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Blackberries (collab w/alley-oop)ledebutant1970's (6)collaboration (131)America (43)soothing (37)Neil Young (9)immigration (6)emmigration (1)Arkansas (4)family (55)1978 (4)Bee Gees (2)female vocal (9)slide guitar (13)story (64)alley-oop and ledebutant (2)Bi-Coastal (2)
BayouJamsGreezyGreezy (5)Hip Hop (417)Country (178)Slide Guitar (13) (0)
Looking Through the GlassthetilerGuitar (1349)guitar fingerpicking (4)slide guitar (13)fingerstyle guitarist (2)orchestration (27)instrumental (832) (0)
meiteijap joint jerkimprovisation (103)slide guitar (13)remix. (2)
Katch22/w KatchoolikbroncoJohnny (15)Katch (11)Katman (2)rock (1959)harmonica (54)slide guitar (13)Katch22 (1)bronco (6)Tom Bronco (1)Tom (7)fun (253)
Lucky GuyVic Holmantonight (16)lucky (10)guy (3)slide guitar (13)settin' the mood (1)
Under Your Skinmichael2love gone bad (1)country (178)faux country (1)slide guitar (13)sad (189)slo-core (10)raw as usual (1)gram parsons without the drug habit (1)cryin' in my beer (without the beer as I'm actually sober) (1)another somebody done somebody wrong song (1)
DrifterAcetyleneJukeboxslide guitar (13)electric guitar (40)bohdran drum (1) (0)
knucklebonedavidhazardousknucklebone (1)slide guitar (13)cigar box guitar (1)
Hounds On The HuntthetilerO Brother Were Art Though (1)hounds (1)hunt (21)slide guitar (13)acoustic guitar (97) (0)
Just learning to Flyjdbluespositive (10)slide guitar (13) (0)
My Time to Fallajnorthballad (259)piano (957)slide guitar (13)