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Rocks Up a Hill w/Jim Bouchard (5:15)macgalvercollaboration (131)alt rock (16)ballad (259)inspirational (109)strings (402)uplifting (25)ez rock (3)neil diamond : ) (1)
With Dignity and Gracekristyjouplifting (25)synthesizer (74)hopeful (7) (0)
January 23cjhoosecello (82)harpsichord (29)strings (402)reverb (64)uplifting (25)beauty (45)short (118)love (1469)sweet (50)beautiful (37)
Don't You StopReinholt56Techno (472)trance (387)gentle (16)manic (9)uplifting (25)boring (6)etc.. (1)
ProspectMarkOneSweeping (4)moving (17)lush (7)orchestral (141)descriptive (2)relaxing (65)uplifting (25) (0)
Heroesapbheroes (3)jaunty (7)portamento (1)uplifting (25)HJP (5)
Ringer #1Reinholt56Joy (67)celebration (15)bells (78)exuberance (1)uplifting (25)
HumantheAplanelectronic (563)electro (185)electronica (379)trance (387)trip-hop (18)break-beat (1)ambient (831)synths (68)samples (30)program (2)music (391)new (167)upbeat (69)soundscape (49)dance (780)production (6)uplifting (25)musical (26)piano (957)techno (472)dance (780)energetic (13)sounds (14)progressive (220)rock (1959)hard rock (100)experimental (505)listen-able (1)breakbeat (69)ambient (831)layers (13)textures (3)beats (174) (0)
Hapy Ending After AllXept!cclassical (816)soundtrack (289)uplifting (25)
Life Courses Through My VeinsReinholt56Ambient (831)uplifting (25)enthusiastic (1)Spring is here (1)good to be alive (1)
By The Sea (Distant Trance)T_Being_esqMeditate (4)Relax (57)Uplifting (25)
Going HomeAJerkin_ProgressRock (1959)Instrumental (832)Jason Mallow (1)Rickenbacker 4001 (1)happy (163)fun (253)uplifting (25)positive (10)traveling (9)alternative (400)positive (10)
A Beautiful DayBowmanMazarakes (89)Bowman (91)Classical (816)pastoral (9)Beautiful (37)Uplifting (25) (0)
PreludeNanosynthesistrance (387)uplifting (25)club (174)dance (780)edm (13)electronic (563)
Diamonds4U (Oh Yeah)HoofUplifting (25)dance (780)trance (387)arpeggio (6)
CherishParichayakajoyful (5)celebrating (3)Christmas (284)happy (163)uplifting (25)orchestral (141)
CherishParichayakajoyful (5)celebrating (3)Christmas (284)happy (163)uplifting (25)orchestral (141)