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Valentines Day



 Genre: Comedy-Satire-Parody

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Being that I just started dating someone new a week ago and we both think Valentines day is an overly commercial holiday, I thought I would give her an original gift...

I was up all night trying to write the stupidest Valentines song I could think up on such short notice. So if it sounds kinda fruity, it is suppose to lol...

Feel free to pass it on to others if you think they would get a laugh out of it.

P.S. It has a few swear words in it so if you might get in trouble at work, don't turn it up loud...
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outlier said 4937 days ago (February 14th, 2006)
you've got yourself a keeper
well, i'd been fretting over what music to have playing during our
valentine dinner tonite. this should complement the balogna sandwiches
nicely. you should consider putting together a presentation to run by the
folks at Hallmark, as I could really see this fitting in nicely with their line
of musical cards.

now, if you're lucky enough to find someone who is not into the whole
concept of buying into all the commercial mumbo jumbo associated with
days like today, i say hold on, and hold on tight.
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WG said 3732 days ago (June 3rd, 2009)
Glad you found it.
I am no longer dating the girl I wrote this song for but I still email her it every Valentines day and we both get a good laugh out of it :D
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cjorgensen said 4937 days ago (February 14th, 2006)
Once it picks up the singing it gets going. Not a fan off the voice intro.
Also, you swear like a little kid. You don't seem used to doing it. Heh.

I think you should add in more lines about what you get for your card and
chocolates. You have the "stay in my bed," but I think you could play with
these ideas a bit. Just saying, gold bracelet with a diamond bell...night
could be pretty special. Wrote the poem, bought the balloons, you better
get more than a card.

Ha! I liked it.
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WG said 4930 days ago (February 21st, 2006)
Thanks for the comment... But this was a song I wrote for a girl I really like but
the song was a complete joke and was not suppose to be taken seriously... The
voice in the beginning of the song was suppose to be a Radio DJ who is trying to
tell guys to be romantic and the whole song is suppose to be a spoof on
Valentines Day being so romantic. I wrote this song to her because we had only
been dating for only a week before Valentines Day and it was my way of saying
that I like her. By the way her and her friends at the office were cracking up that
I sent it to her.
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AEROjet said 4937 days ago (February 14th, 2006)
The simple things
How sarcastic. Nice.
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WG said 3732 days ago (June 3rd, 2009)
Glad you like it...
Thanks :D
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saymme said 3838 days ago (February 17th, 2009)
"I'm sorry that I didn't..." lmao VTD
...get U any f-n chocolates..." :P HAHhhahaah GREAT SONG !!! Totaally my genre ! KUDOS WG This was real funny & a lovely rythm/peace in the middle of a chaos . . : )hahhaa.. great contrasts -The instrument makes too to a chaotic situation if u see what i mean. My pleasure totally u got me laughing out loud towards the end !
Good Luck & Go break a leg w Your date - Best Wishes...!!!
WG said 3732 days ago (June 3rd, 2009)
Yeah I wrote it the night before Valentines day and sent it to her early in the morning as soon as it was finished. She and her girlfriends at work had a really good roll laughing about it.
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saymme said 3838 days ago (February 17th, 2009)
... : )
OK 3 years ago u posted this, its a song thT LASTS FOREVER & EVER.. - still dating Her ?
WG said 3732 days ago (June 3rd, 2009)
Hi again saymme
Well no we only lasted about 3 months actually but not because of the song lol... We are still friends and I send her this song every year on Valentines Day via email... I have been away from Mac Jams for a while but would like to do more songs and post them soon. Glad you are still getting a kick out of this one. I cut it down to be a little shorter and thought I reposted it but not sure if I did. Any how thanks for enjoying it and see you hear next year :D
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