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Age For Love

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Back to basics. Song written a while ago played in Dm moddle.
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How now dary-do and how are you
say's the fair with the long, long hair
Said, "I'm fine", that's a sign, yes
I wished she'd be mine
But the situation could not let it be

We stood in the path
We started to laugh
and share a smile or two
She said, "I wish you would"
I said, "I wish I could, but they say that I can't love you."

We talked, and we smoked,
We started to joke
Then she went hers and I went mine
With a parting phrase oh remember these days
And until a time, when we both can be

So, how now dary-do and how are you
Say's the fair the long, long hair
Said, "I'm fine" that's a sign, yes
I wished she'd be mine
But there seems to be an age for love

Yes there seems, ....... about time for love

Richard T.Tappan @ '67-06'
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Natural voice and a 35 yr. old Epiphone D type guitar
t-bone said 5027 days ago (January 13th, 2006)
killer song
this tune rocks, you've hooked a fan with this one. I'll be looking for
more........if you could post the lyrics that would be great, I like to read
along with the song....I've got a wandering mind and without a lyric sheet
I end of focusing on structure and not the
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regulus said 5027 days ago (January 13th, 2006)
killer song
Hey, Tod
Much thanks for the appreciation and comments for the song. At one time I
played at some hotel nightclub along side the airport there in Chicago. I had
a fun time then, as well as a concert at the collage near center of town.

Your not doing to bad your self with those tunes you've posted. Keep em

Oh, I guess you noticed the lyrics are posted. I did't think anyone cared.
Thanks................. r

++ Desiderata ++
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dreadmon said 5027 days ago (January 13th, 2006)
Real folk
Mmmm, this put me in a dreamy state of mind. The music sounds a bit like a Jim Croce song that he never wrote, which is a compliment at least in my mind. You've got a great natural voice - you turn a phrase quite lovely and I love the timbre of it, too. The mix seems to be a tad muddled, which, given that it's just guitar and voice, may be a matter of panning and EQ to clear it up. The performances are great, the production would really help this piece to shine even more. Great job!
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regulus said 5027 days ago (January 13th, 2006)
Real folk
I ray, Ja-Dreadmon, I like those dronning mesmeric over-tones derived from
open tunnings. To me it gives a lived in quality to most of the songs when
applied with thought.

Your quite a broadcaster with your thoughts. Jim Croce came in strong and
clear had me singing "Operator' to day for no apperent reason except for
your extended wave length. I wondered why he came to mind earlier today.

Thanks for the other compliments. They went straight to the head and made
the day, the better.

On the mix; I was aiming at a deep rumblling inviorment with the guitar. The
problem I know of is that I have up to four permanent tones of white noise in,
around my ear works. It's really a distracting bummer when they fall off out
of sink from each other. To much, for to long, but I can crank it up with the
earphones. And I guess I don't really ear it, as others do. Maybe next life
time, they'll be better. Thank you for the time to commment. Your pretty
prolific with your art. Much good tunes there with you.
............ Chao mon

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notsosweet said 5027 days ago (January 13th, 2006)
New fan
You have a great voice for folk! I too would love to see those lyrics
posted, especially because the quality of the recording isn't perfect so
your words aren't always clear. The piece itself is wonderful!
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regulus said 5027 days ago (January 13th, 2006)
New fan
Sweet words to these weary ears, Sarah, notsosweet.

Words....... you got'em. I do like to please.

Yes, I know i'm a little off the line on some of this one. Maybe to much
intoxicant at the time. But I had to do something here or feel left on the
fence. I'll try to get around and do it a little better soon.

Your quite an artist yourself. I've enjoyed your pieces as well. Thank you for
the comments and time to post your thoughts.

Much success, prosparity, luck and most of all love, to you and all for this
year. Abrazo's

++ Desiderata ++
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drakonis said 5026 days ago (January 14th, 2006)
Sweet rich song
Despite the loud hiss through the song, I really loved the rich chords and
resonance of the guitar, and I loved your singing and lyrics (thank for
posting them!) Good levels of voice & guitar, but I'd like to hear the voice
& guitar separated off center a little, I assume you did this with a single
mic? Anyway, this is a great song, I'd love to hear it recorded more
cleanly. Faved!
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milkus said 5018 days ago (January 22nd, 2006)
love the guitar
and the vocal. Don't like the hiss, but it just makes it sound about a
hundred years old so that is cool. MAn that guitar is great it reminds me
of something off the o brother where art thou soundtrack, great song I
only wish I had soul like that
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Location: puebla Mexico
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This wood monkey has mercury in the first house and a passion for creativity in the first degree. It has been playing w/ the full spectrum of artistic expressions since ??? This spirit and the body containing it, reside south of Mexico City. The ... [see more]

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