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Train Robbery feat. Q-Brute



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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A western themed back and forth style song with a story line taking place during a train robbery.
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H: Holistik, Q: Q-Brute

(H) Yo Q! (Q) What up? (H) I got a plan you in?
(Q) I don't know, I need some cash 'cause my wallet is thin
What you got on your mind? (H) Well, I think that it's time
We try somethin' big and not the first thing that we find
(Q) I heard there's a train with a vault if you're game
Let's go inside to talk and get outta this rain
(H) Aight, cool, we can plan it all out in the main lobby
We need to be organized or we'll die in this train robbery
Wait it's too obvious (Q) What, you been poppin' shit?
You're sketchin'! (H) Naw, I just don't see why we gotta risk it
On an instance in the middle of the town saloon
(Q) F-ck it! Let's blow this safe up like a child's baloon!
I got nothin' to lose and my baby's sick
(H) And I can't even afford a nanny to babysit
(Q) I'll take on a whole batallion to snatch some gold medallions
Even if I gotta jump on the back of a rolling stallion
(H) Now hold your horses, it's important that our focus is kept
Get distracted and we'll have to leave broken and wrecked
Now it's ten to noon, the train's ready to roll
If we wanna show we've only ten minutes to go

(H) G1! (Q) And Q-Brute! (Both) Once again in cahoots!
(Q) Our only train of thought is to rob your caboose!
(H) We'll drop you off at the choppin' block or the noose!
(Both) These bandits harrasin' you like a rock in your boots!

(Q) Wait, let me rob a piece for this train robbery
We're professionals man, so let's do this shit properly
Stollen property will pull me outta this torment
We'd better make sure we snatch a couple of horses
(H) Now I'm a step ahead, let's step back outside
Take your pick bro, you can have black or white
(Q) You got my back alright, and I don't mean to take your's
But I'll snatch the white one, it's the superior race horse
(H) And we're off, fast dash! Like we're winnin' the race
I got my pistol in my grip with the wind in my face
Let's just hope we're not late and our timin' in great
(Q) We shouldn'ta had that last drink! Now she's drivin' away


(Q) Redirect the track at first, jump on the back of 'er
Draw a revolver out and start harassin' the passengers
A four barrel blast when my guns get fired
Two shotguns like the mexican in Sunset Riders
(H) Well so much for stealth! (Q) But we're loaded in wealth!
(H) And what about the cavalry? (Q) No one's goin' to tell
(H) Look, let's just get to the safe, these folks is empty handed
But if you see somethin' good and your tempted grab it!
In the west we're savage, so let's blow this safe
We'll line it with dynamite then just hope that it breaks
(Q) Man, we could die tonight, but I'd rather get high tonight
So pass me another stick of dynamite
Put the loot in the satchel, tie up the conductor
This is where we get off, which one of us jumps first?
(H) Dog, we got problems, the terrible kind!
Are you aware that it's time to fight? 'Cause the sherrif's arrived
But I ain't scared of his kind, besides he brought us horses
And all that we gotta do is knock him off and torch him
(Q) My horse is moving slow as snails, we shoulda rode the rail
Yo, I didn't know I'd fail, I don't wanna go to jail!
(H) Hold on! It ain't over yet! Check his carriage!
You see what I see? (Q) That depends where you're starin'
(H) There! In the back! It's a blackbox of powder!
Plus a bottle of nitro to light up a fire shower!
Fire at the glycerin! (Gunshot) (Q) Man! I missed it!
(H) It's down to the instance! (Q) We're bound to be victoms!
(H) Now, if we get this the loudness will end this
(Q) Watch out for ballistics! (H) Get down! I just hit it!

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Ancient Rhymer said 4996 days ago (January 13th, 2006)
Wild Wild West
Nicely done, this track has a good concept which matches the beat perfectally. I was orginally gonna use that beat to do a different song but I heard this and was really impressed.

Good Stuff dude, keep it up.
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loyd vader said 4991 days ago (January 18th, 2006)
good drop
story is easy to follow, vocals clear, music great, beat fat.........
does it for me............great job.
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Stevie J said 4978 days ago (January 31st, 2006)
nice beat
keep it up yo hip hop has the mic

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mikeeroberts said 4975 days ago (February 3rd, 2006)
beat is good
again your beat making and piano playing is great but you cant
rap...definatly sounds like hip hop meets opie griffith....no flow...
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Masta_phat said 4955 days ago (February 23rd, 2006)
good good
hmm when u and jesse get together the song always seems to have an extra something, i love it
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TobinMueller said 4909 days ago (April 10th, 2006)
Keystone rappers
I dig the piano, never enough piano in hip hop, nor enough humor (which
the piano highlights, like a player piano in a saloon). The performance is
full of energy and has a hint of whimsy and silliness, so you can't tell if
these guys are effective or goofy robbers, which is also refreshing. (The
macho of most rapping, which I find tiresome, is parodied, which I dig.)
And I really like that you posted the lyrics, a rarity for the genre here.
Thanks. Everyone blows up in the end? (I couldn't tell with the repeat of
the chorus, would've preferred it to end with the explosion, but I dug the
breath-holding element of waiting for an outcome too.) Political
undertones not drowned in over-weighted angst; nice. Very entertaining.
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Skean said 3164 days ago (January 19th, 2011)
Train Robbery feat. Q-Brute
This is way cool, a download for sureā€¦ Cheers
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