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Out West



 Genre: Rock
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I moved from Wisconsin to Seattle, WA in June of 2003; this is a song about packing up and moving West!

I sing/play everything except drums. Drums are loops, I tried to jazz them up a bit with fills, cymbals, etc... (until my better half lets me get a real drum set, it's the best I can do ;-)
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Got the news on Monday morning
Things would never be the same
And now it's time to leave the cold behind
Hit the road for a change

I smiled inside at this new road ahead
Cried one tear as I left home
Dreamed of this, long ago,
Pack my bags and all I own
I'm leaving everything I've known

But I think I'm gonna find it there
You said that you'd be waiting there
And maybe I can find it there

Out West
Where skies go on forever
Out West
As long as we're together

Rolling plains give way to painted sand
The horizon opens wide its arms
And mountains show the way at every turn
At night the sky holds every star

And I know I'm gonna find it there
You said that you'd be waiting there
I know I'm gonna find you there

Out West
Where skies go on forever...
Out West
As long as we're together


Time slows down, the sun stays bright so long
I saw the ocean yesterday
It never ends, it just goes on and on
And I think I'm gonna stay

Out West
Where skies go on forever
Out West
As long as we're together

Out West
Where skies go on forever
Out West
As long as we're together...

(etc. fade out)
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- Rogue electric-acoustic guitar
- Washburn MG-20 electric guitar
- Peavey Fury bass
- MXL 990 condenser microphone (for vocals and acoustic guitar)
said 4996 days ago (December 15th, 2005)
I Love it..
I love the voice, and song this is very nice.
Keep on MacJammin!
Ed Hannifin said 4996 days ago (December 15th, 2005)
Dena, this is another really good song...
Again, it sounds like a songwriter demo. You've got good
arrangements and great vocals...

I really like your guitar playing, too. Were you doing this professionally
at one time, if you're not now?

This one, like the last one, could be a country song, but it also could
be a Bangles-style pop tune. Your harmonies are well done.

As katchoolik will tell you, I tend to lean away from the piezo-electric
pick-up sound for acoustic guitars, so that would be my only real crit
on this... I really enjoyed the way you built the lead electric break...

Another really solid effort...

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FEEL said 4996 days ago (December 15th, 2005)
very nice stuff
Dena, your song is awesome. You have a knack for composition and
your voice is right on. Guitars rock and love the way everything builds
up to the chorus. Cool double lead. Can't wait to hear more.

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said 4996 days ago (December 15th, 2005)
Very nice, Dana. You are a rocker and a storyteller. And you have a
pleasant voice. The mix is pretty good...just needs to have vocals
balanced out a little better. The first "Out West where skies go on
forever" chorus comes in quite loud compared to the preceding verse.
Maybe turn up the verse and lower the chorus a bit. Very fine guitar
said 4996 days ago (December 15th, 2005)
Once again, another....
great vocal delivery and top-notch song writing. And a very
good guitar riff that works perfectly in this arrangement.
Tons of stuff on the radio today that doesn't touch this. Kudos.

Peter Greenstone said 4996 days ago (December 15th, 2005)
great tune
I like this a lot. Good lyrics, melody, and performance. It sounds like
you have a good grasp of a big sound. The vocals sound great and the
backup harmonies are just right. During the chorus the vocals seem a
bit loud but I think what is perhaps needed is another element in the
arrangement during the chorus to bring it all up to where the vocals
are; perhaps another guitar part or some keyboard part to really build
and energize the chorus backing.

Nice job with the drum loops and fills. Like for most of us here it just
isn't practical to have a real drumset at home (cost, noise, space, noise,
difficulty in recording well, and noise) so I know.

So great tune and singing/playing in general. I think the mix could be
massaged quite a bit more to get levels and tone and stereo positions
working better, but this is definitely a great song in the making and I
enjoyed it a lot.
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Joshosh said 4996 days ago (December 15th, 2005)
Great structure
Good vox, really nice guitar sounds, professional sounding. I agree about the mix, although it seems intentional to make th chorus stand out more. Personally, I'd like to hear you let loose a little on the vocals on the chorus, have the vocals match the soaring nature of the guitar. It seems you may be holding back a little for precision purposes, and I'd love to hear the emotion that's inherent in your lyrics come through. (But that's just me.) Great tune! Look forward to hearing more.
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elan said 4993 days ago (December 18th, 2005)
Nice job
I muddle through lots of this stuff and I am always drawn to the real songs. I liked this because it's what a song is all about. Sometimes the production has nothing to do with it if the song has a feel to it. Only thing could be better is the compression of the vocals. It seems many MacJammers have not realized the magic of a cheap comp / gate. In all I enjoyed it, keep up the good work.
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Name: Dena Przybyla
Location: Seattle WA USA
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Music for me is an extremely enjoyable hobby. My day job is writer and visual artist, but I will always be a musician-wannabe.... [see more]

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