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This Existence Has No Other End Than To Exhaust Its Beginning



 Genre: Funk

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words and loops

This is the first song I ever did using garageband, for this reason it is very simple. I enjoyed making it. The contrast and juxtaposition between the upbeat music and the lyrics is key to an understanding of most my compositions. An irony is created.

Contrast and juxtaposition is key to everything I do.

Unfortunately, the loops are well warn.
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chikoppi said 4624 days ago (June 22nd, 2005)
Nice juxtaposition. I was looking for a big breakout at
some point where the narrative stopped and the
instruments just jammed away in a expressive denial of
the sort of dry examination of life practiced by the
narrator. It might make a really strong statement about
the joy of life overwhelming any attempts at
rationalization. I would have given it higher marks, but I
think you really need to develop the concept and the
strength of the funk song itself to make it work. Still, it
made me smile! (4-5-6-4)
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allsaints said 4624 days ago (June 22nd, 2005)
I am pleased you enjoyed the piece. The difficulty I face when constructing
any of my musical compositions is that I do not play an instrument. I use
only samples; and for that matter, only samples from Garage Band. Samples
have their limitations. They are very good for forging a foundation, but they
are weak when it comes to soloing and expressing oneself. There are
dynamics involved in the construction of any piece that force me in a very
specific direction. In brief, to state the obvious, I am not approaching what
one considers a song in the conventional manner. If one must catagorize,
what I do is a form of "spoken word". I "read" a text and then construct a
musical accompaniment. By the nature of the genre and my own limitations,
there will always be something awkward to the pieces. Lyricly, the text I read
should be taken as dark or black humor in the vein of such novelists as
Georges Bataille, Samuel Beckett and William S. Burroughs. As a musical
composition, it is best to keep in mind the heavy irony that is created by the
juxtapostion of the dark humor of the lyrics and the upbeat quality of the
music. Here, in my own way, I am paying homage to SteelyDan. In short,
much like watching a film by Takashi Miike, if you're not laughing, you're not
getting it. That fact that you found the composition "fun" and that it found
you smiling, means that I was capable of convaying my many ideas. Thank
you for your comment.
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chikoppi said 4624 days ago (June 22nd, 2005)
Hm. If the focus is on the narrative then I think you might have opportunities
to treat the application of the loops more like an accompianing element,
using the instruments to underscore specific lines and sections. Check out
some of Gudkarma's work here on MacJams (you can find him in the
"member" search). He's got a ton of very effective readings that use music as
either support or counterpoint.

Why is education important?
Because democracy sucks when you are surrounded by idiots.
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allsaints said 4623 days ago (June 23rd, 2005)
I feel reluctant to state that the focus is on the lyrics, but this may be true.
Certainly the lyrics can stand on their own, while I remain unsure how well the
music could manage unaccompanied. This should not me misconstrued as
an indication that the music is without merit, for indeed I do labor over
attempting to construct something that will stimulate me.

I was thinking further, and indeed a heavy funk breakdown - or out - in the
middle of the song would be ideal. But to accomplish this with the use of
samples only, would be near impossible for me. Again, this comes back to
the limitations of samples when it comes to soloing or expressing oneself.
But this has got me thinking, and I now have some ideas with which I will
have to experiment. As for expression with the use of only samples, the best
I've accomplished, this includes music yet to be posted, is the other track I do
have posted entitled Words Redoubling Words.

The other members you have mentioned have given me further ideas for
experimentation. Thank's for the refernce.
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TennesseeVic said 4623 days ago (June 23rd, 2005)
As David Byrne put it
"lyrics are a trick to get people to listen to a song longer than
they would have otherwise".

In other words, the lyrics bring more variation into this track
than you get from just the samples. That is not to say that
the instrumental part is bad. Unfortunately the horn samples
are overused -- and they are too far forward: could really
use some reverb or so -- but as an arrangement this is not
bad at all.
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allsaints said 4622 days ago (June 24th, 2005)
As David Byrne put it
Unfortunatly, all the samples in the song have been overused. This probably
holds true for all the samples in Garageband. Although, to put events into
context, this was the first song I ever composed and ever composed using
Garageband. Equally, I put the song together more than a year and a half ago,
so the samples were all new to me. Regardless, I always find it interesting to see
how people use the Garageband samples. This is to say, there are millions of
people who use this program to create music, but there is a very limited amount
of sample choices. But what remains fascinating is the seemingly endless
variations and juxtapositions that people manage.
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Drew Kopr said 4612 days ago (July 4th, 2005)
This kicks ass in my humble opinion
I love those groove bass lines with the guitar over the speech. I like that very much. The part noticeably that could improve is that first drum patch, which is a little weak and light, but that's really not your fault, that's just how the loop sounds. So, great job IMHO.
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allsaints said 4612 days ago (July 4th, 2005)
This kicks ass in my humble opinion
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nyakki said 4608 days ago (July 8th, 2005)
Couldn't Get Past The Loops
Sorry but I couldn't get past the loops used.

My first loop songs were just the plain vanilla loops. When I
started messing around with the different voices and effects,
I was able to take the loops to a higher level.

Give it a try.

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allsaints said 4607 days ago (July 9th, 2005)
New Ways To Warp And Mutate
I understand. I've already begun to experiment with what you recommend. My
objective is to move further away from conventional "music". I am still in the
process of posting songs that I have composed over a year ago, so everyone is
still being forced to listen to my first attempts. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm
always interested in new ways to warp and mutate.
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said 4500 days ago (October 24th, 2005)
I don't mind the loops that much - I hear it similar to some band quoting
their favorite James Brown vamp or Bootsy bassline in their own song. It's
just that these loops are more anonymous.
You have a compelling speaking voice.
I've d/l so I can pay better attention to the words when I am less
djteks said 4485 days ago (November 8th, 2005)
Yeah dude, where was the breakout?! Oh well, I'm going to check out your other stuff. I liked the lyrics and how they contrasted the music. Very poetic and artistic.
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