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Elven Mourningelfdaughtermourning (14)elven (4)sorrow (32)
Little Sorrowsmfballad (259)little (13)sorrow (32)instrumental (832)
Time To Say GoodbyejgurnerGoodbye (46)2006 (7)sorrow (32)pain (93)fear (60)things that generally suck (1)good riddance (1)
Another World (1996)MikeNYworld (236)peace (176)time (141)love (1469)hope (132)sorrow (32)pain (93)thunder (26)rain (140)heart (150)smile (40)light (158)air (18)try (7)luck (10)hands (12)stands (1)earth (51)another (8)rebirth (7)mile (1)fight (32)goal (2)possible (1)
Never Meant Topsexnycsorrow (32)pain (93)love (1469)
three degrees of dissonanceMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)dissonance (6)longing (40)sorrow (32)experimental (505)improvisation (103)
BagthetilerSorrow (32)grief (10)hope (132)future (23)homage (6)dedication (15)expression (2)
Without Company (but with Rebsie!)DWLdepression (39)pain (93)sorrow (32)loneliness (cheerful sort of song isn't it?) (1)
Fathers and Sons w/willnlfbudfathers (1)sons (1)sorrow (32)love (1469)
EVERYDAY NEWSBarretokNews (15)day (51)life (255)woman (37)streets (6)sorrow (32)tomorrow (8)rock (1959)blues (741)sadness (43)tears (44)window (13)people (41)passing (3)
Blues in the Night 2.0digitalnirvana9Blues (741)love (1469)lost (82)sorrow (32)rebirth (7)Goodbye.Baby (1)Lord (34)symbolism (2)loss (85)heartache (16) (0)
Life Without YouscaustritaSteve caustrita (31)scaustrita (20)caustrita (29)smoke cloud entertainment (22)smoke cloud (16)la puente (15)debbie moore (3)
The Lament Acoustic Guitar ConcertothetilerGrief (10)sorrow (32)war (168)Iraq (42)remembrance (5)deep pain (1)suffering . . . (1)
SorrowEdgarArensSorrow (32)Soundtracks (7)Score (38)Film (111)Music (391)Love (1469)Titles (1)music (391)OST (3)
Look for the Rainbow - unpluggedslopartsGod (270)Jesus (141)dark (422)clouds (30)cry (39)rainbow (17)promises (3)life (255)sorrow (32)pain (93)sin (20)hate (62)control (27)loves (7)us (13)
Bitch SlappedfasteddieBitch (12)Slapped (1)hard (103)rock (1959)fasteddie (39)Fun (253)Adventure (21)Kitties (11)Bunnies (13)sorrow (32)pain (93)clostridium (1)MRSA (1)
Last GoodbyedagjomarClassical (816)sad (189)sorrow (32)slow (120)relaxing (65)life (255)death (198)
Sorrowful SunBowmanBowman (91)Mazarakes (89)Japan (62)Tsunami (1)Sorrow (32)Classical (816)Cinema (99)
The Falling Leaveslexmusicofficiallex rose (2)falling leaves (1)death (198)pain (93)hurt (26)sadness (43)sorrow (32)loss (85)the band perry (1)if i die young (1)
True BlueJohnnyCanuckLoss (85)friendship (21)sorrow (32)despair (19)love (1469)loneliness (22)nostalgia (23)sun (110)moon (55)rain (140)goodbye (46)
Weather with Emily Rohm and Steve ColeFEELWeather (8)Loss (85)Want (12)Need (19)Sorrow (32)
My Last Dollaruncle808usLove (1469)discontent (2)sorrow (32)shortness of life (1) (0)
Pieta SignoreJohnnyCanuckremorse (3)mercy (10)lord (34)god (270)sorrow (32)pleading (4)