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KnowingcjorgensenRelationships (43)Women (21)communication (6)love (1469)poetry (147)writing (5)obsession (20)
jertzleinaDwar (168)women (21)experimental (505)
Man of GodcjorgensenLove (1469)lies (32)women (21)religion (46)poetry (147)
Siren MelodyTheReverendAGceltic (130)accordion (27)sea (74)women (21)murder (44)
The Only Love Song I could Writeechoroomlove song (76)writing (5)humour (18)drum loops (10)pornography (2)women (21)
That's Apocalypse Weather For YouParanoid Androidsoar (2)throat (2)women (21)drugs (57)comma (1)add (1)apocalypse (17)weather (8)you (195)rock (1959)roll (43)ummagumma (1)
I Wanna Wrestle YouSumo SistersThirty-something (1)single (11)women (21)girl (144)fat (7)diet (1)chubby (1)overweight (2)love (1469)Japan (62)asian girl (2)
What's OnSashkaWhat (39)What's (4)On (52)Sashka (1)Hypocrite (1)War (168)Iraq (42)Car (25)Pollution (4)Money (61)Son (30)Beat (137)Drive (15)Meat (8)Greenpeace (1)Wrong (12)Stupid (36)You (195)Hoe (2)Women (21)Women's (1)Rights (6)Right (13)Show (10)Treat (5)Lady (14)Pray (18)Bills (1)Faith (62)Fun (253)Demonstration (1)Peace (176)
If these Boots could TalkLivingstonewomen (21)girls (26)motorcycle (7)route 66 (2)Texas (8)Chicago (33)hunting (5)sports (1)boots (9)talk (7)walk (20)carolinas (1)relatinships (1)
Thank you for the music added bass and guitar/drumsLivingstonethank (8)music (391)love (1469)relationships (43)sex (99)women (21)god (270)radio (15)idol (4)coffee (29)most (2)downloaded (1)folk (545)alternative (400) (0)
A Woman Like Youlavalampwoman (37)women (21)david armbruster (75)lavalamp (87)
Sometimes I do, Sometimes I don't, Sometimes I get drunkslopartsCountry (178)Music (391)cowboy (34)Rodeo (5)prize (2)girl (144)HonkyTonk (2)drunk (30)county (5)jail (8)bunk (2)Birmingham (1)bulls (1)steers (1)whiskey (18)women (21)down (49)sheriff (5) (0)jailer (1)lawyer (5)
The Thing About Cheatingtempiecheating (7)bars (4)men (8)women (21)bud and sis (1)
Sarah's SongBowmanCinema (99)Film (111)Wyoming (2)Western (50)Heroic (4)Women (21)Bowman (91)Mazarakes (89)
Sarah's Song-REV 1BowmanCinema (99)Film (111)Wyoming (2)Western (50)Heroic (4)Women (21)Bowman (91)Mazarakes (89) (0)
Sometime I Get DrunkslopartsRodeo (5)Whiskey (18)Women (21)Drinkin' (1)Sheriff (5)Jail (8)bucking bronk (1)Honky-Tonk (3)County Jail (1)
Women and Horses (Children and Dogs)tempiedogs (19)women (21)horses (11)kids (46)