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We Ain't Scared feat. AOD & Ecstatic



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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Heavy orchestral hip-hop featuring two contrasting rappers of different style.
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You don't know nothin' about the truth and you're bluffin'
So we're uncovering all of it while you're falling and stumbling
You're such a mess of corruption like you're infested wit' somethin'
I'm not impressed witchur fumblin' so let me stress this to all of you

{Holistik} Wait till you take a took at the centre of our flow
You'll find it carry skill and belief as cargo
Point a finger at us and you'll get your arm broke
Wit' a chance less than poor to see tommorow
I'll make the city burn in a flame like charcoal
And cleanse it of the filth that it's filled like barsoap
AOD's wrath could make the stars blow
You're a product 'a pop who needs a barcode
Where'd your heart go, there's just a large hole
I shoulda seen it beaten instead it's dark though
You're as fast as cars you left in park mode
You said you couldn't be hurt but now your scars show
You're as common as people in Spain named Carlos
While some people think that's you're good the smart don't
Look at the crowd that you're in front 'a, they aren't stoked
So the next time you're thinkin' 'a makin' a start? [Break] Don't


{AOD} Welcome to the reckoning, start genuflecting
But not in the house of God, to the blood crazed mob!
Join the masses! Burn the city to a pile of ashes!
Where's your match kid? Born of genocide,
I stand where I died; A demon, unseen in ages
I am ageless, unheld by cages
I hold the knowledge of sages weilding duel 12-gages
My wrath is abraisive, rip off your face kid

{Ecstatic} Toxic logic, it's all neurotic
Just dropped it the first time that we saw it
Will we make it call? Will the world fall
To their knees and seize what we've wanted all along?
But the pain that fills all the masses
Will crash and we'll all be kissin' our asses
We have to grab this, it's the opportune moment
It's been spoken and it's wont be broken
So we take what's been given to us
Relax and have a little bit of trust
The light will shine through the dawn and the dusk
And we're never to fall and we're never to bust

We ain't scared 'a your frontin' and actin' fake, we're above it
And we would love it if all of you'd up and stop it and shut it
It's gettin' rougher as people compete and bluff for a reason to speak
It's nothin' but evil deceit you'll know as you're beaten that
We ain't scared

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said 5028 days ago (January 11th, 2006)
The "Hip Hop" tune...
Nice tune Guys!
You are a real pro at "Hip Hop" .)

"Keep going"


Skean said 3194 days ago (January 19th, 2011)
Updating myself with some old stuff, and your stuff is something I always loved.
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White Hawks said 5027 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
The Real Rap/Hip Hop
Sooooo good. nice beat. nice melody. You guys are so proffesional!
Superb work!

thanks for sharing

- Hawks
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Ancient Rhymer said 5027 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
True Hip Hop with Real Class
I'm very impressed with how this song turned out man. When I first heard it it was still in the process of having more production added on and the lyrics chopped up accordingly. The finished product is just a testament to your musical ability and your classical style.

Good Stuff Once Again My Friend
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iSong said 5027 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
to : AOD Big voice!
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Leon said 5027 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
I'm not scared either... to give you high marks
Not much into rap myself but this one really rocks. Eminem, step aside!
This is very well written.., it makes me think.

Just a comment. Not sure if it's my speakers but your voice recording
might be clipping in a few areas.

Anyway... Sorry guys, this is all I can give you. 9-9-9-9.

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33707 ent. said 5024 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
its a 7.5
1-10 .....????? 7 its cool but need work on tha flow but its tight ya freind fan 33707
WI.flowin said 5009 days ago (January 30th, 2006)
I like the first flow, where you guys from
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Holistik said 5003 days ago (February 5th, 2006)
Canada man! BC, a tiny city.
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mikeeroberts said 5006 days ago (February 2nd, 2006)
not bad...the second guys style and voice sounds best...
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mikeeroberts said 5006 days ago (February 2nd, 2006)
not bad...the second guys style and voice sounds best...
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Masta_phat said 4985 days ago (February 23rd, 2006)
haha i don't know how long it too for us to get christian to spit something but u finally did it...i'm so proud..and mark really suprised me on this
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