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Horror TimesDOSSad (189)Dramatic (34)death (198)regret (41)goodbye (46)
Do You Rememberphilonnieloss (85)sadness (43)regret (41)inspiration (12)memory (32) (0)
Rearview MirrorArinrearview mirror (1)regret (41)heartache (16)
nudge(work_in_progress)paxedenregret (41)introspective (7)female vocals (12)synth (386)
SaturnineThe OrbitingSaturnine (9)The Orbiting (28)illuminati (33)ledebutant (51)Great Wall of China (2)Brooklyn (8)New York (35)Seattle (13)New Mexico (7)left at the altar (3)sad (189)falling (29)feelings of loss (2)what might have been (2)regret (41)virtual band (7)photographs (5)synthesizer (74)backwards vocals (3)backwards guitar (2)
Country Feel (set me free)stevelCountry (178)Feel (117)love (1469)Lambchop (1)regret (41)heartache (16)Magnetic Fields (1)
North Shore Waltz ('84 demo version)Ed HannifinNorth Shore (2)Plum Island (2)waltz (52)Fast Folk (1)nostalgic (6)longing (40)regret (41)Wheatstone Bridge (6)
North Shore Waltz (Simply Fine version)Ed HannifinNorth Shore (2)Plum Island (2)Wheatstone Bridge (6)waltz (52)regret (41)longing (40)
I had to marry you (with Rebsie and a cast of MJers)DWLMarry (2)disappointment (6)escape (18)despair (19)regret (41)George Formby (1)caribbean (15)shostakovich (2)debussy (9)eric coates (1)My Fair Lady (1)
Regret (Remix)spitlogicSpitlogic (51)Regret (41)Hiphop (37)
Regret (w/Spitlogic)michael2regret (41)our enemy is not as strong as they pretend to be (1)
One Less Child (Robin Hood)TobinMuellerRobin Hood (10)revolution (28)anti-war (16)peace (176)childrens (9)youth (17)CenterStage (9)musicals (7)trio (26)regret (41)mother (51)lament (23)eulogy (3)
My Time Machine12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
My Time Machine (Coffee House version)12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
My Time Machine (downloadable)12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
Regret- Spitlogic remixwillbill808hip hop (417)rap (311)spitlogic (51)regret (41)willbill808 (92)dj straight 8 (78)
Sorry To Doubt YouthepilotSorry (20)To (103)Doubt (9)You (195)Love (1469)Hate (62)Friendship (21)Regret (41)Miss (22)Pain (93)
Said the RosekipakLove (1469)Regret (41)loss (85)
Down this Road BeforekipakPop (694)running (22)regret (41)life (255)
Down this Road BeforekipakPop (694)running (22)regret (41)life (255)
One Night at the Wasteland BarrogerdodgeWaste (5)trust (15)self-destructing (1)guilt (6)regret (41)
Meloncholy Popstarkipakfandom (1)celebrity (7)loneliness (22)regret (41)love (1469)
Song for the Dead (redeployment mix)Normalwar (168)sad (189)regret (41)soldier (12)dead (41)death (198)mourn (3)tragedy (9)
A Son, at MidnightBoiAfricaregret (41)love (1469)loss (85)change (41)forgiveness (22)
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1, Issue # 158tempieSpider-Man (1)Death (198)Teen (16)Regret (41)Hope (132)
Regret - Spitlogic (DJWestM Remix)DJWestMRegret (41)
Regret - Spitlogic (DJWestM Remix)DJWestMRegret (41)
SubsumedWarren SmithSubsumed (1)regret (41)plastic bag (1)kite (4)riptide (1)Warren Smith (49)Roy Buckley (6)
WHAT HAVE I DONEBowmanCharles Mazarakes (10)Bowman (91)Jazz (983)Cinema (99)Regret (41)Classical (816)