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Now It's On (The End of Innocence)



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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This song was written in anger over the senseless murder of Jane Creba who was killed on December 26, 2005, the day after Christmas. She was shot in the face while shopping with her mother and sister. Another innocent victim of gang gun violence in our city. If there was a last straw, her death marked it in the most brutal way. A war has begun. Now it's on.
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Now It's On (The End of Innocence)

The propaganda spin machine
You cry, you lie, you try and hide
The truth that isn’t fiction
It’s a fact, and it’s time to attack
You are an enemy
To the people of this city, this community
Whose only crime is the time they waste
Listening to your lies

Don’t you talk down to me
I know what I see
I know what I believe
I see a punk with a gun who’s living for the money,
Who’s killing for the money
Who took our sister, who knocked us down
You stole from us, but you still got nothing
No hope, no worth, no reason, no rhyme,
No love, no game, no future no fame,
No consequence, no fear, no blame

This alien nation is your own creation
You’re a disgrace to the colour of your face
And the race you run can never be won
It can never be One
Until the tangled tragedy becomes undone

Stir the rage and watch it grow
Into a storm, you should feel cold
‘Cause we’re getting’ warmer, closer killer
You’re next in line
Here comes the rain, here comes your time
We’ll lock you up
We’ll shut you up and cut you up and break you up
And bury you
Like the girl you shot

Well, now it’s on
You chump, you punk
You muthafuckin’ sucka little piece of shit
You want your war, you got a war

You should have stayed hidden
You should have stayed home

Jane is gone
Now it’s on
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G5, Korg PXR4
said 4948 days ago (January 4th, 2006)
deep! It's the fact that this took place on Younge St. in the middle of
the day that scares me. Fav'd and D/L'd.
t-bone said 4947 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
hard truths
Your song hit a hard point that I have struggled to deal wilth in my daily goings on..........I've alway been one to give another the benifit of the doubt...........often my writing will express how we all are in some way the same......that good can be found in every person.......it's stories like the one your song tells that makes me sit back and question my own thinking.....can you accept that a monster who could do such a thing be in some way a "human being:" like the rest of us.............or do you believe that we do indeed live among predators/monsters........I don't mean to offend or distress....with all sincerity and sympathy.............todd
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ziti said 4947 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
mr cipher
if this had a whole nuther set of lyrics, it would be a very cool piece.
your lyrics are really offensive to me for reasons I have delineated in
your thread "shot in the face".

That you have used hip hop music as the base of this is amusing to
me, it seems unlikely this would be a hit down at the club. (And if I
were you, I'd probly stay out of the club, too!)
...think about what you've written here. This could be an a
condemnation sung by hitler youth, with minor edits. Or Turks as they
march thru armenia...

I promised not to talk politics on this site, again, ever.

Musically, I really enjoyed this very much. The production is cool, and it
sounds very slick. I don't know if it's all loops or not, but it is certainly
a very good use of loops if that's what it is. Your vocal is a little to out
front, I think, and maybe a little compression might make it sound like
its more "in the room". The mood you've created is undeniably tense
and forbodding.

I voted on a purely musical basis. I did not consider your politics in my
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CIPHER said 4947 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
Thanks ziti
Hardly any loops - just a few sound FX and the stringed instruments
for the intro/outro. I composed everything else - the beats,
instruments, etc - in a MIDI authoring program.

This song was presented in a (wannabe) hip hop format because the
message is for a hip hop audience. An angry metal song would be like
preaching to the choir. Too many hip hop/rap tracks follow the same
tired stereotypical bullshit - I wanted to express my contempt for this
culture using the standard vehicle to reach this culture.

The fact that you advise me to stay out of the clubs underscores my
point. You drew the same conclusion that I laid out in my song - that
people who are part of the black/hip hop culture resort to violence and
murder as a means of expression. What if I did go in a club - would I
be shot? Would I deserve that just because I use strong language...just
because I "dissed" some people?

Seriously, respect begets respect. These people have none so they get
none. I am not a racist. I work with and am friends with quite a number
of black people of African and Caribbean - even Australian - descent.
What they all have in common is not a single one of them subscribes to
the victim mentality. They are al unique despite having connections
and ties to their roots. I am not a racist - if anything I am culturallu
prejudiced. I truly believe that certain cultures are despicable and
worthy of criticism. The conflict arises when cultures clash. Skin colour
is a non-issue. Ancestry is a non-issue. How you act, what you believe,
the values you hold, how you live your life and express those values -
these are all the things that we can rightfully challenge. I find it
contemptible when people insist on playing a stereotype - of accepting
and perpetuating a character that has nothing to do with the real
person inside. It doesn't matter who the person is. I think truth comes
from a rejection of expected and patterned behaviour.

I am openly critical of a specific group of persons within my
community. I have nothing positive to say for people who subscribe to
a stereotype and live life modelling themselves after negative role
models. I don't speak cliche so what kind of dialogue can I have with
someone who is a carbon copy of a media created fiction - the
proverbial gangsta. I've always found it interesting how many white
kids love hip hop but how few black kids like heavy metal. I believe this
supports my point about the proliferation of clones within this sector
of society.

There was a report on the news today that a Toronto mother found a
rifle and bullets on her son's bed. She turned him in to the police - her
own son - and refuses to bail him out. The woman was caucasian.
When I see this kind of tough love come from the black community, I'll
soften my stance. What we have instead is people refusing to cooperate
with police, people hiding criminals and acting as accesories to
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daydream nation said 4946 days ago (January 6th, 2006)
Now it's on.
Fucking brilliant. Like the crossover of freaky voacl with an almost gentle
background beat. Love the build up and the crescendo.
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dreadmon said 4942 days ago (January 10th, 2006)
Good piece
on so many levels - I like the production, it's very syrupy and spooky, which is appropriate for the subject manner. I feel your simmering anger here. Some of the vox are hard to understand, without the lead sheet, I would've been sort of left in the dark about that. Mixing is the culprit in a few cases, sheer speed of delivery is the other (great job with that, but hard to comprehend, nonetheless).

To me, anyone who is a fan of hip/hop or gangsta rap would immediately know that this is a hybrid - so it toes the line in that respect. The strings that begin and end the track, if I'm not mistaken, that's a loop, isn't it? I would've liked to have heard that pitched up or down to the music and brought into the body of composition instead of book-ending it. It would've worked quite nicely in dramatic fashion! Good job!
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iSong said 4940 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
music is a way to express every kind of feeling no matter how deep
and sad it might be.

but war doesn't take you nowhere than in greater pain and sadness

think about it
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CIPHER said 4940 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
War is sometimes a necessity of the human condition. War fought in defense of
one's own life and freedom is justified.

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RussRec said 4905 days ago (February 15th, 2006)
craft said 4758 days ago (July 13th, 2006)
greatly deep
Love the flow. The lyrics are very good. This song is a real bomb. Dig it. Faved and download
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alexweiler said 4628 days ago (November 20th, 2006)
New genre?
very original to my ears ... it seems a if you created a new genre (maybe gothic rap) ... somehow reminds me of Massive Attacks Mezzanine era ... very cool flow ... I like it.
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said 4628 days ago (November 20th, 2006)
what a shame
what a shame about that girl. You blame rap. before that they blamed Ozzy, before that it was the Beatles and Elvis. Etc, Etc. One day in New York City i saw 5 or 6 white kids beat another white kid unconcious with hammers and other weapons (no guns). Then, while he was still unconscious they took his shoes and coat. What music do I blame that on?
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