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Honey Jar Bach

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This post was inspired by iG.STUDiO:s wonderful post ”450 Miles Samba” in which he plays on many of household objects as percussion instruments.

Here I have used only ONE household sound, my favourite; this that comes when you gently tap a teaspoon on the closed lid of a typical swedish honey jar.

Sampled only once, then used in a program named Melody Assistant.

The tap on the honey jar top gives just a short (but very attractive) plopp. Then in Melody Assistant is the possibillity to define a loop over a little section of the sample, and thus appears the possibillity to play long notes even from a short sample.

To test my sample I entered the notes of JS Bachs Preludium in D minor for lute into Melody Assistant (gave it a different and ”jazzier” groove though). Also entered drums in Melody Assitants simple drum lines.

This was made in 2001, but as mentioned, the inspiration to post it, came from listening to iG.STUDiO:s creation.

There are many more very interesting household sounds, for example that which comes when you close a fairly new freezer. (Also the sound of a closing Mercedes door is something...) Or two unopened soft pet bottles full of carbonized soft drink, shaked so they're hard, held loosly by their tops, one in each hand, and stiked against each other just at the middle of the bottle body ...
Plooonggggg.... Very interesting.
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Honey Jar
Some cheap old mic
132 MHz PowerMac 7600
Melody Assistant
drakonis said 5104 days ago (August 26th, 2005)
Sweeet Bachanalia!
Very cool idea indeed, and you can't go wrong with Bach.
And Melody Assistant? I have Melody Assistant's big brother,
Harmony Assistant, it's my composition software of choice, I
love it! I've played with sampling some sounds into
instruments with it, but you've now inspired me to actually
write a piece with some. I like the swing you put into this,
and the sound worked perfectly as a bell-like instrument for
Bach's writing, but I was hoping for that final Mercedes door-
slam at the end... oh well, maybe on your next piece! :-)
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caroline said 5104 days ago (August 26th, 2005)
and we'll serve honey on every table
in the cafe... i'm throwing my guitar away now - real instruments are so 'over' - personally i feel i'm going the way of ice-cream boxes!! i love this and and that 450 mile samba - let's get you both together in a supermarket with a hardware section!!! i'll be there - thank you x one hive x
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bikeshedbob said 5104 days ago (August 26th, 2005)
loved it
Ok so the honey jar is a novelty, but the playing of the Bach
piece is superb. A kind of Wendy Carlos without a wall to wall
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Sista Mac said 5104 days ago (August 26th, 2005)
Very Cool!
Almost a rubbery sound! Great work.
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Cameron said 5104 days ago (August 26th, 2005)
Who woulda thunk it? Music coming out of a honey jar.
Ahhh....so sweet.

Bach is a good choice for this. His music is so universal; it
can be adapted to just about any mood and occasion. In
this case, it sounds very whimsical, almost cartoonish.

Soft Rock/Adult is an interesting genre choice. (I wouldn't
know what else to suggest....except that maybe there
should be a new genre created, called "unusual sounds"!)
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iG.STUDiO said 5103 days ago (August 26th, 2005)
Very nice
Indeed... It's a very rich sound, nice attack, sounds even
more like soft string pluck, than a percussive click. I was
planning to explore sampling in MA for a long time, but
along came GarageBand, and I switched (still have a
registered copy, though)
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said 5103 days ago (August 27th, 2005)
Interesting concept and very well done!
Ed Hannifin said 5102 days ago (August 28th, 2005)
I really like this sound...
...and I really appreciate the change-up you do here...

Very creative, very sonorous, the sound is well suited to
Bach, and I think it sounds better than a lot of the old Wendy
Carlos pieces...

Neat...it gets me thinking...

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jiguma said 5101 days ago (August 29th, 2005)
A nice change of pace Curry!
I had these images of you running around a caf hitting
everyone's honey jars!

This one has inspired me to get a copy of Melody
Assistant - really glad you posted it.

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