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Untitled No. 1 (Song of Forgotten Sorrow)


Tom Atwood

 Genre: Classical

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Here's an interesting story. Well, maybe not. I gave up MacJams for Lent, largely because I felt like I was spending too much time here. However, today, the 4th Sunday of Lent, is known as "Refreshment Sunday," a day for completely relaxing the disciplines of Lent. So, after not visiting this site for almost a month, I stopped by to say hello and upload a song.

For weeks, this piece had the working title of "Gorecki," after the Polish composer Henryk Gorecki, whose best known work is his 3rd Symphony, the "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs."

I would like to thank composerclark (Clark Ross) for nudging me in this direction. Thanks also to Mystified (is she still here?) and several others who previewed this untitled, titled, ripped-off-titled piece.

Artwork: “Sorrow”
by Ella Richards
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Casio Privia PX-300
Mystified said 4893 days ago (March 26th, 2006)
Who, me?
(Oh. yes...I'm still here.)

And happy to see that you've posted this lovely piece at last!
I like the 'untitled title' you've given to it, for while there is a definite somber tone about this, it is not necessarily sorrowful.

In fact there is a purposefulness about its mood that brings to mind ideas such as: determined, undeterred, resolute.
Shafts of light amidst the darker tones, it is --if it is anything-- sorrow forgotten and hope forged anew.

Thank you for this music, Tom!
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composerclark said 4893 days ago (March 26th, 2006)
Glad to see you back, Tom! Giving things up for Lent is a fine idea, I
think, and MacJams can become a pretty addictive habit, as I learned the
hard way. I quit cold turkey for a while, then eventually returned on a
more sporadic basis. Anyway, as I told you already, I have really been
enjoying this piece, and I marvel at your ability to hold the listener's
interest for its relatively lengthy duration. You seem to have such a
natural facility for composing. I'm jealous!
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said 4893 days ago (March 27th, 2006)
After many years of parochial school, never having heard of "Refreshment
Sunday". I was probably sitting in the principal's office or reading Mad
magazine during that lesson.
I enjoyed and continue to enjoy this electronic orchestra piece. I especially
like your use of percussion.

Tadashi Togawa said 4893 days ago (March 27th, 2006)
Confession of mask.
Sound that permeates through spirit and body.
The melody and the rhythm combine.
The melody of the subject composes the whole in detail.
Special one.
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kristyjo said 4892 days ago (March 27th, 2006)
I was wondering where you'd gone.
One of the problems with online communities - people can 'vanish'
without you knowing what's happening. (shakes head to get out of
contemplation mode) But, anyway, this is interesting, and I'm thinking
that this isn't a 'forgotten' sorrow, but a 'remembered' sorrow. and that
the protagonist is using the memory of a particular sorrow to drive him or
her onward to some almost unobtainable goal.
I hear your signature mallet percussion and rhythmic riffs played by brass.
Hope to hear more from you in late April.
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Stun Nutz said 4892 days ago (March 27th, 2006)
Nice piece, Tom...
Didn't get much sleep last night... very tired... listening to this helped me
stay focused at work. I am glad I can use headphones in this place!
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perceptualvortex said 4892 days ago (March 27th, 2006)
, especially the horns and percussion. This goes a lot of different places, and I liked them all to varying degrees, some of them a whole lot--like the flute solo near the middle, the big buildup near the beginning, that piano/string soloing over the pretty but plodding pulse. Some of the grander horn sections are really cool. I can't say I felt the sorrow in this--well, a few places, definitely yes--but mostly it felt fascinated or exploratory, like trekking a new landscape, or the fascination with a marvelous scientific discovery. Thanks for the fun listen, Tom.
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Macaudion said 4892 days ago (March 27th, 2006)
This is just astounding... Thank you - Dion
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bronco said 4891 days ago (March 28th, 2006)
Another Sweet One
Great composition there Mr. Tom! You have got those horns down pat!
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Scott Carmichael said 4890 days ago (March 29th, 2006)
wow... that was/is gorgious... just like cream, real music rises to the
top in this milky arena of loopers... that sounds nasty... I mean that
this technolagy lends itself to " spending all our effort on producing"
because it's fun... we forget that real music is the right vehicle for
this... this is great

enough said... thanx
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sky shoes said 4888 days ago (March 31st, 2006)
Holy Cr-, ah er sorry
Certain Macjammers give me a thrill when I see their postings. Mr.
Atwood I am never let down. Give up chocolate next year please.
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Warren Smith said 4888 days ago (March 31st, 2006)
today's thoughts
I've never heard of "Refreshment Sunday" either. Anyway, it's a good thing you gave up macjams, and not music, for your penance, or we may have not had this piece to ponder.

What I find particulary interesting about this composition is its complexity - not meaning that too much is going on at any one time, but rather how many little different combinations of sounds continuously take place. It has distinct parts, a beginning/middle/end, yet overall, it's very fluid.

I'm having a hard time reading anything particularly sorrowful about the mood - I think it forgot to show up. Serious, for sure, somber, maybe a little in the middle, but it opens with too much action to be contemplative or morose. This is just my reaction - but it doesn't seem to be as emotional as it is narrative, that all of those little instrumental combinations keeping the piece moving forward, although operating at different paces, are more the grammar of storytelling than the painting an emotional picture of sorrow. There's a palpable sense of resolution coming with the ending section introduced by the vibes.

Well, these are just some of the thoughts this piece provoked in me. It is rich in its details, yet those details never steal the spotlight away from the overall focus. This is the mark of great writing - where the whole and the parts operate in perfect harmony. Consequently, if I were to listen to this tomorrow and comment again - I might say something entirely different. : )

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ktb said 4886 days ago (April 2nd, 2006)
how do you do this?
wow, i clicked on this as i started some busy work in the office and
later, much later looked up and asked myself, what is this! its great.
what an awesome composition. silly question from non music reading
person, but do you map this all out and record it. or does it unfold as
your creating it and add new parts. either way i'm a fan
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Tom Atwood said 4787 days ago (July 11th, 2006)
how do you do this?
Thanks everyone!

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legato said 4575 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
sountrack all the way
Tom, I know I have been out of the loop for awhile but your film scoring is great! I'll have to listen the others but I thought this would be a great start. Another comment, i was taken in by the military style drumming with the brass section-very moving.

On another note it is good to take a break, but not too long-ok

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