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My Friend... Sam (Main Theme)domdinoquirky (24)quirky film (1)short film (2)film score (45)
oo aa eeStun Nutzoo (2)aa (2)ee (6)ooh (3)aah (1)gasp (1)choke (1)sex (99)life (255)death (198)wedding (23)funeral (10)quirky (24)abstract (34)experimental (505)soundeffects (3)chimes (7)typewriter (1)bells (78)bass (374)clicks (1)
Spacehopperapbbouncy (29)fun (253)nostalgia (23)spacehopper (1)rock (1959)pop (694)alternative (400)guitar (1349)celtic (130)ceilidh (1)shindig (1)fling (2)classical (816)folky (4)bluesy (16)mixolydian (1)quirky (24)bollywood (6)
Chromatisome Swing (tribute to Oscar Peterson)TobinMuellerpiano (957)solo piano (27)jazz (983)quirky (24)13 Masks (7)Oscar Peterson (1)Art Tatum (2)Thelonious Monk (3)tribute (39)2007 (3)
ControllavalampLavalamp (87)Control (27)Quirky (24)Jazzy (37)Trippy (50)
Just Look AroundlavalampLook (11)awareness (1)quirky (24)armbruster (12)demo (43)
World Above (Blue Leaf Waltz)lavalampquirky (24)waltz (52)trippy (50)lavalamp (87)
On and Onlavalampon and on (4)lavalamp (87)albatross (2)armbruster (12)quirky (24)country (178)
Naturally, We PretendSweetBacteriainsightful (2)playful (5)acoustic (812)vocals (151)creative (11)quirky (24)passionate (8)intense (32)introspection (4)simple (43)falsetto (1)
Everybody's Got Their Eyes Closedlavalampdreaming (26)lavalamp (87)armbruster (12)everybody's got their eyes closed (1)quirky (24)
The Tiger and the Morning Glorylavalampmorning glory (1)tiger (5)david armbruster (75)lavalamp (87)quirky (24)trippy (50) (0)
Ain't Tryin'merkutionerd (12)geek (3)awkward (4)hip-hop (88)nerdcore (1)quirky (24)electronic (563)
Jutmerkutiosad (189)mope (1)twang (9)neurosis (1)bipolar (7)paranoid (4)geek (3)nerd (12)quirky (24)
Happy EndingsMannequinRacesquirky (24)accordion (27)indie rock (41)accordion rock (1)bass line (3)bass (374)killer bass (1)
Submarine SerenadeMannequinRacesdark (422)moody (52)indie (192)indie rock (41)alternative rock (47)tuba (16)mellotron (8)cello (82)cajun drums (1)percussion (78)noise (85)quirky (24)
AlbertMannequinRacesmonkey (36)different (14)quirky (24)alternative (400)instrumental (832)
Calling All ConundrumsMannequinRaceshappy (163)bouncy (29)quirky (24)bass (374)
Robot EpiphanyMannequinRaceselectronic (563)robot voice (1)robot (24)record (2)reason (35)bouncy (29)happy (163)mannequin races (2)cool (98)quirky (24)bass (374)
In The EveningMannequinRacesdissonant (4)moody (52)creepy (34)mannequin races (2)movie soundtrack (10)cinematic (124)quirky (24)unusual (2)ambient (831)
Sicker quickerapbpop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)pigtails (1)sicker (1)quicker (1)quirky (24)