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Most of the songwriting and arranging I do is for specific projects for other people to perform. It means I have to be very academic about the parameters I use for my writing. This piece is different. It's totally intuitive, as I begin with an open mic and just vocalize. Then, I add layers of voices and work with echo & reverb to give the piece the feeling I want for it. Occasionally, I then transcribe the parts that I like into software instruments. This piece, however, seems to stand as a vocal composition, so I'll leave it 'as is'. It is in 'cinematic soundtrack' category, as the acappella category doesn't show up on my genre list, I dislike posting in 'other' and I could see this being used in part of a movie soundtrack. Thanks for listening.
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PB 15", USB flex mic
jmt said 5009 days ago (December 28th, 2005)
interplay between
This is reminiscent of This Mortal Coil... The harmonics generated by the interplay between the multi-tracked voices is very cool! Beautiful dissonance... I'm glad this wasn't in "Acappella", I most likely wouldn't have heard it.
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kristyjo said 5009 days ago (December 29th, 2005)
interplay between
jmt- Thanks for listening and commenting - I'm glad you noticed the beats - I
wasn't sure that really came through once I mixed it down to mp3 format.
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dreadmon said 5009 days ago (December 29th, 2005)
Simply lovely
Oh yeah, I can definitely see this being part of a soundtrack - you've got a very beautiful voice! Surprising movements too - the dynamics really work me up. The delay cut-off makes for a very otherworldly, alien type sound, like you're playing an old Mellotron with tape loops of your voice. This one's a keeper!
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kristyjo said 5009 days ago (December 29th, 2005)
Simply lovely
I appreciate your comments. It's really neat what can be done with just your
voice with GarageBand filters and effects. Thanks for listening for the 'payoff'.
It's kind of a long build, but I think it's worth it. Thanks for listening.
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Tom Atwood said 5009 days ago (December 29th, 2005)
Simply lovely
This reminds me of your "Voices in the Ether." (Why not post that here?) And I
think your acapella pieces are among your most interesting work. Please post

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JMR said 5009 days ago (December 29th, 2005)
Wow, very beautiful. Is reverb the only effect you used on this piece? Did
you already have the piece "maped out" in your head, or did it progress as
you recorded?
kristyjo said 5008 days ago (December 29th, 2005)
When I do these pieces, I usually have a 'general idea' in my head - usually a
chord progression or melodic snippet. I'm not usually thinking of literally
representing anything (a la 'program music') I have a few self created presets
on my computer that I use while recording - ambient vocal, mystery, mystery
II. Generally I use reverb and echo to varying degrees and a bit of
compression on the low notes to boost my lower notes. Then I just go. If I like
something, I keep it, if I don't I delete it. As I go, I develop the idea. I do lots
of copying and pasting, too. The nice thing is, there is no deadline. If I decide
to quit for a few weeks, as I did with this, i do, then come back and add a bit
Tom, I think I will upload Voices in the Ether in the near future. Thanks for
the suggestion.
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