal (1) (0)
RoshamboAbstractVisionRock (1959)Pop (694)MacJams (138)AbstractVision (32)Billy Attwell (31)Kyle Goodrich (1)lightning31 (2) (0)
Maggie Rodriguez tributemvh9591maggie (1)pop (694)morning (59)happy (163)rock (1959)harmony (88)
Nobody Will Ever Write A Song About Usdynamite_van_pipePunk (155)pop (694)tempie (5)caryatid (13)why (28)lie (14)elvis (15)
Everything Is Wronglocalmanpop (694)melodic (94)upbeat (69)rocking (6)
Papershakerthenettlessixties (11)60s (5)beatles (26)kinks (3)pop (694)rock (1959)
I Want Youthenettlespop (694)rock (1959)sixties (11)kinks (3)beatles (26)british (37)
Down For Youthenettlespop (694)rock (1959)sixties (11)british (37)beatles (26)
Hung Upthenettlespop (694)rock (1959)
Punch And Judythenettlespop (694)rock (1959)sixties (11)beatles (26)british (37)
Half a ThoughtVaisvilbrit pop (2)pop (694)alternative pop (2)
Kaleidoscope (Single)PieKaleidoscope (4)Bling (6)Quizzical (4)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Cynical (8)Love (1469)Cowbell (17)Wrong (12)Broken. (2)
Never Enough.HollywoodJetsetNever (25)Enough (8)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Punk (155)Chicago (33)Catchy (34)Fun (253)
ADRIFTAbstractVisionabstractvision (32)AbstractVision (32)pop (694)rock (1959)adrift (13) (0)
One, One HundredBoiAfricaacoustic (812)guitar (1349)pop (694)
Home AgainAbstractVisionabstractvision.billy attwell (1)joshua irwin (6)amber sophia (1)home (76)missing (20)love song (76)rock (1959)alternative (400)pop (694)home (76)again (33)billy (6)Billy (6)|Attwell (0)Macjams (138) (0)
The AnswerVaisvilpop (694)hindi (2)indian (29)
The GlitchalexweilerStrings (402)alexweiler (5)Alex (18)Weiler (1)80ies (4)synthie (1)pop (694)
Valentine (Remix)StrainsOfCainevalentine (15)pop (694)electropop (48) (0)
So What's 96 in Rio?SigmundRio (2)Movie (49)soundtrack (289)cinema (99)instrumental (832)rock (1959)pop (694)
Sex Education (Radio Edit)DeathArrowSex (99)Education (7)Sex Education (1)Death Arrow (1)Pop (694)Synthpop (19)Electropop (48)Dance-Pop (1)World (236)I want (1)outside the windows (1)apple (13)do it with-a me (1) (0)
The Way I Feelobbsterrock (1959)pop (694)ballad (259)love song (76)
Not EnoughobbsterRock (1959)Pop (694)Ballad (259)
More Each DayGregDzpop (694)mainstream (8)rock (1959)romantic (64)
Sha-la-laJamesmillerbandjames miller band (1)remember me (2)rock (1959)pop (694)
Never GoneLoobpop (694)ballad (259)
The Great DisasterHollywoodJetsetRock (1959)Pop (694)Pop Punk (11)Chicago (33)The (254)Great (44)Disaster (9) (0)
SHINE - AbstractVision & TresAbstractVisionBilly attwell (31)abstractvision (32)rock (1959)pop (694) (0)
You AreobbsterPop (694)Electronic (563)Rock (1959)
F-F-F-F-F U-U-U-U-UMajesticTaylorpop (694)heartbreak (24)break up (15)
(Six Feet) Under the Ocean FloorDead Endpop (694)alternative (400)folk (545)acoustic (812)ocean (61)floor (7)Dead End (4)
Catatonic SymphonyDead EndCatatonic (1)Symphony (76)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Rock (1959)Dead End (4)
An Afternoon In AprilLoobpop (694)vocals (151)lyrics (43)arrangement (6)
Dancing In The SmokeLoobPop (694)
That's How It Goes *Dadai.2lovers (12)friends (78)pop (694) (0)
Saterday with an eHollywoodJetsetSaterday (1)with (40)an (8)e (6)rock (1959)pop (694)punk (155)Hollywood (16)Jetset (6)awesome (81)
Down this Road BeforekipakPop (694)running (22)regret (41)life (255)
Down this Road BeforekipakPop (694)running (22)regret (41)life (255)
Falling Stars Forgotten (Final)KicbalTrip Hop (62)Vocals (151)Female Vocals (12)Harmonies (35)Break Beat (8)Saxophone (56)Pop (694)Beats (174)lyrics (43)Ethereal (36)Layers (13)Melody (34)Arpeggio (6)Kicbal (2)Chroma Specter (2)relationships (43)
Hold YouobbsterBlues (741)Pop (694)Ballad (259)
Hold You (New Version)obbsterblues (741)pop (694)rock (1959)
It's Not A GameLoobPop (694)Rock (1959)
If I Ran The CircusKicbalRock (1959)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Saxophone (56)Political (50)vocals (151)heavy (204)angry (27)aggressive (12)groove (158)riff (20)
Lady You Had Me (Vocal Retake)indigobluLove (1469)Party (45)Social (4)Booze (10)pain (93)room (16)woman (37)control (27)heart (150)soul (144)light (158)windows (5)eyes (45)scene (7)alone (59)time (141)feeling (35)reason (35)layers (13)spell (7)spells (5)harmony (88)poppy (7)Indie Rock (41)indie Pop (4)rock/Pop (1)Pop/Rock (2)Rock (1959)Pop (694)
Sandy T.tltateSax (98)funk (357)jazz (983)dave sanborn (1)pop (694)
Reach The LightjosephjmusicJoseph J (4)Reach The Light (1)Rock Songs (4)internet (11)myspace (6)youtube (8)facebook (6)craigslist (3)pop (694)power pop (5)inspirational (109)original (78)album (21)song (277)light (158)Joseph (5)J (3)new (167)music (391)
Owl's New DanceRobin_PerryKatsinas (1)Kachinas (1)Owls (2)Dance (780)Pop (694)
Abandoned (Into Better Hands)LoobPop (694)
COOL POPmikemacdtDAMZELLS (2)POP (694)SAM POTTS (2) (0)
Always Surrender (T4S) w/kicbal & ted23KicbalSummer (122)Romance (74)Always (18)Surrender (6)guitar (1349)saxophone (56)groove (158)jazzy (37)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Funk (357)drums (314)bass (374)hook (4)harmonies (35)vocals (151)lyrics (43)sensual (5)sexy (40)vacation (18)holiday (146)heat (7)collaboration (131)sweetness (1) (0)
A New DayJayroddpop (694)rock (1959) (0)
A Sort Of Loving (fiddle) w Saltaireguru77Loobpop (694)
You Guys G!ve Up Yet, Or Are You Th!rsty For More?HollywoodJetsetHollywood (16)Jetset (6)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Pop Punk (11)
Letter By Letterdavezeroletter (7)champagne (7)pop (694)river (30)hurt (26) (0)
My DadLoobDad (16)pop (694)
Wedding Daythedobboschristian (137)wedding (23)pop (694)gospel (65)family (55)
Runawayneilh79Acoustic (812)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Runaway (6)
A dwelling in the pastapbeternal (12)love (1469)death (198)ghost (43)dwelling in the past (1)jaunty (7)haunty (1)ethnic (67)mandolin (61)banjo (42)acoustic (812)folk (545)pop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)
Blinded By Your Love (From the album "Life Goes On")dark_angeldadgar (92)dadgarus (81)faezeh (4)rock (1959)pop (694)love (1469)blind (13)blinded (3)
Suddenly It's YouAbstractVisionrock (1959)pop (694)abstractvision (32)firesign (4) (0)
Domila11falcefmusicfalce (52)falcemusic (47)italian (57)tromba (36)flicorno (17)mori (34)pop (694)falcef (30)
You Are (New Version)obbsterpop (694)cheese (30)love (1469)
Fire DanceH3nryClassical (816)synthesizer (74)pop (694)
This Is Not What I Ordered (w/vocals)obbsterpost-rock (17)ambient (831)pop (694)alternative (400)electronic (563)
This Is Not What I Ordered (Updated)obbsterPop (694)Electronic (563)
Who's Gonna Love Me w SistersLoobSisters (6)Pop (694)
Try Not To Try So HardHollywoodJetsetHollywood (16)Jetset (6)Try (7)Not (34)To (103)Try (7)So (18)Hard (103)Chicago (33)Pop (694)Punk (155)Rock (1959)
Inside (Rock Version)obbsterRock (1959)Ballad (259)Pop (694)Sex (99)
Sicker quickerapbpop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)pigtails (1)sicker (1)quicker (1)quirky (24)
Swaydark_angelDean Martin (1)pop (694)old (36)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)dark angel (3)cover (27)sway (3)love song (76)
You Are Loved (Feat. Ashley Sailer)SEAC99hip-hop (88)rap (311)pop (694)indie (192)thoughtful (5)beauty (45)hardships (1)
Secret LoveSEAC99pop (694)hip-hop (88)rap (311)singing (34)lyrics (43)secret (12)love (1469)piano (957)indie (192)underground (26)
On Top AgainKicbalOn (52)Top (9)Again (33)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Rock (1959)Synth (386)Guitar (1349)Vocals (151)Lyrics (43)Programming (4)Electronic (563)Moody (52)Epic (62)Inspiring (6)
Illustrator (Studio version)rneaseguitar (1349)pop (694)rock (1959)bouncy (29)melodic (94)
Sixty-Sixhackjoj.g. hackett (2)hackett (2)life songs (1)sixty-six (1)pop (694)beatles (26)tears for fears (2)
Thick As ThievesAbstractVisionRock (1959)pop (694)abstractvision (32) (0)
Internet Rock StarSlashh!Internet (11)rock (1959)star (22)rockstar (1)pop (694)Slashh (2)Slashh! (3)Jet (6)Black (120)Project (16)Jet-black (1)Demetrius (5)Hill. (1)
Loving You TonightValleyPastorLove song (76)jazz (983)pop (694)sax (98)
Cantonment promo mixNormallove (1469)hate (62)relationship (39)war (168)anger (34)fear (60)sad (189)loss (85)industrial (167)ebm (29)synth (386)pop (694)electro (185)udr (2)
Media ManiajosephjmusicJoseph J (4)Media Mania (1)Rock Songs (4)internet (11)myspace (6)youtube (8)facebook (6)amazon (1)ebay (1)craigslist (3)dear John (1)new (167)music (391)rock (1959)pop (694)hip hop (417)techno (472)trance (387)alternative (400)original (78)album (21)song (277)
Broken (New version)obbsterRock (1959)Pop (694)Ballad (259)
LauraobbsterPop (694)Ballad (259)
MY PAST LOVEAbstractVisionPop (694)Rock (1959)Billy Attwell (31)Sven Beer (2)Macjams (138)My (104)Love (1469)Past (25) (0)
walkin thru the windowsdimm witnesspaisley (1)pop (694)electronic (563)moog (32)salvia (2)divinorum (1)lsd (9)trip (47)acid (37)too much (2)sky (65)windows (5)walkin (2)orange slices (1)seen em (1)neighborhood (2)local group (1)galaxy (9)flotilla (1) (0)
You Are (Piano Version)obbsterPop (694)Rock (1959)Piano (957)Live (168)
Love from the pastsoftsoundslove (1469)rock (1959)pop (694)instrumental (832)
Blue DressPaddyNavinCaryatidblue dress (1)acoustic (812)pop (694)garageband (82)ipad (73)
Somethings wrong with you 2apbcatchy (34)perky (1)bouncy (29)pop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)mainstream (8)fun (253)somethings wrong with you (1)
ProdigalRickB1Pop (694)guitar (1349)work in progress (17)chorus (21)rock (1959)
The Dark Of The NightLoobPop (694)Rock (1959)Zydeco (2)
Best of Both Worldsmartinthecoolcareer (1)ambition (3)rich (6)famous (3)best (15)of (103)both (3)worlds (2)martin (43)the (254)cool (98)electro (185)pop (694)money (61)beat (137)hard (103)heavy (204)synth (386)90s (1)grunge (35)techno (472)
Invinciblerickbacousticacoustic (812)rock (1959)pop (694) (0)
Come Aroundmartinthecoollove (1469)get (25)together (28)come (18)around (12)martin (43)the (254)cool (98)electro (185)pop (694)lovely (13)relationship (39)boyfriend (3)girlfriend (11)
I look at YouJockamoRock (1959)Pop (694)rock and roll (25)Demo (43)Pop (694)Love song (76)
Ramen Noodles!oldlibmikePop (694)electronica (379)iPad (73)Korg (35)
You're Out Of My Lifemartinthecoolyou're (7)out (47)of (103)my (104)life (255)for (57)good (182)boss (8)leaving (25)elated (1)happy (163)synth (386)pop (694)martin (43)song (277)pop (694)
Cry Of The WhaleLoobPop (694)
The righteousapbfun (253)power (66)pop (694)rock (1959)
Mendapbrock (1959)pop (694)alternative (400)fun (253)unfinished (18)incomplete (4)work in progress (17)
You're Lovelymartinthecoolyou're (7)your (58)lovely (13)love (1469)synth (386)pop (694)sophie (1)ellis (1)bextor (1)of (103)my (104)life (255)even (2)when (19)you frown (1)you (195)care (16)despair (19)
Big Surpetermspop (694)spinet (1)stratocaster (25) (0)
Blue Or Pink? (A Song For The Lonely)AbstractVisionAmbient (831)pop (694)lonely (64) (0)
House of Straw - off-board collabDWLpop (694)60s (5)byrds (3)x-factor (1)love (1469) (0)
You Don't Have ToLeonLeon (26)You Don't Have To (1)Pop (694)soul (144)ballad (259)love (1469)romance (74)romantic (64)heartbreak (24) (0)
You Don't Have To (orchestral version)LeonPop (694)RnB (21)orchestral (141)soul (144)love (1469)heartbreak (24)break-up (11)romance (74)sentimental (8)iPad (73)Garageband (82)ballad (259)
Growling Cats and PInball Machinesmichael2weird (61)japanese pop (2)pop (694)vocals (151)
Maybe its a Pop SongpeacepianoPop (694)Flute (193)Song (277)Instrumental (832)
DancingValleyPastorBallad (259)pop (694)crossover (3)guitar (1349)Christian (137)
Love Crazy BabyKicballove (1469)crazy (86)baby (58)original (78)tenor (15)saxophone (56)sax (98)guitar (1349)fender (37)garageband (82)vocals (151)sexy (40)relationship (39)synths (68)programming (4)drums (314)rock (1959)funk (357)pop (694)rap (311)harmonies (35)hammond (5)alternative (400)family (55)relationships (43)lyrics (43)
Dark Desirepetermssoundtrack (289)cinema (99)rock (1959)pop (694)film (111)horns (54)orchestra (289) (0)
By NowI.G.M.Song (277)Love (1469)Now (20)Guitar (1349)Acoustic (812)Folk (545)Pop (694)
Hit the Highwaytimothydevine2rap (311)pop (694) (0)
60 Days (Feat. Dave Cook of My Favorite Highway)SEAC99ambient (831)ballad (259)top 40 (4)indie (192)60 days (1)love (1469)hip-hop (88)rap (311)pop (694)spiritual (68)bliss (10)mountains (15)guitars (83)piano (957)
BeautifulAemynpop (694)soft (85)acoustic (812)soft rock (20)acoustic rock (40)
Under Your Bed - feat. strangedream, rok41 & Steve RitterSigmundunder (8)your (58)bed (20)rock (1959)pop (694)love song (76)evanescence (2)
Mama'd Saythe_oddRock (1959)Blues (741)Soul (144)Indie (192)Original (78)Pop (694)
Nocturnal Admissionsthe_oddRock (1959)Alternative Rock (47)Indie (192)Pop (694)
Anywayapbaddictive (1)toe tapper (2)rock (1959)pop (694)punk (155)60s and 70s meets early 2000s (1)
Share Itgrah3amPop (694)singalong (3)endless uplifting chorus (1)
Complacent Minerals (test mix)DJShadowkatRock (1959)Pop (694)Jazz (983)R&B (92)
LDN TownJoahsong (277)track (10)demo (43)snippet (2)work in progress (17)acoustic (812)pop (694)
Another Fine Day (You Are The Only One)billdancourtneypop (694)synth (386)
Another Fine Day (You Are the Only One)billdancourtneypop (694)synth (386)electronic (563)
Born to Do - feat. strangedream, rok41, scofugateSigmundBorn (4)Born to do (1)rock (1959)pop (694)strangedream (3)rok41 (18)sig (1)orchestral (141)upbeat (69)uptempo (11)
Carry Me HomeAemynalternative (400)folk (545)pop (694)
Travel France Original MixFoxelinaromantic (64)pop (694)electronic (563)france (13)