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Whiskey Neat, Water Back (pt. 2 Woman in a Bar)Joannawhiskey (18)gin (3)tonic (2)lonely (64)woman (37)Joanna (44)vocals (151)
I Never Made Love To An Asian Womandapickleasian (20)woman (37)bone (1)alone (59)love (1469)eyes (45)bagels (2)
What does the woman know of looping? Version 1cowzill1Looping (3)Metal (274)Woman (37)
Wine Into Water (3rd in Woman In Bar trilogy)JoannaWoman (37)Bar (21)wine (19)melancholy (80)haunting (37)vocals (151)Joanna (44)enicholsIC (2)UncletupeloFan (1)
I Saw A Woman WalkingDay For NightWoman (37)walking (19)ghostly (6)morning (59)Christmas (284)acoustic (812)stevel (39)Mystified (167)
Flower Girlmikkinylundflowers (33)love (1469)garden (25)woman (37)peace (176)theatre (5)art (81)
Ovariesdapickleovaries (1)ovary (1)woman (37)curves (1)legs (2)eggs (3)baby (58)belly (5)ovulate (1)dapickle (2)
Fallen AngelslopartsFallen (16)Angel (42)Lady (14)of (103)the (254)night (129)woman (37)soul (144)on (52)fire (55)send (2)you (195)to (103)heaven (48)
Blood Of BloodsBarretokBlood (33)angel desire (1)birth (16)love (1469)passion (33)night (129)life (255)ancestors (1)woman (37)divine (6)pleasue (1)
EVERYDAY NEWSBarretokNews (15)day (51)life (255)woman (37)streets (6)sorrow (32)tomorrow (8)rock (1959)blues (741)sadness (43)tears (44)window (13)people (41)passing (3)
For TaraLivingstonePain (93)woman (37)dealer (2)cab (2)look (11)21 (1)32 (1)bridge (11)money (61)heroine (3)devil (34) (0)
Satisfied eric sardinas/harry manx mishmashLivingstonetrouble (13)baby (58)lord (34)blues (741)woman (37)girl (144)leaving (25)loving (7)sex (99) (0)
A Woman Like Youlavalampwoman (37)women (21)david armbruster (75)lavalamp (87)
Come Back BillieMovizCome (18)Voodoo (14)woman (37)Momma (5)Heaven (48)Hell (37)
Give me a Natural Womandaibhrenatural (6)woman (37)tattoo (9)piercing (1)comedy (83)
Me TientamexlesMe (104)Tienta (1)Woman (37)mexles (1)alexei (1)folk (545)guitar (1349)love (1469)eyes (45)eyed (1)blue (60)happy (163)live (168)temptation (7)
Lady, You Had Me (Demo)indigobluLove (1469)Party (45)Social (4)Booze (10)pain (93)room (16)woman (37)control (27)heart (150)soul (144)light (158)windows (5)eyes (45)scene (7)alone (59)time (141)feeling (35)reason (35)layers (13)spell (7)spells (5)harmony (88)poppy (7) (0)
Lady You Had Me (Vocal Retake)indigobluLove (1469)Party (45)Social (4)Booze (10)pain (93)room (16)woman (37)control (27)heart (150)soul (144)light (158)windows (5)eyes (45)scene (7)alone (59)time (141)feeling (35)reason (35)layers (13)spell (7)spells (5)harmony (88)poppy (7)Indie Rock (41)indie Pop (4)rock/Pop (1)Pop/Rock (2)Rock (1959)Pop (694)
Bayou Stomp - 2-4 Summer challenge w/sonnyjimslopartsGators (1)swamp (13)bayou (2)devil (34)heathen (1)woman (37)high sheriff (1)louisiana (5)
SmoothJBurnsblues (741)rock (1959)man (46)woman (37)desire (23)relationship (39)
AT THE DEPOTMichael_J_Martinguitar (1349)DEPOT (1)WOMAN (37)TRAIN (45)CALIFORNIA (25)Michael (39)Martin (43)
Engineer's BluesJohnnyCanucklights (19)blues (741)dog (42)engineer (1)leaving (25)woman (37)father (56)mother (51)computer (20)telephone (9)