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 Genre: Sampler

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Troy and Cori's nomination made me think about what I've done these past 2 years at MJ. It began as a place to share music I couldn't sell, a place to help establish the sort of collaborative environment I had always envisioned, and a place to explore new music software. It turned into something much more.

I have been trying to convince Simon to make SAMPLERS a separate music category (that doesn't include ratings, and now it see HE HAS! Thanks, Simon.

I hope you get a kick out of this retrospective I cooked up during my train commutes into The City. It is a testimony to all the folks who helped make some enjoyable music with me along the way. As I listen, I am getting ideas to make a few of these sound better...
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Song Titles include:

I Wanna Fly (Jazz, with an ensemble of friends)
Crazy Story (Alternative, with saxes by Donny McCaslin)
My Heart Still Beats (Cross-genre/World, with spoken prayer by Suzanne)
Windowshade (Funk, with Woody Mankowski)
A Promise (R&B-Jazz/Showtunes, with vocals by Woody Mankowski, written for my mother)
Can't Complain (Adult/Soft Rock, lyrics by Suzanne)
Icarus (Jazz-Rock Alt, saxes by Donny)
Dreams (Light Classical/Pop, vocals by Emily Rohm)
Forge A New Life - Part 1 (my first Garageband effort, Del helped)
Final Words (Adult/Soft/Jazz inflected Folk, written for my father, sax by Woody)
Let Me Play (Jazz, guitars by McBoy, clarinet by BBarner)
Secret of Life (Jazz, with BBarner on clarinet)
What Thou Lovest Well (Soft Rock/Contemporary Folk, backing vocals by packosmokes)
I Sail On (Progressive Rock, arranged by Troy)
Save The Planet (Children's musicals, lead vocal by Emily Rohm, age 11)
Last Call (one of my post-September 11 songs)
New Holy Land (one of my post-September 11 songs)
Was There Once A Time (last of my post-September 11 songs)
I Will Love (first of my post-September 11 songs)
Tango (the violin solo intro by Encho Tudorov)
Pilgrim of the Return (Jazz inflected Folk Rock, sax by Woody Mankowski)
Lucky Boy (Quirky Blues, guitar by Suzanne)
Door In My Heart (Contemporary Country/Showtune/Soft Rock, with additional vocals by Anton)
Good Bless America (vocals by my daughter, Sarah)
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Artwork: Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, Salvador Dali, 1943.
GB1, GB2, DP, Live, Peak, Jam
said 5021 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
The song art says it all -- a mortal trying to break out of
his/her mundane sphere of influences to transcend
limitations. Some bloodletting is inevitable. Sweet music
lifts us to higher planes and multiple dimensions. Forged
in a maelstrom of chaos and ghostly beats and rasps, we
move toward a place of harmony.

A wonderful collection of sweat and inspiration, Tobin.
Pie said 5021 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
i tried using the translation tool in sherlock but I still couldn't fathom what
Schletty was banging on about :-)

these online signatures are a load of bollocks!
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said 5021 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
Pie, I have a poet's license. As such, there is no need for you to understand
what the heck I am talking about.

Sonority by Schletty: http://www.schletty.com/indwellings
thoddi said 5021 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
Pure art
both the music and the song art. Do you make these pictures yourself? I guess, this one shows mother earth giving birth to one more of us who live on and from what she gives... Not knowing if it will bring good or bad.

Its a great collage of music you've made for us. You've made some good ones through time. Strange how they all seem to fit so well together in this blend.

Congratulations with your award of MJer ot the week. I would have believed you to be the first to get this award. Absolutely deserved.

You bring a lot to this site with your positive constructive reviews and the interest you show in keeping this a living place on the web. I allways appreciate your comments on my music.

Thanks, Tobin.
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Pie said 5021 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
I'm not really...
...keen on these sampler things. I think the voting should be
disabled on samplers. It's tempting to give the songwriting a
real bomb because as arrangements they usually fail.

But as a testimony of your output here at MacJams... I salute

Be cool,
Check out my latest song called Coalesce (Instrumental)
TobinMueller said 5019 days ago (August 24th, 2005)
I'm not really...
Exactly. I hope SAMPLERS gets a separate category that automatically disables
voting. Just a place to distill archived songs in a pleasing compilation medley
for quick review. In fact, I wish anyone could submit songs with the ratings
function disabled, or the free downloading function (in case they want to sell the
track somewhere else). Hopefully, those changes will come in time. Thanks for
listening, tho, and your complimentary comments.
Check out my latest song called Momentary Undertow
Pie said 5019 days ago (August 24th, 2005)
I'm not really...
Tobin, disabling voting and the downloading as options would be great.
i'm not sure they can do this easily - especialy with some of us having
quicktime pro :-)

these online signatures are a load of bollocks!
Check out my latest song called Coalesce (Instrumental)
Peter Greenstone said 5021 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
The ultimate sampler
Great collection, Tobin. They blend from one to another very
nicely. I'm glad you got them to finally make this category
for music samplers.

A general "Bravo!" to your body of work.
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svenaxelson said 5020 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
Wow. That worked really well together. I still don't fully
understand the concept of the sampler but what ever it is
they work well.
Check out my latest song called put the box in the corner
thetiler said 5020 days ago (August 22nd, 2005)
Nice list
of goodies here.

Thanks for sharing parts these very creativeTobin

Check out my latest song called They Went Underground
EdensEve said 5020 days ago (August 23rd, 2005)
Getting the best out of everyone
I love the saxophone solos, you really get the best out of
who you are working with. There are some songs I didn't
recognize, so thank you for doing this. I am off to check
them out. The post 9/11 songs are so riveting, so good. You
really know how to write songs. I missed some of my
favorites though: Waitress (version 2) and If I Could Live Long
Enough.... But I like listening to whole songs better.
Warren Smith said 5020 days ago (August 23rd, 2005)
Putting together a sampler (as several macjams artists have done) seems like a good way to review one's work over a given period of time. I think setting up a new category for it makes good sense. If you work in more than one genre and put together a sampler - where to place it is a problem. But beyond that, the development of samplers represents an evolution of musical conception on the macjams site. It seems likely that more productions like this will be assembled in the future, so to set up a new category for it now recognizes and anticipates that development.

Some of those transitions, Tobin, are so smooth one doesn't realize there's been a shift made between songs.
Check out my latest song called I'll Be On My Way
dchapman said 5020 days ago (August 23rd, 2005)
What a great idea!
You have such an eclectic and diverse range of music you
produce... it's a great way to introduce the uneducated to the
works of Tobin Meuller.

Check out my latest song called Waiting for the Other
BolesZ said 4989 days ago (September 22nd, 2005)
nice job
nice job
Check out my latest song called Clocks
Emily Rohm said 4985 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
A Tobin-Kabob
The transitions in this sampler are outstanding!! This is a great buffet
of your songs. (By the way, it's kind of weird and cool at the same time
to hear me at age 17 and 11 in your sampler...!) It's great to hear
some of your songs I haven't listened to in a while. Now I want to go
back through your songs and revisit them.
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The Composer said 4984 days ago (September 28th, 2005)
Thats fantastic
Thats quite a playlist there Tobin. A really good span of styles and all
of them executed and recorded very nicely... I'm especially impressed
with how many jazz recordings you've done, I know theres a lot of
work in recording instruments separately (multiple takes often
enough), but I havn't even ventured into to recording groups like that
yet. And although a lot of your music isn't my particular style, it
sounds like theres a number of I could learn for you. Great work... I'll
start listening to them separately now...
Check out my latest song called Blood Is Boiling (By Faeble)
sschedra said 3760 days ago (February 2nd, 2009)
I keep forgetting what a treasure
... your music is! I must really come by and spend some more time. Heard the song "Morning Whispers" and it really reached me, but I could not comment there so I put it here in this wonderful sampler (over a thousand days after the last appreciative soul left his comment). So much music, so little time . . . sigh!
Keep on man, you touch what music is all about. Thanks,
Check out my latest song called Cheap Tricks (LSP2)
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