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 Genre: Art Rock

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in a world of leaders and followers. Each of us dabble in both of these roles over time either through love, work, politics, friendships, or family. ...Sometimes the leaders are full of it and sometimes the followers are.......... Its important to keep these roles balanced.....too many people rely on one or the other.......Power seeking individuals or the meek and mild hearted this song is about a responsibility to .........Choose a wise leader.......Respect those who mirror your actions.............plainly stated............. Don't be a Dick!! and Don't be a Tool!!
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rainbows are falling down my face, like teardrops on a cloudy day.

we see people standing in one spot announcing. They've got aspirations with muscle movements trying to take us along,

Hey Yeah, I wanna go with you here & now,
Hey Yeah, paint me a picture and frame it in gold and brown

I feel a picture in my heart, posted up on the refrigerator door, with a magnet that says "l love you"........

everytime I walk into your house I want to smell your happy.......

the sidewalk continues to move under each step I take.....whats that loose piece of gravel doing inside the shoe of my left foot......

I keep pushing my muscles to get up there with you.....I hear you calling my name.....light that candle with my name inside the flame and I will find you.......

You can find me too, halfway around the bend.....I'll put on my best shirt, and I'll tie my tie in a double windsor knot

My heart beats for you...I'll light the candle too. I am pounding pillows, hitting the piano keys rythmically.........

there's that person standing in that spot proclaiming a future......for us all to follow.....do we listen or do we ignore him?
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K.I.S.KISMET said 5008 days ago (January 26th, 2006)
You found me....
...I simply love your writing, perspective, phrasing, and voice.....a total package for me. Honestly, not many people's music here have moved me like yours. The sincerity, rawness, and personal style simply kick ass....in my eyes and ears.
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DJ-S*D* said 5008 days ago (January 26th, 2006)
good stuff
good stuff man. It was definately interesting. keep it up
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Alannah said 5007 days ago (January 27th, 2006)
I LUV Your Style !
Your musical style is indeed moving .... lov the vocals ... very deep and rich .... you emote the emotion very well in your singing style. Now I gotta go and listen to ALL yer tunes ! I suspect I might just have me a new CD to listen to in the CAR ! This one is a download for me.
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thoddi said 5007 days ago (January 27th, 2006)
less is more
Yeah, you moved me with this.
Great performance and composing.

What a fabulous voice you have. It stands solid with just the piano as your accompaniment. And the piano is well performed and not overdone, but used to support the mood of he song.

You have a good way with words.

This is just great. D/L abd fav'ed:)
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aclarke said 5007 days ago (January 27th, 2006)
Purely amazing
Beautiful, touching and moving. No more need be said from me!
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Boris the Bull said 5005 days ago (January 29th, 2006)
thoughts from the bull...
i admit it, i'm not sure i know what Art Rock is, but i can tell you i
really, really like it if this is an example.

maybe i'm crazy, but i can hear this piece playing as the credits to a
wonderfully moving film roll by. the kind where you sit in the theater
and stare at the names going by, not really paying attention, but being
lost in the song.

simply put, this is a beautiful song.

the lyrics alone are captivating. i can't say that many songs influence
me to look at who i am, but jeezum crow - the whole leadership
commentary and the "Don't be a Dick!! and Don't be a Tool!!" comment
hit home.

very, very wise. i'm truly happy and grateful i came across you tonight.
it's what makes a place like this so frickin' worthwhile.

thank you for the inspiration and of course, the music. well done.
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urbnite said 5004 days ago (January 30th, 2006)
everytime I walk into your house I want to smell your happy.......

i love this lyric - brilliant imagery.

beautiful piano playing, singing, phrasing, etc... it's all great!
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t-bone said 5004 days ago (January 30th, 2006)
that "smell your happy" lyric is one I went back and forth on. It was either going to be feel, see, taste smell, or hear......I thought smell would get more of a response than the other senses. A little oddball lyric intended for the listener to say "WTF?" thanks for the comment...............t
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