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Demon Rocker @ U.K

Heres a tune I started cooking up while blazing a spliff.........

Not quit finished how ever couldn't really wait any longer just wanted to get out........

Working on a heavy bass line and some vocals for it too.

How ever what I would really wont Is to have some one chat ragga over the track, that would mean changing the drops puting ragga riffs on the track, but it would be well worth it!

If any one out there can chat ragga, and would like hooking up to produce a Jungle tune give us a shout.


Oh yeah hope this uploads this time I've been trying for ages:-(
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Demon Rocker said 5068 days ago (August 31st, 2005)
Guy'z 'N' Gal'z

Guy'z 'n' Gal'z

Forgot to say in the description when I posted the tune,
gimme some feed back if you can!

Let me know what parts you lot like, let me know what parts you dislike or even hate, but don't player hate, just joking yeah!

Na for real let me know co'z ive grown up with drum and bass, Jungle and 2-step, the lot....
first tune that ive put together, very limited in software, hardware, and real shame we all cant use samples co'z back in the day thats was alot of d&b and jungle tunes waz about , all the kids in skoolz trying to work out where they heard dem samples from......... it was funny trying to name dem tunes....

so let me know what you lot think pep'z!

I know that the tunes only been out there for what a day or so......
but..... who ever rated me "nice one!' shame that you didnt have the time to comment on what parts you liked and didnt....
but its cool and the gang:-) big up any way!

for the rest of pep'z "people" out there thinking about bust'in out with a drum and bass track, just do it! keep'em coming! whats really sad in the U.K is how fast our culture in the UK so easly one day loves to one type of music and the next thinks that its yesterdays news!

for them who listen to drum and bass and hear more then just noise, big up to ya selfs as well!

Remember gang, feed back, good or bad, it's all good just as long as it's no silly comments like, "like it", or " don't like it!"

Peace out!
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zarathustra said 5068 days ago (September 1st, 2005)
Crazy good drums
Really like the percussion line you loop throughout. Piano
and background synth are nice also. Im a big fan of DnB,
wish I was in the UK like you (though NYC has its nites). I
think you could spice that track up a bit, either a) drop a
bass line midway, or B) boost the Drums with like a bass
kick or something

Nice work with the slow down in the middle; I woulda just
come back with something a bit stronger to end it, all
depends on the mood you were going for I guess.

Real impressive Drums though...Im gonna pummel this
site with DnB for the next few months thats all im working

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EMP said 5067 days ago (September 1st, 2005)
Nice track
My kind of sound. Great first track, you have a good ear for

What software did you use? GB/Logic or something else.

Reason why I ask is the mix of tempo in the drums is nice.

Keep up the good work, added the track to my fav.

Solid Tune :)
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Demon Rocker said 5066 days ago (September 2nd, 2005)
Yo Zarathusta! Thanks Bro!
Demon Rocker@UK

Yo Zarathustra,

Thanks for your feed back dude! Being here in the UK'z Kool problem is as I was saying in one of my posts, the rate that music goes in and out of timez is crazy;-(

you guy'z are likey anyway ya living in the home of hip hop bro!
the thing with me is I listen to loadz of types of music so really count my self lucky that I've got a few mates
"frends" that rap,
so what I'm also looking to do in the future is produce some hip hop tracks as well.

Anyway back to matter, I'm happy ya liking the percussion and melodyz took me quite some time putting it together to make sure that even their are loads if loopz over laping each other to get that sound, they dont clash and sound out of beat, thats one thing I cant stand is when Dj'z and up and coming producers mix or make tunes that are out of beat:-(

Remember bro, if you are gonna be making tunes make sure that ya gonna be playing the tunes thru a good set of speakers, oh and dont for get to play it loud that way you can here everything.

And about the bass line I'm working on it!

Many thanks for the support!

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donbot24 said 5066 days ago (September 2nd, 2005)
Nice drumbeats, adds a lot to the simplicity in the intro.
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gregd said 5054 days ago (September 15th, 2005)
really like the tune. You know what's up. Keep going, but
definitely spice up the middle of the tune. It's tasty, but
throw a touch of salt on top.
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whatariot said 5053 days ago (September 15th, 2005)
i liked this track a lot. it was very cool and inpirational and fun and makes you introspective. yeah and like the drums were all over the place and made you feel warm and stuff. like, the whole song just takes you to this whole other place, man. good work.
pandaroo2 said 4943 days ago (January 3rd, 2006)
I Love the Fastnest of the main lines!
I Love the Fastnest of the main lines! I Love the Fastnest of the main lines!
I Love the Fastnest of the main lines! I Love the Fastnest of the main lines!
I Love the Fastnest of the main lines! I Love the Fastnest of the main lines!
I Love the Fastnest of the main lines! I Love the Fastnest of the main lines!
I Love the Fastnest of the main lines! I Love the Fastnest of the main lines!
I Love the Fastnest of the main lines! I Love the Fastnest of the main lines!
Stunning , truly Stunning thank you!
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