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Tango (The Dance)TobinMuellerviolin (104)tango (15)Argentinean (1)Hungarian (3)film score (45)accordion (27)piano (957)vocal (197)fiddle (31)paganini (1)folk (545)tobin (86)gypsy (21)Entcho Todorov (3)dance (780)Astor Piazzolla (1)
No15 (The Indian Rape in Stereo)The Composergranulation (1)violin (104)tablas (5)Indian (29)ethnic (67)improvised (53)instrumental (832)sitar (22)
Meen Teem (Fiddler on the hoof mix)Komrade KFiddle (31)old timey (2)big beat (4)country (178)dance (780)violin (104)house (194)hillbilly (6)roots (20)Komrade K (21)electric violin (6)electric fiddle (5)
Dance of the Jealous Pagan (w/cjhoose)Komrade Kviolin (104)fiddle (31)celtic (130)ritual (8)folk (545)mystical (18)roots (20)pagan (6)Komrade K (21)cjhoose (5)atmospheric (35)spirits (7)bodhran (4)moon (55)night (129)spirit (25)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)whisky (5)
Da ShipsKomrade Kfolk (545)celtic (130)fiddle (31)violin (104)Scottish (17)Shetland (2)traditional (103)British (37)roots (20)acoustic (812)Komrade K (21)ethnic (67)jig (14)reel (5)whisky (5)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
Why?Komrade Kklezmer (8)Komrade K (21)violin (104)fiddle (31)roots (20)reggae (85)jewish (12)ethnic (67)world (236)folk (545)bittersweet (16)the human condition (1)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
New World BluesKomrade Kblues (741)fiddle (31)violin (104)acoustic (812)distortion (47)effects (25)roots (20)Komrade K (21)improv (57)improvisation (103)improvised (53)lament (23)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
Le Troisième DemiKomrade Kgypsy (21)klezmer (8)violin (104)fiddle (31)Komrade K (21)roots (20)dance (780)upbeat (69)acoustic (812)eastern european (1)european (7)folk (545)Skye (3)
Caught In The Current (w/ BBarner and Komrade K)TobinMuellerceltic (130)jazz (983)violin (104)clarinet (46)piano (957)hand percussion (2)light classical (1)lite classical (1)quartet (21)bbarner (5)Komrade K (21)Creature (17)What Survives (4)
Galaxy Band 6cjhoosegalaxy band (3)violin (104)uillean pipes (1)weird (61)
Medway Mud Shuffle/George's Farewell to the WhitehouseKomrade KBluegrass (31)acoustic fiddle (1)solo fiddle (1)solo violin (1)whisky (5)Komrade K (21)Old Timey (2)fiddle (31)violin (104)mud (3)medway (1)George Bush (6)
Orchestrated Spacedkonghighviolin (104)peaceful (24)strong (12)quick (4)dangerous (2)cool (98)
Pulchritude IIHolistikPulchritude (2)beauty (45)sky (65)moon (55)sun (110)nature (72)love (1469)pearl (3)kurbstomp (55)carson (13)holistik (44)rap (311)hip-hop (88)piano (957)violin (104)bass (374)drums (314)synth (386)
Numba2Greezyviolin (104)bass (374)other (58)
I Have Dreamed In AnotherTobinMuellerA Bit Of Light (14)tango (15)film score (45)soundtrack (289)cinematic (124)showtune (13)showtunes (9)fusion (213)jazz (983)folk art (1)Entcho Todorov (3)alternative (400)electric piano (18)TobinMueller (61)Jekyll and Hyde (1)dreams (118)schizophrenia (4)Hungarian (3)violin (104)alternative lives (1)inner lives (1)inner life (1)dream (157)
Border Merger - Tearing Down the Waltz (new Violin)drakonistrumpet (105)violin (104)waltz (52)harmony assistant mariachi (1)romantic (64)GPO (1)
Old Friendscomposerclarkviolin (104)piano (957)live (168)12 tone (1)blues (741)Toronto Blue Jays (1)
Morning Ride (2005)BubowskiNew Age (165)Acoustic Guitar (97)Minimoog (5)Violin (104)Groove (158)Mellow (151)
When In Disgrace: Sonnet 29 (vox and git by TheTiler)Postludes Triolove (1469)desire (23)covetousness (2)jealousy (12)disgrace (4)bootless (2)heaven (48)lark (2)fortune (5)success (13)sonnet (5)sonnets (2)Shakespeare (12)Sonnet 29 (2)Breakers (2)Postludes Trio (4)thetiler (13)Tiler (3)Bill Furner (3)rschletty (65)Schletty (45)Richard Schletty (9)dadai (41)Miller (4)Jack Miller (9)when in disgrace with fortune (2)violin (104)Travis (7)picking (8)Travis picking (1)guitar (1349)
The Duet!Smudgecat (29)violin (104)improvised (53)meow (6)squeaky (2)short (118)duet (32)
Dance For MeHolistikhip-hop (88)love (1469)dance (780)vehemency (1)holistik (44)carson (13)orchestra (289)viola (21)cello (82)violin (104)kurbstomp (55)
When in Disgrace: acoustic version by SchlettyPostludes Triolove (1469)desire (23)covetousness (2)jealousy (12)disgrace (4)bootless (2)heaven (48)lark (2)fortune (5)success (13)sonnet (5)sonnets (2)Shakespeare (12)Sonnet 29 (2)Breakers (2)Postludes Trio (4)rschletty (65)Schletty (45)Richard Schletty (9)dadai (41)Miller (4)Jack Miller (9)when in disgrace with fortune (2)harmonica (54)Hohner (2)guitar (1349)
Steppin' Out (piano trio)composerclarkclassical (816)piano (957)violin (104)cello (82)minimalist (13)repetitive (18)ostinato (2) (0)
Tango for violin and pianorfwilmutTango (15)violin (104)piano (957)Spanish (37)
Theme of the GameBenSfilm (111)soundtrack (289)violin (104)strings (402)
BalansandreasvanharenVocal (197)piano (957)violin (104)quartet (21)Dutch (3)
KARENS TONETDAVID RAIMONDclassical (816)pipe organ (4)violin (104)piano (957)
Be My LoveTobinMuellerviolin (104)tango (15)A Bit Of Light (14)Entcho Todorov (3)Bulgarian (2)TobinMueller (61)
Hold On (w/ Komrade K)TobinMuellerA Bit Of Light (14)violin (104)freedom sells (1)winners kill (1)sex wells up (1)and you wonder... (1)TobinMueller (61)
Night of the Gypsy Queenkrismacqueenviolin (104)acoustic (812)djembe (3)
Caught In The Current (v2) - feat. BBarner & Komrade KTobinMuellerceltic (130)jazz (983)afro-celtic (1)violin (104)clarinet (46)piano (957)organ (108)hand percussion (2)quintet (11)bbarner (5)Komrade K (21)Rain Bather (9)
Jangofet's Last ExitLanguishViolin (104)dance (780)
Fall Away with Me - Acoustic/Pianokrismacqueenpiano (957)violin (104)roots music (1) (0)
Mercury Retrogradebe_silent_galileahMercury (3)Retrograde (1)Violin (104)Guitar (1349)Acoustic (812)Instrumental (832)Healing (20)
Goodnight for violin and pianoandreasvanharenviolin (104)piano (957)classical (816)
Dawnfabien0784morning (59)violin (104)flute (193)guitare (1)
Shetland Harpfabien0784harp (82)flute (193)violin (104)
ColloidEnigmachinaShift (26)Variations (15)Colloid (1)Ambient (831)Synth (386)Drums (314)Strings (402)Violin (104)Flute (193)Acoustic Guitar (97)Piano (957)
Dolce Stil Novo [Version 1]EnigmachinaDolce (2)Stil (2)Novo (3)Alignment (9)Drum (76)Bass (374)Violin (104)Synth (386)
Dolce Stil Novo [Version 2]EnigmachinaDolce (2)Stil (2)Novo (3)Alignment (9)Drum (76)Bass (374)Violin (104)Synth (386)
Elephant in the Sky (Orchestra version)jesushairdoloss (85)friend (129)death (198)memory (32)summer (122)beach (31)ocean (61)year end (1)pain (93)elephant (7)cloud (11)piano (957)orchestra (289)string (15)violin (104)viola (21)
Imperial VisionKev3136Classic (53)Kevin (23)Orchestra (289)Drum (76)Violin (104)beat (137)
Movin'munsongeekmovin' (2)uptempo (11)violin (104)rock (1959)progressive (220)
Mad ManMannequinRacesdark (422)brooding (9)violin (104)wind noises (1)atmospheric (35)maddening (1)
CaliforniathetruffulaseedsG2M (1)Sonnus (1)Sonuus (1)cello (82)violin (104)
Siúil a RiúnDragonasDragonas (30)celtic (130)folk (545)Christina (3)soprano (12)Scotland Ireland (1)British Isles (1)Wales (3)Britain (5)England (37)Rock (1959)Violin (104)
Cara - IntroStavPiano (957)cello (82)violin (104)strings (402)soundtrack (289)film (111) (0)
Tiempo (Time)mexlesLove (1469)acoustic (812)ballad (259)strings (402)violin (104)
Bodies on DisplaySeanLawrenceatonal (6)piano (957)violin (104)chromatic (3)
Alonechristopherpslyalone (59)christopher (190)p (11)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)solo (125)violin (104)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33)sad (189) (0)
"Jack's Maggot" - An English Country DanceLonePineMusicdance (780)playford (2)english (161)country (178)folk (545)recorder (48)violin (104)viola (21)cello (82)harpsichord (29)
"The Hole in the Wall" - An English Country DanceLonePineMusicrecorder (48)soprano (12)tenor (15)bass (374)violin (104)viola (21)harpsichord (29)clavichord (4)dance (780)English (161)country (178)Playford (2)dancing (26)master (4)
String Orchestra Concertino in D (v 1)SeanLawrenceclassical (816)string (15)strings (402)orchestra (289)classic (53)violin (104)viola (21)cello (82)bass (374)instrumental (832)
Dance at Clonmacnoise-DEMODragonasceltic (130)irish (69)ireland (10)violin (104)dragonas (30)jig (14)reel (5)hornpipe (3)slip jig (1)dance. (3)
Sorrychristopherpslysorry (20)christopherpsly (1)orchestra (289)music (391)classical (816)violin (104)strings (402)
Dance at ClonmacnoiseDragonasClan Dragonas (7)Celtic (130)fiddle (31)violin (104)rock (1959)john (15)dragoo (2)dragonas (30)clan (2)bass (374)drums (314)Ireland (10)Clonmacnoise (1)dance (780)
"Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace" - An English Country DanceLonePineMusicgreen (34)sleeves (1)greensleeves (4)recorder (48)bass (374)tenor (15)alto (9)soprano (12)kelhorn (3)harp (82)harpsichord (29)dance (780)renaissance (52)english (161)country (178)viola (21)violin (104)
"The Hole in the Wall" - Extended EditionLonePineMusicrenaissance (52)folk (545)dance (780)english (161)recorder (48)soprano (12)alto (9)tenor (15)bass (374)violin (104)viola (21)harpsichord (29) (0)
"A Virgin Unspotted" (Judea) - by William BillingsLonePineMusicrecorder (48)violin (104)viola (21)vocals (151)Christmas carol (3)song (277)American (40)
AlphaTherionDragonasClan Dragonas (7)Mytho-Symphonic Rock (1)Dragonas (30)John Dragoo (10)guitar (1349)bass (374)drums (314)violin (104)soprano (12)operatic (2)gothic (79)symphonic (35)celtic (130)dramatic (34)rock (1959)epic (62)grand (8)Therion (1)alpha (5)alpha therion (1)
In Search of Lost TimeMysterySoundMystery Sound (29)Cello (82)Violoncello (2)classical (816)music (391)violin (104)viola (21)
In Search of Lost TimeMysterySoundMystery Sound (29)Cello (82)Violoncello (2)classical (816)music (391)violin (104)viola (21)
How Green The GrasschristopherpslyChristopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)english (161)classical (816)piano (957)violin (104)flute (193)bass (374)guitar (1349)Green (34)Grass (11)
"Fanfare to a Bygone Future"LonePineMusicsteampunk (5)experimental (505)renaissance (52)Henry (4)Purcell (6)violin (104)hammond (5)novachord (1)
Violin Concerto No 2 2nd Movement (Adagio)christopherpslyViolin (104)Concerto (27)2nd (4)Movement (52)adagio (7)christopher (190)sly (195)english (161)composer (159)strings (402) (0)
Two SpiritschristopherpslyTwo (21)spirits (7)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)orchestra (289)english (161)violin (104)
Lostchristopherpslylost (82)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)piano (957)flute (193)violin (104)english (161)composer (159)
Violin Concerto No 1 - 1st Movementchristopherpslyviolin (104)concerto (27)composer (159)christopher (190)sly (195)english (161)orchestra (289)flute (193)harp (82)
Violin Concerto No 1 - 2nd MovementchristopherpslyViolin (104)Concerto (27)Movement (52)christopher (190)sly (195)english (161)composer (159)orchestra (289)retford (28)
Violin Concerto No 1 - 3rd MovementchristopherpslyViolin (104)Concerto (27)Movement (52)strings (402)orchestra (289)english (161)composer (159)christopher (190)sly (195)
Violin Concerto No 1 - 4th Movementchristopherpslyviolin (104)concerto (27)christopher (190)sly (195)orchestra (289)strings (402)english (161)composer (159)
Violin Concerto No 1 - 1st Movementchristopherpslyviolin (104)concerto (27)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)oldham (34)saddleworth (70)orchestra (289)english (161)
Violin Concerto No 1 - 2nd Movement Allegrochristopherpslyviolin (104)strings (402)orchestra (289)concerto (27)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)english (161)oldham (34)
Violin Concerto No 1 3rd Movement Adagiochristopherpslyviolin (104)concerto (27)movement (52)adagio (7)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)english (161)oldham (34)saddleworth (70)
Trio for Horn, Violin & PianoCameronclassical (816)trio (26)acoustic (812)French horn (9)violin (104)piano (957)live (168)
Mariachristopherpslychristopher (190)sly (195)maria (4)english (161)composer (159)saddleworth (70)england (37)violin (104)orchestra (289)
Sorry - Part 3christopherpslysorry (20)christopher (190)sly (195)english (161)composer (159)saddleworth (70)retford (28)orchestra (289)violin (104)