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Bunny Happysavage4hirescary (42)disturbed (6)disturbing (4)bunny (3)creepy (34)
The Raven (collab w/ alanfraser)aclarkeraven (12)scary (42)haunt (5)soul (144)halloween (69)rock (1959)
Trick or TreatbreezerBreezer (28)Halloween (69)Devil (34)Techno (472)Drums (314)Monster (9)Holiday (146)Satan (15)Trick or Treat (2)Ghosts (27)Hell (37)Scary (42)funny (85)Crazy (86)October (7)Autum (2)
If you wanna get scarybreezerscary (42)ghosts (27)haunted (13)laughs (2)blood (33)dead body (1)halloween (69)breezer (28)creepy (34)dark (422)death (198)attic (2)color (7)
Company (includes music from Mungo)breezercompany (4)aliens (27)ufo (7)crop circles (2)monsters (9)scary (42) (0)
Anonymous Death Letter From Who-Knows-WhereParanoid Androiddance (780)scary (42)dark (422)horror (30)death (198)science (18)1980's. (1)
garage grr...2mariusdjscary (42)quite (1)chaos (36)peace (176)
Daunting CorridorsBranDaMancreepy (34)scary (42)eerie (15)suspense (8)
choosey momsscarytreesfunny (85)scary (42)
Praying MantisBoris the Bull
What The Dungeon Looked LikeLpd42dark (422)scary (42)menacing (2)brooding (9)intense (32)sinister (5)
Scary GhostSea Monk Sevenscary (42)rock (1959)milton (35)ghost (43)music (391)
Hostile Takeoverturboborhotwisted (5)distorted (29)scary (42)trippy (50)
Mr. Strangerockaholic392danny elfman (9)scary (42)eerie (15)
Porcelain dollsapbspooky (32)creepy (34)gothic (79)horror (30)scary (42)rock (1959)leviathan (2)halloween (69)porcelain (2)dolls (3)richard clayderman (1)
The Unsettling Case of Mr. JohnsonslumberingJohnson (19)Mr. Johnson (2)kindly (4)kindliest (4)old man (8)dinner (7)guests (2)dine (1)masturbate (4)masturbates (4)masturbation (4)wank (4)wanks (4)wanked (2)wanker (6)cum (5)come (18)jism (4)sploogey (3)semen (3)sticky (4)hands (12)wash (4)bop (8)bopping (1)scary (42)scariest (2)beat (137)
MonkeyVolcanoBallisticTurtlemonkey (36)rock (1959)volcano (5)scary (42)
PamoanaSystematicFailureAliens (27)Abduction (4)Alien (22)UFOs (2)scary (42)funny (85)
Creepy NighteasyesteemerScary (42)stormy (4)spooky (32)rain (140)Thunder (26)Creepy (34) (0)
Grave DangerRallyboyscary (42)
OddboxLeeboparanormal (2)sci-fi (32)wacky (5)scary (42)
Someone's Behind You...matthoffmanhorror (30)piano (957)scary (42)
Halloweenirok75scary (42)evil (52)strings (402)synth (386)
Twix or Treat [Halloween in the Bible Belt]Bob6stringerHalloween (69)collab (90)sketch (7)religion (46)bible (21)satan (15)evil (52)scary (42)Nick Cave (2)Gang of Four (1)Talking heads (1)B-52s (2) (0)
What You'd Be LikeBoris the Bullghost (43)fingerpicking (50)salsa (14)chips (3)sick (26)cold (64)would (2)be like (1)eggplant (2)guinea pig (1)wide (1)bottled (1)mexico (14)plains (2)drifter (3)ahhh (2)wonder (99)milky (1)sheep (14)shadows (10)plot (2)bones (12)halloween (69)scary (42)malcolm (1)filibuster (1)
The Murder Gamebdavishorror (30)soundtrack (289)halloween (69)scary (42)loop (46)video game (15)
The Fruit Of Thy Womb - A Horror Talemaxruehlhorror (30)terror (19)story (64)zombie (19)flesh eating (1)Halloween (69)scary (42)
The Demons' Feastabitran128Halloween (69)Scary (42)Dark (422)Demonic (3)Supernatural (8)Occult (5)Monsters (9)Witches (4)Ghosts (27)Metal (274)Rock (1959)Symphonic (35)Orchestra (289)
The Demons' Feastabitran128Halloween (69)Scary (42)Dark (422)Demonic (3)Supernatural (8)Occult (5)Monsters (9)Witches (4)Ghosts (27)Metal (274)Rock (1959)Symphonic (35)Orchestra (289)
DeepKev3136ambient (831)dark (422)deep (53)scary (42)evil (52)synth (386) (0)
Mary Shelley WaltzBriguy777Halloween (69)scary (42)classical (816)fright (2)thriller (14)haunting (37)chilling (6)orchestra (289)
814DrToastytaiko (1)strings (402)harp (82)rock (1959)orchestral (141)orchestra (289)stormdrum (1)vienna (2)piano (957)scary (42)bells (78)
Fearuncle808usFear (60)scared (10)afraid (6)scary (42) (0)
The Unexpected VisitbilldancourtneyElectronic (563)soundscape (49)scary (42)
Tarantulabilldancourtneystrange (32)dark (422)scary (42)