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This is half of a pair of poems I wrote on religion. It's pretty obscure in parts. I'll post "Hunger" at some point as well.
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Prayer hungry and desperate she cries out
to gods she does not believe in.
“Have we done so badly by your sons?
The wolf and the snake prosper.”
It is always the daughters for which
one worries.
How long until Ragnarok?
She eats of the body and drinks of the blood,
knowing they serve better with malvern and garlic.

Her mother suckled her as a babe,
until she could speak and cry, “No more.”
It was her father who taught her to truly eat,
and know humiliation.
“Cover your nakedness
before you bring me to shame,”
coveting and repulsion weighing his
voice equally.
Such little wonder she is half alive!

“I am unfulfilled and too lonely.”
There is no response to this sacrifice of tears.
No guidance in the stars, no gods, no monsters.
So put paid to that bill,
call this one done.
Ask for forgiveness of yourself.
And run away.
Far away.
And pray for nothing.

There will always be an answer.
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Doadars Uncle said 4866 days ago (March 23rd, 2006)
Do you think many humans do not address negative aspects of this
world in a healthy way out of fear or ignorance? I know that many
churches thoughout history have kept people in fear and ignorance.
Which leads?

I once had a talk with my older daughter, when she was in high school,
about how I respond to her issues. It became apparent that much of
my reactions were anger. All I wanted was to teach and protect.
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cjorgensen said 4863 days ago (March 25th, 2006)
Well, in the context of this poem, the daughter in question is Hel, a half alive,
half dead woman of sexuality (or at lest how I see her). When a god loses
faith, no longer believes in her parents or the way she was brought up, what
is left?

There is also the clash between religions here. To her there is no "bread of
life." Her bread is best eaten with garlic and cheese.

I set out to write three in this series. I wrote two. To do a third would be to
give it the "triune" symbolism it rejects.

There is an obvious rejection of the counsel on a mother keeping her a child
and or a father wanting her to grow up (perhaps in an unnatural way).

Thanks for the comment.

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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said 4863 days ago (March 26th, 2006)
interesting discussion...I think Swift once said that "We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another."...I suppose I am a born-again atheist..."I fell into a burning ring of fire / I went down, down, down / and the flames went higher. / And it burns, burns, burns / the ring of fire / the ring of fire.".... rejection/rebellion against one's parents is necessary in the process of maturation...one must shed the protective cloak and start the journey of self-discovery
cjorgensen said 4863 days ago (March 26th, 2006)
I've never had a sense of religion or of mysticism. It baffles me that a majority of
the population does. I was raised with religion, I just never connected, never got
it. I spent a large portion of my life studying various aspects, I only came away
with a lot of neat stories.

In my mind all religions have the same validity. Well, except Catholics, they're
just plain nuts (just kidding guys).

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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Corporal Beef said 4866 days ago (March 23rd, 2006)
It's About Time...
...that I actually comment on one of your pieces. I've listened to many...
I have a hard time commenting on words instead of music, so I may
have this all wrong, but here it goes. Assuming the advice to the girl
was to look to herself for forgiveness and solace, to reject the concept
of something or somebody spiritually larger than herself, I found it
interesting that your voice was presented as something sinister and
under-worldly. I'm unsure whether you were luring her over to evil, or
giving her sound advice. We're you telling her that there will always be
an answer, or is that a general statement of your truth? For me, the
meaning behind that statement sets the framework for the whole
piece. Is it truth, or coersion?
Overall, I enjoyed listening to this and look forward to Hunger. Thanks
for posting.
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cjorgensen said 4863 days ago (March 25th, 2006)
It's About Time...
I think other than the direct quote the rest of the poem is "unreliable
but journalistically unbiased. Heh! By this I mean, the the poem as a whole is
supposed to be a story, but obviously there is a bias to it. An anti-parental,
anti-christian bias. But the facts are facts.

I'm not sure if the poem end in a belief or in a desire. It's hard to reject
when you have nothing to replace them. It's hard to move away from
when you're not sure there is something better.

The voice came out in an unintended manner. I did not want it to be evil
sounding. First time around I had a different effect on each "character," but it
sounded like crap. I ended up with this and was happy over headphones. On
anything else it seems to be a bit more muddy and darker than I wanted. I am
working on a remixed version where the whole thing is closer to my actual

And you can comment all you like. You were helpful in identifying what I
needed to fix. Thanks!

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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said 4865 days ago (March 23rd, 2006)
It's difficult for me to comment on
your stuff as I have had virtually no exposure to this sort of art. I will
say that it sounds well produced and it all fits together seamlessly. I
wish I could offer constructive criticism but alas I am but an ignorant
music lover. Thanks for sharing Chris.
cjorgensen said 4863 days ago (March 25th, 2006)
It's difficult for me to comment on
Heh, I understand. I feel like this on some tracks, but at the poetry slams we
always say forget what you've been taught, how does it make you feel? I
think people over-think things (I know I do).

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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Leon said 4864 days ago (March 24th, 2006)
Something different...
Hey, CJ..thanks for pimping this at the chat...I like your spoken word
creations... I always don't know what to expect when i listen to one of
your pieces...cause each one is always different, a new experience and
adventure everytime... This one is bone-chilling and sends a sensation of
terror into me! Thanks for your very interesting posts.
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cjorgensen said 4863 days ago (March 25th, 2006)
Something different...
Hey! I didn't pimp this. You asked if anyone had anything new. Ha!

And the reason each is different is that I can't get consistency. Seriously, if I
knew music I'd make songs. I'd probably still have a lot a variety, but the way
things are now I am confined to making noise that fits the words and hoping
it comes out. It amazes me how often I write and produce and audio piece
others like as well. I am a hack making sound I want to hear. I am glad others
are along for the journey.

I think this one came off a bit darker than I intended. They all do. But then I
seldom do happy. Tried that once, only to have someone say, "That was the
most depressing poem I ever heard."

I'll have to do that one up sometime, do it morose then happy, see which way
people like it.

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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alley-oop said 4864 days ago (March 25th, 2006)
kicks ass
cool poem,
I like Doadars Uncle's comment.
What I get from this:
Male male/god/strength/culture and how it grinds on and controls the
/female/ humane/ less strong.

How long until Ragnarok?
....you got me there...

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cjorgensen said 4863 days ago (March 25th, 2006)
kicks ass
You got it all wrong. It was actually about Smurfs and their oppression of

Actually, I think you have it down, but you put it in more concrete terms than
I ever would. I tend to put myself in a situation and ask, "How would I feel."
Or I think about something that happened to me and say, "This is how I felt." I
seldom think in terms of themes and such.

It's also hard for me to discuss my own writing, as who am I to say people got
it right or wrong? If it has meaning for you this is enough.

I too like Uncles comment, as it made me feel like I'd connected and it wasn't
until he wrote what he did that I realized this was a two way street. I thought
of this poem as the female bemoaning her state, missing the parental aspect
all together (though it's obviously there, so I am more talented than I

Thanks for the feedback. Remix and "Hunger" on their way.

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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