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In the Recording Studio with a SitarThe Composercomedy (83)sitar (22)recording (4)
No15 (The Indian Rape in Stereo)The Composergranulation (1)violin (104)tablas (5)Indian (29)ethnic (67)improvised (53)instrumental (832)sitar (22)
shinenjap joint jerkimprovisation (103)sitar (22)fuzz. (1)
Horse Of The Desert Bedouindonbot24Tribal (36)sitar (22)
Cross-Cultural Coupling (Revised Version)alexweilerbollywood (6)india (14)cultural (2)ethnic (67)soundtrack (289)brass (53)sitar (22)violins (9)eastern (21)western (50)action movie (1)
Dear Puddingbudsdrawkcab (1)sitar (22)incense (3)peppermints (1) (0)
HomeschoolDWLHomeschool (1)home (76)school (29)pain (93)fear (60)isolation (10)pyschedelic (1)sitar (22)rock (1959)twinkle (3)little (13)star (22)scream (21)dissonance (6) (0)
morning star arises (draft)chipanpiano (957)fusion (213)sitar (22)ambient (831)morning star arises (1)
A Choir To Preach ToiG.STUDiOjazz (983)rock (1959)fusion (213)world (236)sax (98)guitar (1349)sitar (22)bass (374)tenor sax (16)improvisation (103)iG.STUDiO (28)Ilya Gerasimenko (3)
A BeginningDWLmarch (41)snare (12)LSD (9)acid (37)sitar (22)mice (2)
Padme AnoushkaSmokeyVWWoodstock (27)thanks (14)again (33)sitar (22)shankar (2)daughter (13)sonic collage (1)collage (9)I Ching (1)hexagram (1)marrying maiden (1)
Sitar and Like Itbageltogositar (22)hip hop (417)funk (357)
bass vs. sitar round 1bageltogositar (22)indian (29)experimental (505)hip hop (417)open collaboration (12)
Kama-LokaAcetyleneJukeboxIndia (14)kama (1)sitar (22)Bollywood (6)
Favoring CurryoldlibmikeChillout (62)sitar (22)eastern (21)