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Black SheepbreezerBreezer (28)Sheep (14)Nursery (3)Rhymes (3) (0)
Saving Sheepelektronixsheep (14)GB (3)ambient (831)
Door #2budheadphones (3)uptempo (11)techno (472)western (50)cinematic (124)soundtrack (289)tripping (2)psychedelic (124)mash up (2)helicopters (3)foot steps (1)sailboats (2)roosters (1)sheep (14)monkeys (14)doors (9)airlocks (1)radio waves (2)walkie talkies (1)kitchen sink (4)light at the end of the tunnel (4)
Meditation Pour La CosmosReinholt56Ambience (18)meditation (65)silent chanting (1)choirs of nillions (yes nillions) (1)sheep (14)cows (3)deafness (1)vacuum (5)away from civilisation (1)burnt out suns (1)
What You'd Be LikeBoris the Bullghost (43)fingerpicking (50)salsa (14)chips (3)sick (26)cold (64)would (2)be like (1)eggplant (2)guinea pig (1)wide (1)bottled (1)mexico (14)plains (2)drifter (3)ahhh (2)wonder (99)milky (1)sheep (14)shadows (10)plot (2)bones (12)halloween (69)scary (42)malcolm (1)filibuster (1)
The Drover's DreamalfredthepelicanDrover (1)sheep (14)animals (8)ballad (259)folk (545)Australia (17)
The Fairytale of Rock Rebellion / Swan Song LullabyDWLdance (780)bomb (10)crooner (1)morricone (2)euro-disco (1)fred astaire (1)starsky and hutch (2)wizard of oz (3)lullaby (79)diversity (2)amokopera (2)fame (14)sheep (14)elves (2)faeries (4)gnomes (2)big band (24)orchestra (289)bells (78)wah-wah (3)reality tv (2)celebrity torture (2)
Same Old MonkeyMajesticTaylormonkey (36)pig (6)sheep (14)same (16)
STONEDeleveneyesstoned (4)lottery (2)tradition (3)ritual (8)sheep (14)lemming (2)fear (60)stoning (1)mob (1)junction city (1)shirley (1)jackson (2) (0)
Sheep (Strangedream, Sigmund)rok41Sheep (14)Broken Faces (1)