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The Days When I Could Run And Play



 Genre: Acoustic

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"The Days When I Could Run And Play" is an excerpt of the newest song that i have written in which ive tried out a couple new ideas. ive been thinking a lot about innocence lately, sort of living in this strange tension of realizing that i am really not anymore, and kind of mourning that. anyway, im trying a couple new things in this song. this is the first song that ive written with a rhyme scheme, which i usually think is cheesy, but i felt like it fit here. and there are the breakdown choruses that are less melodic than i normally write. but i also tried to keep that "dane" sound.
***I know that that there is distortion at the louder parts of the song. my powerbook's internal mic couldnt handle the spl. remember, its just a demo***
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stop. i think i’ve gone too far.
i don't know who you are,
but i know reality
and its sick normality.
i’d go back if i could
When I had someone who would

protect me
to keep me free.
and i’d stay here forever.

i remember all the days
when i could run and play
and look up to Above
with a simple child love;
when life was like a red balloon;
so soft and simple…

but life goes ‘pop’,
and love grows up.
suction cup.
i'm losing hold of the handle.

i've ruined my whole life.
in darkness, tried to hide
a life of broken dreams
that’s bursting at its seams.
i have pissed on innocence,
and i want to repent.

i'm so sorry
i’m so filthy.
this isn’t who i am.

i'm so sorry
i'm so filthy.
this isn’t who i am.
this isn’t who i am.
but it’s all that you can see,
oh God, this isn’t me.
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just a 12" powerbook.
Garageband for the demo. The Final Version will be done in Logic Pro.
Emily Rohm said 4975 days ago (February 8th, 2006)
Good to hear from you again.
Please do some more recording! I love your songs. Your Blue Elephant
song is on all my mixes! I'm looking forward to hearing this one and
the Airplane song with a better recording. Your lyrics are very good. I
don't think I've ever heard "suction cup" used in a ballad...or any song
for that matter! Nice one.
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J.A.Stewart said 4975 days ago (February 8th, 2006)
So, Go... Run and play
Some interesting thoughts and phrases in this piece, but frankly, it
doesn't seem to go anywhere --- musically, or lyrically. The audio issues
aside, it wouldn't even qualify as a demo in most quarters.

Sounds to me like a germ of an idea with possibilities... that's all.

So, Go... let your imagination run and play with it... explore the
possibilities and help this song bloom into something more complete. It's
a worthy concept that deserves the effort. ;)
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Einarus said 4972 days ago (February 11th, 2006)
But the recording quality is - well, bad.
Just hurry up and find yourself the proper gear :)
I'll be here in the meantime; waiting to be blown away once again by your

Again, beautiful!
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