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Cage Of Rage


Ancient Rhymer

 Genre: Trip Hop

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Another Dark, Electric Trip Hop track from my alter ego El Canto. Recorded and produced by me, mixed by Holistik.
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remember what I say because I ain’t here forever
my sh-t is stupid cleaver, I’ll take your head and sever
I’ll pull the lever, smoke sage, bl-ze h-ze in new age
contained in this miniature maze is my cage of rage

(Verse 1)
I’mmm outta h-ll now, and there's no turning back
these ignorant lame as-holes had to attack
I had to zap dem cats and fry em like rat’s
back pocket got too fat from that lame as- rap
you’ve made me snap, I’m more aggressive then h-rperies
on your b-tches box, you had that sh-t and turn dirty
can’t get cleansed by a clergy, your sh-ts not worthy
I said waiter serve me and show this clown no mercy
we beat him with bats and kept his a-s awake with c-ack
he said he’d fell back, he’d put out statements and retract
I said you’ll still be wack and I’ll roast you with one track
why do you think my first words were El Canto Is Back
people think they can hide you, protect you from the worst
but when I bust a verse they shield ears from my curse
leaven the world in a hearse, like a phoenix I rebirth
mirth, wind, water and fire, I’ve returned to this earth
I hold myself with caution and precede when they be talkin
the automatic lockin the fact is I ain’t forgotten
If I was sold at a auction my feed be 5 million
because in the sale of vermilion you’d make a f-cking killin'


(Verse 2)
Thinking anything is possible except for what’s stoppable
can’t move with friction to fade and become unstoppable
I’m only untopable as my right logic stays uncopable
my rage in a cell is felt with force as inaudible
talk rock it too em cuz you can’t sock it to em
flew em off the trail (why?) because I’m trying to lose em
out for revenge swiping c-co plants from your crop
[El Canto]
fake sale with no cable, in mexico you can’t call the cops
put in aztec ruins so archeologist come to conclusion
that I was existing and doing this back before they built them ruins
because it’s my war with my land central to south
I run my team till they’re out, stand on a mountain and shout
over there there she be the big fat land of the free
almost as f-cked up as every single one of us three
now come on ladies and gents it is time for us to dance
and when I say dance I mean rush quick through the marsh, prance
and gallivant quick before a sniper removes your head
that’s what you get for being a careless mexican, dead
I hold my breath and sink while they shoot everyone else
I arise 5 minutes later to find I’m now beside myself


(Verse 3)
I was a pawn for the system handling there dirty deeds
lead war games into Korea and tortured the Vietnamese
I was fine with what I did until I was sent to mexico
Told to “take down the cartel!” and my brother El Carlo!
There’s no conflict of interest when a country is against war
they told me “Lead this mission, or will find and kill your wh-re!”
I said “F-ck you muthaf-ckah, I wont stand for this sh-t!”
rose up from my chair and gave my commander a fat lip
I blacked out and awakened not knowing where I was
until the rifle and the as- smell gave me a hint, f-ck
I decided to rebel, tell the troops they were mine
then the CIA chip in my brain affected my arms, legs and spine!
being controlled like a toy soldier with a battery back
I’ve moved from left to right, I couldn’t speak or hold back
when we came to the strong hold the soldiers took up there arms
a mexican working under my brother screamed “ring the alarm!”
The battle was intense and all I could do was watch
firing, blasting rounds into my fellow mexicans, ugh
and then my brother came forward, my mind scream “run!”
but it was the bullet from my riffle, he died by my gun!

[Chorus] x2
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iMac G5, LTO Max-100 mixer, Shure SM58 microphone, MiDi Keystation 49e
Garageband 2.0.1
Holistik said 4904 days ago (February 12th, 2006)
Since I worked on this, I can't criticize it much in either direction. But I
think the vocal clarity is the clearest your alter ego has seen.
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DOS said 4904 days ago (February 13th, 2006)
Evil...Demonic....I like this..(Deep voice)
Great work..all it needs is some death metal screaming in the background.

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loyd vader said 4902 days ago (February 15th, 2006)
Evil...Demonic....I like this..(Deep voice)
i concur....this would be great with screaming guitars in the background......like something off the judgement night sountrack....it has that intensity....

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nicnak said 4903 days ago (February 14th, 2006)
good good
good shit ..
are you going to do a calab with wi.flowin
killarapman said 4902 days ago (February 15th, 2006)
excellent job
That was pretty good .. nice job
rappinkido said 4902 days ago (February 15th, 2006)
I like it
I like it its really cool voice
rappinkido said 4902 days ago (February 15th, 2006)
I like it
I like it its really cool voice
obie420 said 4900 days ago (February 17th, 2006)
this was good
I like your stuff good job keep it up
cheap said 4900 days ago (February 17th, 2006)
It was aight
It wasnt the best, not my style of music. It was good though
blues_rodio said 4900 days ago (February 17th, 2006)
i don't like rap much, but this is really cool. el cantos is a cool concept.
the one thing I don't like is the instrumental. at times it's just too..grindy
for my liking. GOOD STUFF!
Anonymous said 4900 days ago (February 17th, 2006)
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Name: JDKhaos
Location: Naramata British Columbia Canada
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