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Recently I did visit a mountain. There is a story being told that a husband murdered his 2 (I think) daughters, his wife and killed himself. I should obviously not make a song about a subject unknow to me (at least it's true or false origin) - however the song is more about a very cold and unpleasant feeling I got up on the top of this mountain. I was so beautiful, yet all I wanted was to get as far away, as soon as possible.

I play all the instruments except drums. New on this song is an old MAGNUS organ I borroughed from a friend. It's awesome!
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[ sebago ]

Brutal MURDER'S once took place
Around Sebago's lonely lake
The mountain top is mystified
Haunted fields where people died

Brutal MURDER's I was told
A husband stabbed his wife down
In bud and flowers, and warmer air
The evil spirits still where there

I won't go back there once again
Somebody or Something is Watching Me

Brutal MURDER's by Sebago Lake,
flower dressed daughter's stabbed to death
O peeled and hunted and reviled
Sleep on, dark tenant of the wild!

I've been to scenes of MURDER many times
But never along Sebago's wooded sides
I am still skeptical to souls of the death but
I'll keep a Silver Cross against my chest

© MKN05 with inspiration from a recent real life experience and poetry inspiration by John Greenleaf Whittier's "Funeral Tree of the Sokosis", 1841
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Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Greenstone said 4978 days ago (June 6th, 2005)
I really love that organ. There's always an interesting story/
message in your songs. Haunting and lovely... you captured
it. I think there is room in the arrangement for some kind of
deep bass part (bass string ensemble or just an electric
bass). That's all that seems missing to me to give it that
extra weight and fullness.
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Jim Bouchard said 4978 days ago (June 7th, 2005)
truly original
I always look forward to new songs of yours...This is yet another brilliant song. The organ is really different and the densely flat mix is perfect for the subject. Like Peter, I'd like to hear some more bass in sections. Wow!
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mikkinylund said 4978 days ago (June 7th, 2005)
I think at times I spend more time looking for the story and
performing it from my heart rather than paying enough
attention to the mix. However Jim, Peter did take upon
himslef to add some very nice orchestral and bass parts to
this song yesterday - so with that said, I can really
understand what you're saying about the missing bass. We
may do a colab, so this tune is for sure not done yet...

Thanks to both of you for listening and commenting!

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jgurner said 4976 days ago (June 8th, 2005)
Very cool sound
Can't put my finger on exactly what it is, maybe a
combination of sound textures, but I really like it. The
organ gives it a real moody sound. Great lyrics. The back
story gives it a little extra tinge of creepy. I've been to
places that, for what ever reason, just make your skin
crawl. Enjoyed very much.
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mikkinylund said 4976 days ago (June 9th, 2005)
Thanks! This song was yet a new way of trying to find
soundscapes never been brought to this world by at least
myself before. This organ is going be used again, I am sure
of it. I also have gotten a new slide guitar %u2013 puh, have no
idea how to master it yet however. The place was truly very,
very creepy, not in a bad way really - but in a way that at
least myself didn't want to continue exploring.
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said 4976 days ago (June 9th, 2005)
cool organ sound
Hello M,

like the vibe of this song and that organ sound
plays a nice part.
Interesting story and music.
Vocals fit well with the song.
Nicely done, I am scared of mountains now.

alley-oop said 4975 days ago (June 9th, 2005)
Trip me out!
This song is really quite excellent. Very well composed, sung and very nice instrumentaion.
Whoa! Those lyrics are freaking me out. Where the heck do you have all these murders you get to go to. I thought you were from one those peacful countiries.
The organ is too cool. The guitar solo is great. Sounds like you had Neil Young over to play some wild licks.
I think you would make a very facinating dinner guest.
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mikkinylund said 4970 days ago (June 14th, 2005)
I did not mean to scare anyone from the mountains! :) This
story is based upon either a true story, hearsaying or a local
myth. Murders happens in amost every country - I am from
Sweden/Finland now living in the USA, and everyone knows
murder rate is high in both continents...
Neil Young would of course have the best seat in house
would he chose to drop by, I would serve him by best Vodka
and hey, would he like to jam I woudn't be able to say no! :)
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btransue said 4970 days ago (June 14th, 2005)
Like a cold Irish
night by the lake. OK...so I got chills.
Totally original...sure you don't want to go back?
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papag said 3094 days ago (August 3rd, 2010)
In the zone
The tones you got in this song are fabulous...for me it had some Eno moments and a touch o'Bowie. Nice
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