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all the wrong things

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Years ago, a friend who'd just gotten over a divorce was lamenting, "I've don't all the wrong things for all the right reasons." I told him there was a song in that quote. So there was.
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All the wrong things
for all the right reasons
all the wrong things
at precisely the right time
and it might take a while
to get it even
I did all the wrong things
for such a long time.

This life comes with no directions
still I feel a little deja vu
and although things look familiar
I haven't got a clue.

All the wrong things
for all the right reasons
all the wrong things
at precisely the right time
and it might take a while
to get it even
I did all the wrong things
for such a long time.

By now, you'd think I'd know better
monkey see is monkey do
and although I can rearrange
I may never change
my inclination to...

All the wrong things
for all the right reasons
all the wrong things
at precisely the right time
and it might take a while
to get it even
I did all the wrong things
for such a long time.

Well don't you know?
There are no mistakes
The choice is up to you
It doesn't matter
what turn you have to take
all roads lead to you.

So if, by chance, you should remember
anything I say
hurry up and learn to do better
and do it your own way.


┬ę kelli king 2005
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acoustic guitar-shure sm58.
bronco said 4633 days ago (June 16th, 2005)
Nice Hook
You have a nice friendly voice that puts the listener at
ease. Sweet melody, well sung. Good song that has
potential if you could just get that right Nashville singer
to do it.
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macgalver said 4633 days ago (June 17th, 2005)
Nice Hook
Thank you, Bronco! I'm having a great time with garageband. It's a blast,
blast, blast!!! Any hints for finding better country loops?
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Tom Atwood said 4633 days ago (June 17th, 2005)
Welcome to MacJams
I like your clear, direct, simple approach in terms of
guitar, lyrics and vocal. This is a neglected genre on this
site. In fact, I have never understood why Country/
Western/Bluegrass are lumped into one broad category. I
like this piece, and I have a few suggestions, for
what they're worth: first of all, tune your guitar carefully,
it's a little off. Second, avoid cliches in lyrics at all costs,
unless there is an interesting twist (like in the title), and
third, post your lyrics. It's a big help. Again, I think this is
a catchy piece, and your voice is lovely.
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Jim Bouchard said 4633 days ago (June 17th, 2005)
This is pretty nice and straightforward. It's sort of crying out for a little more of an arrangement but it's a great demo. I like the unaffected vocal and the general peppiness of this.

As far as country loops there's some in Jam Pack 3, nice country drum loops, some useful steel guitar loops and so on. As far as country drums, Drums on Demand Volume 4 has some great country drum loops in a great variety.

And you're very right; there was a pretty good song in that quote!
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thetiler said 4629 days ago (June 21st, 2005)
what a breath of fresh air
Hope we can hear more from you!

I think there is a desperate need to get more female country
singers here. Maybe they get scared away by all the heavy
synth and other stuff.

I bet if you keep posting here and don't give up plus critique
others you'll gain a bunch of popularity. Cause I think you
have a nice talent. Just hope you keep posting, Macjams is
lacking in this area!
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said 4574 days ago (August 14th, 2005)
plain and simple song,
works for me.

Scott Carmichael said 4265 days ago (June 20th, 2006)
wanted to check out your starting point
I just listened to "Blue all over" and came loooking for an original
version... let me say you really impressed me with every aspect of your
work there... and in this song you show that early on you have a
comfortable, natural way with a song/lyric... some of this stuff can't be
taught... your sense for where a song is going I think is intuitive, at
least you make it seem effortless...

how long have you been songwrriting??? I am familiar with those times
that a song presents itself, and we just have to chase it a little...

also the hook is one I've used (not in a song) but as a teaching tool...
my kidds more than once have heard "would you rather have someone
do the right thing for the wrong reason, or the wrong thing for the
right reason"... I didn't know it could have been a song
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macgalver said 4265 days ago (June 20th, 2006)
wanted to check out your starting point
Thanks, Scott. All my life I've wondered why some songs hit and others don't.
For me music, like movies, become classic when everything works right:
script, production, cast. If you get those right, then the desired result (an
emotional connx or reaction) happens organically. I've always hated anything
that is too easy, too spoonfed. For me, the goal when writing is to make the
song match the music perfectly and get the listener to complete the full
circle. Are the sounds sad? Are they happy? Are they mad? What is the
music saying? Is it trying to inspire? Is it cautionary? Is it a party song? I
listen to the music a lot before trying to write. What does that combination of
chords want to say? Most importantly, what do I feel it's saying? Then, I pic
up the mic. By then i've begun to "hear" melodies. I hum and record and
hum and record and begin to "hear" the vocal melody occur. Once I begin to
hear the pattern of the vocals, I set out to find the words and lyrics to match
and move the feelings along.

Since you're a songwriter, and quite gifted melodically, I know you can
appreciate what I"m saying, but then it's a matter of getting out of the way.
NOT getting attached to any one, precious lyric, especially if it's getting in the
way. All songs, like movies, have a beginning, middle and end. But you can
mix it up in infinite patterns. Sometimes obscure, sometimes literal.

This whole process is brand new to me. I've strummed on my couch since,
oh, 1991, and made up some songs within the framework of the few chords I
know and can play, but to work with real musicians like Jim Bouchard and
Thoddi, I have never had the luxury. And what a luxury and blessing it is.

I've always judged myself so harshly for not being a skilled guitarist, but
finally, last year, I said, @#!$ it. And stopped criticizing what I was doing as
not good enough to share, and posted what you see here on macjams. I
think that was may of last year, and a few months later, Jim Bouchard found
me and we started collaborating. I'll forever be in debt to macjams for
bringing me out of my musical shell.

TMI? Sorry!!! That'll teach you to ask me anything!! take care, scott, thanks
for your interest. your friend, kelli

<b><a href="http://www.macjams.com/artist/the+fritters">T H E F R I T T E R S</a></b>
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Scott Carmichael said 4265 days ago (June 20th, 2006)
well said
well said... I often notice when, what is being said, doesn't somehow match
up well with what I'm hearing... music is certainly a language, but it gets
interprated by the heart, not the head
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Brian D said 4226 days ago (July 29th, 2006)
i dig this
I like your song and I like your voice. I'm gonna check out more of your
stuff here. I like a little twang and you got it just right!

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