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thick as thievesspringclockspring (112)clock (86)wonder (99)trinka (11)thick (2)as (9)thieves (1)execution (2)crossroads (7)death (198)angels (40)faith (62)guns (16)shooting (6)hope (132)lunatics (1)rest (12)dead (41)
The Charlatans Teleomnibus11the (254)charlatans (5)tele (3)trinka (11)ian (93)baird (81)paranormal (2)ghosts (27)spirits (7)liars (6)
Elusiveomnibus11elusive (3)trinka (11)ian (93)baird (81)omnibus11 (4)omnibus (7)11 (8)you (195)are (25)not (34)alone (59)
Tubes and Wires (for Nikola Tesla)omnibus11tubes (2)and (116)wires (1)nikola (2)tesla (1)nikola tesla (1)trinka (11)ian (93)baird (81)mind of god (1)
Mind Your P's And Q'somnibus11mind (49)your (58)p's (1)and (116)q's (1)omnibus 11 (3)omnibus (7)11 (8)trinka (11)ian baird (14)nazi's (1)ufo's (3)admiral (2)byrd (1)antarctica (2)u boat (1)argatha (1)underground (26)advanced (1)hollow earth (3)look (11)if (8)you (195)dare (3)
A Symbol Of The Promiseomnibus11omnibus (7)11 (8)ian (93)baird (81)trinka (11)a (136)symbol (2)of (103)the (254)promise (6)
Ready, Willing, Ableomnibus11ready (4)willing (2)able (1)omnibus (7)11 (8)omnibus11 (4)trinka (11)ian (93)baird (81)manhatten (1)
Interlude Of Enigmaomnibus11interlude (10)of (103)enigma (10)omnibus (7)11 (8)omnibus11 (4)trinka (11)ian (93)baird (81)music (391)strings (402)
Deep Coldomnibus11omnibus (7)11 (8)omnibus11 (4)omnibus 11 (3)trinka (11)ian (93)deep (53)cold (64)debut (2)iTunes (13)
Groundomnibus11ground (5)omnibus (7)11 (8)trinka (11)ian (93)baird (81)true (19)story (64)debut (2)
Two Pitch Blackomnibus11omnibus 11 (3)trinka (11)ian baird (14)two pitch black (1)electronic (563)electronica (379)electropop (48)arjuna sound (1)greenville il (1)bandcamp (1) (0)