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Free Fall (w Vac)perceptualvortexguitar (1349)sprouting (1)rock (1959)hit the wall (1)trajectory (7)blam (5)solo (125)smash (4)heavy (204)crash (23)monster (9)boom (10)crickets (7)kapow (11)Vaccariello (7)rock out (2)flying squid (1)electric (100)groovy (30)bright red (1)Kung Fu (3)perceptualvortex (48)pv (40)light year (1)
NoiseDOSsolo (125)Electric (100)guitar (1349)weirdness (2) (0)
GrabblesnapsEinarusGenesis (10)Moog (32)solo (125)progressive (220)Gorglepoof (2)Tempo changes (4)
Undiscovered BeautyJoshoshjosh (11)heart (150)romance (74)harmony (88)rock (1959)solo (125)radio (15)soundtrack (289)vocals (151)acapella (12)
Last Dancecomposerclarkpiano (957)classical (816)solo (125)tango (15)sad (189)
Tha Funk MowbileAEROjetfunk (357)fusion (213)Electric Piano (18)Herbie Hancock (7)electric (100)groove (158)70s (7)cheese (30)cheesy (3)solo (125)rhodes (15) (0)
externally yoursloyd vaderheavy (204)anti (5)angry (27)solo (125)verbal (1)masturbation (4)jiminy (1)cricket.baked (1)beans (4)pick (9)up (50)girl (144)at (17)eleven (2)
Yellow Jacket/ac.guitarthetilerGuitar (1349)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar (1349)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92) (0)
Julia's Preludecomposerclarkpiano (957)solo (125)classical (816)julia (2)clark (3)schumann (1)
Explodegkellertechno (472)trance (387)solo (125)synth (386)improvisation (103)improv (57)
Galaxies of Lightphilonnieacoustic guitar (97)vocal harmony (2)solo (125)contemplation (9)life (255)memory (32)wonder (99)nature (72)life (255)
Valkyrié MK IItrebbiaSpaciuose (1)epic (62)rock (1959)guitar (1349)solo (125)jonas (1)valkyrie (1)reason (35) (0)
My StoryAuger08acoustic (812)rock (1959)solo (125)improv (57)alternative (400)classic rock (31)jam (94)funk (357)folk (545)
Bubbling BrookCameronharp (82)solo (125)improvisation (103)
The Gumshoe Wears A RagTobinMuellersolo (125)piano (957)progressive (220)ragtime (30)neo-prog rag (1)progressive (220)jazz (983)bosendorfer (5)ivory (10)classical (816)neo-classical (27)Chaos of the Subconscious (4)13 Masks (7)tobin (86)Progressive Ragtime (2)Scott Joplin on Peyote (2)
Short Story (That's What I Do )mfguitar (1349)solo (125)short (118)piece (5)music (391)focus (1)fusion (213)jazz (983)rock (1959)instrumental (832)
Funky Snapshotmfguitar (1349)drive (15)Steve Khan (1)George Benson (3)Larry Carlton (3)solo (125)jazz (983)funk (357)instrumental (832)night (129)
Even White Guys get the Bluesservotronblues (741)bb king (1)famous daves (1)guitar (1349)solo (125)guitar solo (124)
At The Racesmfrace (9)fusion (213)jazz (983)instrumental (832)rock (1959)guitar (1349)solo (125)fast (162)human (10)
Tapping Solochuck_ttapping (3)guitar (1349)solo (125)
Keep the FaithSuicideEvolutionIndie (192)Emo (98)Folk (545)Country (178)sof rock (2)solo (125)
Sea Of Love(studio)MJGsolo (125)dub (63) (0)
AFCG - 12-02-06mtrivisobasic (6)easy (36)slow (120)triplet (1)beginner (8)novice (4)organ (108)solo (125)
Mesa(studio)MJGwest (10)clear mind (1)cactus (1)road trip (6)studio (11)lyrics (43)Arizona (4)solo (125)friends (78)sunsets (2) (0)
A Monk Caught in the Thelonious SphereTobinMuellersolo (125)piano (957)blues (741)jazz (983)bosendorfer (5)ivory (10)Chaos of the Subconscious (4)13 Masks (7)Thelonious Monk (3)Art Tatum (2)Fats Waller (1)TobinMueller (61)tobin (86)tribute (39)
Winter's Nightstevenkeyswinter (77)piano (957)solo (125)intstrumental (1)steven (17)keys (29)keyboard (80)new (167)
Mephistopeacepianopiano (957)solo (125)classical (816)
41407goniobass (374)solo (125)ethnic (67)percussion (78)
Hearing Footsteps (dream)composerclarkpiano (957)classical (816)solo (125)
Stupid Piano soloiamhahapiano (957)solo (125)piano solo (15)ross (4)iamhaha (1)
Live FeedParanoid Androidthrow (3)rock (1959)live (168)feed (2)pyramid (3)scheme (3)joey (2)guitars (83)solo (125)bass (374)drums (314)vocals (151)singing (34)good (182)radiohead (7)nirvana (19)pink floyd (21)
Solo Starpeacepianosolo (125)star (22)beat (137)
Belfast Farewellal.cxamGuitar (1349)solo (125)instrumental (832)belfast (4)celtic (130)pedal tone (1)les paul (2)rock (1959)freedom (80)
Methodcyberquartz23Method (1)Good (182)Great (44)Awesome (81)Smooth (120)Jazz (983)Upbeat (69)Mix (27)Terrific (7)Piano (957)Solo (125)Different (14)Wonderful (6)
Shine Your Lighttelefanfunk (357)Jaco (4)Pastorius (1)Rocco (3)Prestia (1)Old School (17)Funk Bootsy (1)Collins (1)Funkadelic (3)guitar (1349)vocals (151)optimism (3)James Brown (5)Tower of Power (2)Gibson (4)SG (2)solo (125)improvisation (103)rock (1959)dance (780)
Out of a clear Blue Sky (the Empyrean)ronnielongGuitar (1349)Solo (125)Face (32)Melt (2)Beer (60)is (65)good (182)thanks (14)for (57)listening (12)
Leavingmassainstrumental (832)rock (1959)slow (120)solo (125)
Slow Thingdlbinstrumental (832)mellow (151)pop (694)rock (1959)solo (125)guitar (1349)
Fur Elise Jazz Solo 2008John StebbeBeethoven (15)jazz (983)solo (125)piano (957)
Seconds To HoursSweetBacteriaDark (422)Ending (7)Bittersweet (16)culmination (1)Acoustic (812)solo (125)Emotional (41)Simple (43)
Jammin' with mr. Cdlbrock (1959)blues (741)instrumental (832)guitar (1349)solo (125)
Planxty IrwinGuitarJansonsolo (125)solo guitar (27)live (168)acoustic (812)fingerstyle (43)fingerstyle guitar (37)
TOASTdlbballad (259)dlb (15)abh (2)soft rock (20)guitar (1349)solo (125)
Charley Monroefloppysurprisefloppy (13)surprise (15)funky (92)blues (741)drum (76)solo (125)ian (93)baird (81)springclock (3)marilyn (2)manson (2)charley (1)monroe (1)bass (374)guitar (1349)
I am the ThunderKori ArashiFirewind (1)Dragonforce (1)Angra (1)speed (36)metal (274)heavy (204)fast (162)insane (17)guitar (1349)solos (15)solo (125)instrumental (832)virtuoso (7)shred (14)shredding (8)
Terraformersjordan-coffinTerraformers (1)Jordan Coffin (1)Carvin (2)Ibanez (8)RG (47)Rock (1959)Metal (274)Instrumental (832)Solo (125)
Cities Of The Red NightMellowshipcities (3)of (103)the (254)red (27)night (129)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)experimental (505)solo (125)reverse (9)rock (1959)
Skeptical BabyParanoid Androidfolk (545)pick (9)guitar (1349)solo (125)acoustic (812)music (391)instrumental (832)vocal (197)lyrics (43)baby (58)girl (144)love (1469)money (61)freedom (80)
Scattered Memories Pt. IIKori ArashiAmbient (831)Dream (157)Thought (7)Progressive (220)Rock (1959)Solo (125)Guitar (1349)Virtuoso (7)Jazz (983)Fusion (213)Experimental (505)
The Cosmic ForgeKori ArashiGuitar (1349)Solo (125)Virtuoso (7)Kori (12)Arashi (12)Heavy (204)Metal (274)Dramatic (34)Epic (62)Beat (137)Big (22)Industrial (167)Experimental (505)Cosmic (11)Forge (1)
Grunge My Metal (v.1)TonyAzemiaMetal (274)Solo (125)Guitar (1349)rock (1959)
percussion solopetermspercussion (78)solo (125) (0)
A Little GuitarVaisvilmusic (391)guitar (1349)solo (125)
Little BirdieTonyAzemiatony (18)azemia (16)ukulele (27)solo (125)folk (545)experimental (505) (0)
The PondVaisvilmusic (391)piano (957)solo (125)
I Will Praise HimRen-Tin-10Praise (48)solo (125)instrument (3)
Kiev Decays to DustVaisvilmicrotonal (5)piano (957)solo (125)improvisation (103)
The Hills Afaralfredthepelicansolo (125)live (168)Indian flute (3)
Blues for JimcomposerclarkJim (18)Croce (1)Composerclark (3)Clark Ross (2)piano (957)solo (125)
The AwakeningDanBrownJrJoe Satriani (3)Steve Vai (2)dan brown jr (10)dbj (8)jesus (141)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)shredd (1)solo (125)worship (56)
With A Few WordsBirdmanWayne94MacJams (138)Sad (189)Upbeat (69)Acoustic (812)Classic (53)Fingerstyle (43)Thoughts (17)Tommy Emmanuel (3)Solo (125)With (40)A (136)Few (2)Words (21)Yeman (15)Birdman Wayne (23)BirdmanWayne94 (10)
Autumn TwilightalfredthepelicanSolo (125)tin whistle (1)Irish whistle (2)ambient (831)new age (165)twilight (10)autumn (41)
Keep on Truckin'composerclarkpiano (957)blues (741)truckin (2)keep (8)classical (816)solo (125)instrumental (832)clark (3)ross (4)
New Cakealfredthepelicanpiano (957)classical (816)light (158)solo (125) (0)
Alonechristopherpslyalone (59)christopher (190)p (11)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)solo (125)violin (104)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33)sad (189) (0)
in my gardentelecaster29tenor guitar (1)acoustic (812)solo (125)
Wooden Butterflyalfredthepelicanguitar (1349)picking (8)solo (125)classical (816)composition (13)nylon string (2)ambient (831)instrumental (832)wooden (2)butterfly (13)
"Irish Lamentation" - Low Whistle SoloLonePineMusicirish (69)whistle (20)celtic (130)slow (120)haunting (37)solo (125)instrumental (832)
Deventem-veci-tutifalceffalcef (30)falcesoft (49)mori (34)italian (57)trumpet (105)solo (125)jazz (983)flicorno (17)musicfalce (52)falcemusic (47)tromba (36)
Four WeeksSeanLawrencePiano (957)Solo (125)Instrumental (832)Classical (816)
In The LightDanBrownJrHard Rock (100)Metal (274)Great Guitar (1)Solo (125)Lead guitar (4)amazing guitar (3)Guitar work (2)
Film NoirDrToastySoundtrack (289)jazz (983)piano (957)solo (125)
WhuhhhAemynwah (8)funky (92)funk (357)solo (125)guitar (1349)
SensemexlesSense (4)lost (82)dark (422)compass chance (1)Solo (125)
Viva La Vida (Remix)xavrockbeats1334xav (18)rock (1959)beats (174)1334 (15)coldplay (4)electronic (563)synth (386)viva (1)la (11)vida (2)remix (126)dance (780)bass (374)drums (314)solo (125)
kj 9.3.12 solobudSolo (125)guitar (1349)noise (85)
Live-Jam-in-Brentonec-02falceffalcef (30)falcesoft (49)mori (34)trumpet (105)tromba (36)flicorno (17)italian (57)jazz (983)solo (125)improvvisation (1)bebo (1)
Greedajnorthadam (5)north (2)rock (1959)greed (20)music (391)guitar (1349)muse (10)UK (10)money (61)solo (125)lead (20)bass (374)vocals (151)voice (56)
Frozen ManTobinMuellerJames Taylor (3)piano (957)solo (125)ballad (259)archeology (2)
Frozen Man (by James Taylor)TobinMuellerJames Taylor (3)piano (957)solo (125)ballad (259)archeology (2)
When Live gives you Lemons, reach for Tequila and Saltoldlibmikejazz (983)solo (125)
Solo-mon's gruv-or?apbSoloMe-o (1)challenge (18)act 1 (1)act I (1)Key of E Major (1)solo (125)
Solo Guitar A.M. CoffeeNikossolo (125)solo guitar (27)am coffee (1)coffee (29)
Solo Guitar RaggedNikossolo (125)solo guitar (27)ragged (2)
Solo Guitar Rambling onNikossolo (125)solo guitar (27)rambling (5)rambling on (1)
Solo Guitar Particle FluxNikossolo (125)solo guitar (27)blues (741)particle (2)particle flux (1)
Solo Guitar Passing ThroughNikossolo (125)solo guitar (27)passing through (2)
Solo Guitar Electric ImprovNikossolo (125)solo guitar (27)electric (100)electric improv (1)improv (57)
Solo Guitar MolassesNikosSolo (125)Solo Guitar (27)eclectic (35)molassas (1)
Solo Bass Hog WashNikossolo (125)solo bass.bass (1)hog wash (1)
Solo Bass DarmokNikossolo (125)solo bass (3)bass (374)darmok (1)
Solo Bass A Dreamscape JourneyNikosDreams (118)dreamscape (1)journey (85)dreamscape journey (1)solo (125)solo bass (3)
FreedomDanBrownJrSatriani (2)Vai (5)Dan Brown Jr (10)Instrument (3)Rock (1959)Gutar (1)Solo (125)Amazing Guitar (3)Riffs (8)Melody (34)
Stars in your Eyes (Remastered)ajnorthx factor (4)rock (1959)guitar (1349)UK (10)funny (85)singer (32)solo (125) (0)