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 Genre: Industrial

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Well, I never really got to finish this song. I couldn't quite get the vocals where I wanted 'em, but then again, it's more of an segue song to fit between two others. Having lost some precious files linked to this puppy, I decided to let it go and set it free. Apropos for the subject matter, I suppose. :)
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Still, lying very still
Lost all sense of will
Release your hostility

My life is not my own
Trapped inside, alone.
You sustain the last of me

Now, I've nothing to give,
I've nothing to live for,
I want to go home
Can you take me home

I'll no longer dwell
In this rotten shell
Give your hand to me
Pull me from this hell,

Cut me from my life
Won't you hear my cry,
I need to be free
Please set me free
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Uploaded: Nov 14, 2005 - 03:19:00 AM
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Logic Express
Humble Jack said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
interestingly cool
luvin da intro as well as da rest of da tunage. when da g'tar break out its VERY powerful. n again i luv da drums. i like da ahh's as well.

good stuff brothaman!
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said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
I like the way this builds. It would be interesting to hear in the context of
the songs that once surrounded it, just to hear how they complemented
and contrasted with this.
I especially like the drums here, but all sounds very good.
said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)

aivan said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
I'm very, very, very impressed...

It's powerful, stunningly produced and really, it sounds professional to me!!! Commercial cd quality...

Great, great, great...
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TobinMueller said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
Voice that tears thru
Very nice production. I love your voice and wouldn't have minded it
coming in earlier. Very cool drum entrance. Nice energy, effects. Solid.
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chikoppi said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
Free fall
Great character in this! I really like the floating piano notes contrasted
to the the guitar. Relentless and pounding rhythm from big fat toms.
The vocals are absolutely killer...the melody you came up with against
those chords is addictive. By the end it feels as though I've climbed to
the top of a mountain, only to leap off into the abyss on the word
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core said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
Two suggestions
I agree, it's a solid production and the buildup is excellent. You said
you got stuck with it (a feeling I can relate to very well), so here are two
suggestions. Perhaps this will give you some angle points.

I think the rythm section gives this track an excellent drive. I can hear
influences from Radiohead and others. After the vocals set in, at some
point I think a change of rythm could help, a speedup with a second
drum set. Part of the power of this song is its pressure and simplicity.
It will be tricky to maintain these qualities.

The second thing I would consider is adding a second voice track.
Something very close and low. I like the far away vocals as they are
now, but they would be emphasized if you add something closer,
perhaps with an equalize setting towards tinbox.

I hope this will help you. If not, never mind. It's a great track none the
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SlimGirlFat said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
Intro indeed.
I like the way the synths build up into the mix and continue through.
I have to say, that I would like the vocals to be louder. The effects you
have used, really set your voice too far back. Yes, maybe drag one
more vocal track in, just to make them clearer so one doesnt have to
strain to hear the words under the guitar. Apart from that, the
production and arrangement is good.

Be interesting to hear what you do with this at a later date.


Peter Greenstone said 5058 days ago (November 14th, 2005)
most cool indeed
I like the hugeness of it. Big drums are great. The intro leading up to the
vocals sounded great but was a lot longer than I was expecting. The
vocals sounded good and intense. The whole thing is intense and in a
very good way.
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_nderscore said 5057 days ago (November 15th, 2005)

beautiful. lovin the droning gits, fx & vox.. wouldn't change a thing.
powerful stuff
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Stun Nutz said 5056 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
very good so far...
...excellent production. I agree with Slimmie - make the vocals a
little louder. It did sound like half a song to me, but you did say it
was unfinished. I could see faster pounding drums introduced
after this with even more build, maybe a change of key for a
another section, a return to climax and then the drop off.... but
that is just one of many possible solutions.
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Normal said 5055 days ago (November 17th, 2005)
Hey there
Awesome song bro... sorry I've been playing dead to the world for so
long. Caught a email about this and had to check it out.

Reminds me very much of old stabbing westward, that spent a lot of
time on repeat in my CD player long ago. I love this tune.

Keep up the good work!
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crucial_d said 4984 days ago (January 27th, 2006)
i love the way the drums slowly break into the weird synth at the
beginning,then they come in fully realized,followed by the powerful
im really digging your stuff.
it's quite....tasty.
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