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Kinetical Storm feat. JDKhaos



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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Back and forth electric hip-hop with style.
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(Both) Time to bust (Holistik) I just need a mind to crush
(JDKhaos) You cannot top the insight you find in us
(Holistik) Now is it our's? (JDKhaos) Of course!
(Holistik) How did we get it? (JDKhaos) With force!
(Both) We've been prophetically born in this kinetical storm!

(Holistik) So lemme warn those watching, there's no stopping
You only rap cleverly every so often
We've grown lots in the stature of rap
As a matter of fact half 'a you bastards are wack!
(No doubt!) How could we be so loud?
While you're feelin' it out I show that we know how
We all about perfection while professin' our skill
Before you hear a track I'd say it's safe to guess that it's ill
I impress wit' appeal just so my quest will unfurl
Surely you jest, 'cause we're the best in the world!
What other verbal destruction could we add to the beat?
(JDKhaos) We're about to find out when you pass it to me!
Your wack beats don't scare us, you're weak and it's apparent
JDK'll face you today with teeth bearin'
Kurbstomp and U.R.G. will pack wisdom
You have to listen quick when I rap with Holistik
Pedal to the medal my rap is full throttle
Born of Jack Dan's I pack a full bottle
Hotter than lava I can make you melt
Molten rock that's flowin' hot in a lack you felt


(JDKhaos) Forgettin' the norm (Holistik) It seems we about to strike
(JDKhaos) You're wrong in the past, so I doubt that you're right
I'm bombin' your rap when I'm out tonight
You know I'm stronger than that, with a mouth to bite
(Holistik) Please crown the mic king, I like the way
I right wrongs and write rhymes in night or day
My price to pay is find lines to stay
Inside of your head until you get 'em with slight delay!
(JDKhaos) I don't fight my prey, they just die on the spot
I just let it flow while you tryin' alot
You're lackin' in the rappin' and your timin' is off
My rhymin' is hot, what, you think that I'm 'unna stop?
(Holistik) Eh, yo! When I'm on the block you stop, scream and you run
There's no chance to survive (Both) Why are you dreamin' of one?
This demon of heat seems to be leavin' you done!
We bereave you and cleave you until these people've won!
(JDKhaos) Creepin' up on the competition to strike
(Holistik) We make it clear that in life it be our mission to fight
So why the rest wanna bite? (JDKhaos) They just pissed that we're right!
(Both) Plus our system is simple, we just christen the mic!


(Holistik) I let it get warm, swarm, then mangle and kill
Honorable practice! (JDKhaos) Our label is ill
(Holistik) We're rage in a cell (JDKhaos) So lemme make you a deal
When your leg's by a train I may staple your heel
(Holistik) All the hatred you feel will make you suffer with greed
(JDKhaos) You're wack and mess (Holistik) And you ain't tougher than me!
(JDKhaos) We be rougher emcees (Holistik) We're a magical breed
(JDKhaos) Skilled in the rap is what we happen to be
(Holistik) Mappin' the beat we will ignite the horizon
(JDKhaos) Scarin' you guys (Holistik) With the likes of what I did
Strikin' no violence (JDKhaos) A wise technique
(Holistik) We find that you've lied
(JDKhaos) So what you tryin' to be?
The likes of us strike then crush the rest
(Holistik) Ignitin' the dynamite left under your chest
(JDKhaos) It's no wonder we're the best (Holistik) Man! You're missin' the sound
(Both) We won in the past and there's no difference now!

[Chorus] X3
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iMac G5, LTO Max-100 mixer, Shure SM58 microphone
Garageband 2.0.1
said 4975 days ago (January 6th, 2006)
Nice Work...:D
For F-k sake the song is hott man, it can be a big hit.
I love'it
"Keep Going"

White Hawks said 4974 days ago (January 6th, 2006)
superb rapping. I like it very much. thanks for sharing.

- Hawks
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Ancient Rhymer said 4974 days ago (January 6th, 2006)
Certified 4:20 Track
This is dope, the back and forth flow goes really well with the electric bass, drums and shaker. Excellent beat and well writen lyrics. Good Stuff >.
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Leon said 4965 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
Need a melody in the eye of the storm
Superb rapping, as always. Very creative lyrics BUT no melody at all in the
refrain...would be great to hear a singing voice or melody line even just a
few verses in the refrain, cause THAT is where the hook is, or supposed to
be, anyway. Except for a dull pad sound in the background, the refrain
has the same texture and flow and is not discernible from the rest of the
song. An awesome song, otherwise, but really, would be hard to keep the
interest going if it sounds the same through and through.
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crucial_d said 4950 days ago (January 30th, 2006)
good stuff.
good stuff man.
JD's voice sort of reminds me of Slug's from Atmosphere.
i like the best behind it.
good stuff,keep it up.
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mikeeroberts said 4947 days ago (February 2nd, 2006)
this is really weak sounds like it came from malibus most wanted
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DOS said 4944 days ago (February 5th, 2006)
I feel ya
this is the shit man!!! Keep it up

- Kevin
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perceptualvortex said 4893 days ago (March 29th, 2006)
there you go, giving rap a good name again. Love that funky bass heavy groove. You both flow really well, and I'm impressed with how well your two rapping voices are put together. Excellent work!
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Skean said 3135 days ago (January 19th, 2011)
Ah! yes
This is the best you've done dude, i'm sold AGAIN, like I say it's nice to reboot ya brain with old stuff, sure I'm glad I did.
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