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This is the first song I made using Jam Pack 4.
I also included some TUMi loops. I'm all ears!
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Uploaded: Aug 12, 2005 - 04:31:58 PM
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iMac G5
Garageband 2, Jam Packs 1-4
jug88 said 5123 days ago (August 12th, 2005)
Hello Everyone
Evening from Atlanta GA! Just purchased a G5 not to long
ago and also picked up a m-audio 49e keyboard. Hope to
develop a few tunes and hopefully they'll be worthy
enough to post here!

Later and its good to find MACJAMS!
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Warren Smith said 5120 days ago (August 15th, 2005)
colossal expectations
Some of the more exciting elements in your earlier work
posted here are the abrupt, surprise shifts between
musical modes - those sharp genre as well as tempo and
texture transformations. Those variation changes are still
an integral part of this piece, but they don't come off quite
as apparent, perhaps simply because this work is confined
to the orchestral instruments of Jam Pack 4, rather than
coming at you from multiple sources. I don't mean to
same this piece lacks drama, just that those shifts aren't
as surprising. This is meant to be merely an observation,
not a critique.

As for any critical feedback, I'd say the ending of piece
doesn't to live up to its name. "Colosseum," with a capital
"C," refers to the one and only Flavian Amphitheater where
so much sportive blood was spilled to placate the whims
of the Roman people. The name derives from the giant
"Colossus" statue of Nero (or was it Hercules?) that stood
nearby. Hence, a piece so titled undertakes on certain
assumptions and associations, one of which (at least in
my mind) is not only will there be a fight, but it will
probably be a fight to the death. I like the slightly
ominous opening, and the stepped developments to the
main theme, and the circular second theme, which then
dramatically comes back to the main theme ... and ... the
piece dies with a musicbox whimper. Well, perhaps I am
reading too much into a name, and have gone too far in
trying to explain why I don't like the ending. I certainly
like what you have done using Jam Pack 4.
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abstractreality said 5120 days ago (August 15th, 2005)
colossal expectations
Okay, so my title choices aren't perfect! I know you didn't mean anything, but
please don't make a big deal out of a song title. All comments about my songs
should be about the music content in the song, not the song title.

That goes for everybody, too!
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abstractreality said 5120 days ago (August 15th, 2005)
colossal expectations
I'm sorry about sounding so offended. I just feel uncertain about my
song results. I'm sorry if the ending seemed anticlimatic, and I think the
info is kinda interesting. No hard feelings, alright?
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Warren Smith said 5120 days ago (August 15th, 2005)
no offense meant
One of the limitations of online critiques is it's very easy
to hurt feelings. With a person-to-person give-and-take,
one reads as much meaning through physical expression
as to what is actually said, and that element is missing
here. My intention was not to make you feel bad, nor to
put down your effort, but rather to give you my honest
reaction to your piece. If I didn't think your music was
good, I wouldn't have spent that much time trying to
articulate my point, as well as going back through your
posted catalog to get a general feel for your compositions.
I suppose I could've said, "Hey, man, you should
reconsider making that ending more dramatic," which
would've been much safer, but it wouldn't have told you
why I think it should be different. Anyway, I'm not trying
to put you on the defensive. There's no need to be - your
work is remarkable, and really I love, i.e.,envy, those
distinct shifts you pull off in your work.
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