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The Last Migration (CD version)Peter Greenstonemarch (41)orchestral (141)symphonic (35)nature (72)apocalypse (17)
Via MarisRickB1cinema (99)soundtrack (289)orchestral (141)symphonic (35)
HeartlandParichayakasoundtrack (289)orchestral (141)guitars (83)dojo (1)electronic (563)strings (402)symphonic (35)inspiring (6)
ValkyriétrebbiaRock (1959)symphonic (35)big (22)huge (4)spacious (1)universe (24)choir (45)epic (62)
The Watch for AgamemnonBubowskiSymphonic (35)Wind Ensemble (3)Concert Band (6)Live (168)Classical Guitar (110)Archive (3)
In Your Dreams (w rschletty)mint01pop (694)strings (402)orchestra (289)symphonic (35)pathetic (2)
Finding SatoriMissChaosMiss Chaos (11)MissChaos (23)Satori (2)Cinematic (124)Shakuhachi (4)enlightenment (2)dark (422)fuji (1)symphonic (35)electronica (379)
O Holy NightMissChaosMiss Chaos (11)MissChaos (23)O Holy Night (2)peace (176)pray (18)symphonic (35)holiday (146)Christmas (284)
SoliceborisluxxClassical (816)symphonic (35)cinematic (124)dramatic (34)orchestra (289)Boris Luxx™ (1)Solice (1)
The Twilight SymphonyKori Arashisymphonic (35)metal (274)heavy (204)mellow (151)slow (120)variety (1)kirby (1)dream (157)land (13)journey (85)dreamlike (6)symphony (76)twilight (10)kori (12)arashi (12)
Void war IIoperaeftosmartial (2)war (168)battle (41)orchestral (141)symphonic (35)
EstherMarkOneSweeping (4)classical (816)soundtrack (289)grand (8)beautiful (37)symphonic (35) (0)
The Diametric Inclination Of BeingAlimarAlimar (136)Diametric (3)Inclination (3)Being (7)Symphonic (35)Orchestration (27)Film Scoring (14)Bombastic (13)Etc. (18)
The Diametric Inclination Of Being (Final)AlimarAlimar (136)Diametric (3)Inclination (3)Being (7)Orchestral (141)Symphonic (35)Film Scoring (14)Pretentious (23)Cigarettes (5)
Wolves of the SkyKori ArashiKori (12)Arashi (12)Symphonic (35)Cinematic (124)Metal (274)Drama (23)Evil (52)Heavy (204)WWII (4)Dog (42)Fight (32)Bombers (2)Violent (4)
The Dark Sideabitran128Rock (1959)Metal (274)Orchestral (141)Dark (422)Symphonic (35)
Deux CentsSecaModesecamode (25)soundtrack (289)symphonic (35)classical (816)strings (402)
The Demons' Feastabitran128Halloween (69)Scary (42)Dark (422)Demonic (3)Supernatural (8)Occult (5)Monsters (9)Witches (4)Ghosts (27)Metal (274)Rock (1959)Symphonic (35)Orchestra (289)
The Demons' Feastabitran128Halloween (69)Scary (42)Dark (422)Demonic (3)Supernatural (8)Occult (5)Monsters (9)Witches (4)Ghosts (27)Metal (274)Rock (1959)Symphonic (35)Orchestra (289)
(a setting of) The Conqueror WormVaisvilcontemporary classical (7)classical (816)chamber (1)symphonic (35)orchestra (289)ensemble (12)
The Sermon of St. Francis to the Fish (take 7)Keith O. EdwardsSt. Francis (2)salvation (10)fish (16)saints (5)symphonic (35)ocean (61)orchestral (141)impressionist (6)spiritual (68)bisque (1)
Winter, Fire and SnowDragonasCeltic (130)Folk (545)Symphonic (35)Traditional (103)Rock (1959)
Toccata & FugueH3nryBach (40)classical (816)baroque (34)symphonic (35)
Toccata & Fugue (take 2)H3nryBach (40)classical (816)baroque (34)symphonic (35)
The Hunt - O'er Hill And Field And Westwood Lye Featuring Mark ScrivenerchristopherpslyThe Hunt (1)classical (816)music (391)story (64)spoken (18)word (14)orchestra (289)christopher p sly (46)symphonic (35) (0)
AlphaTherionDragonasClan Dragonas (7)Mytho-Symphonic Rock (1)Dragonas (30)John Dragoo (10)guitar (1349)bass (374)drums (314)violin (104)soprano (12)operatic (2)gothic (79)symphonic (35)celtic (130)dramatic (34)rock (1959)epic (62)grand (8)Therion (1)alpha (5)alpha therion (1)
An Ending, We Deserve.Aemynsymphonic (35)metal (274)hard (103)rock (1959)heavy (204)orchestral (141)symphony (76)
Charisma Chipssolotasqsymphonic (35)jazzy (37)neoclassical (13)epic (62)soundtrack (289)atonal (6)abstract (34)polyrhythmic (3)odd (13)mental (12)
BrrDrToastyRock (1959)Abstract (34)Sample-heavy (1)Indie (192)atmospheric (35)symphonic (35)