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Matchless - New Try

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This is a song I originally posted on MacJams, and have re-recorded. I am recording this song in a slightly more studio like setup, so made this version as a template for the arangement. Thought people might like it :D.

I know there are a couple iffy spots with the vocal, but I'd like an overall comment on the song arrangement, elements, etc.... (or any thoughts will do :D)

Here is a link to the original, incase you'd like to compare:

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© 2005/2006 Aaron David Polley

Verse 1
Lifted high, above all else
He came down, not for Himself
From a throne, He departed
To save the world

Matchless in Glory
Matchless in Grace
I am surrounded by Your love again
Awed by Your splendor
Awed by Your face
No one can know how You changed my ways

Verse 2
On a cross, He died
For our sins, a sacrifice
A crown of thorns, He wore
For you and I

You gave it all for me
That I might grow to know You
You touched my hand and helped me
So I might rise to Heaven
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atonalis said 4722 days ago (April 16th, 2006)
excellent. really great recording of your voice as well...... i know it's one thing to lift the vox in the mix on pop tracks...... but the instrumentation you have breathes so well, you could prolly bring the vox down an notch or two in this mix.
though i'm not a fan of the lyrical content, this has all the makings of a really well arranged, produced and performed pop song. great stuff.
BTW, caught this through your thread post..... not a popular thing to plug your stuff here at MJ...... i don't dissagree with it in the least..... it's just that many others here do.......
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charliechen said 4722 days ago (April 16th, 2006)
Great singing
Your voice is stirring and beautiful. Your phrasing and intonations lend such truth to the testimonial that you are singing. Nice simple arrangement as well.

I agree with atonalis above that your vocals could be brought down a notch to blend into the music more.

The weakest component of this song, in my opinion, is the lyrics. I am much more of a fan of the "show, don't tell" approach to writing. You say that "No one can know how You changed my ways." Well, after hearing the song, we still don't know. In the verses, tell us how you were changed. As it stands, the verses are teetering on cliche. Personalize the experience. Your chorus is quite beautiful. The only thing I'd suggest with the chorus is a little more effort to finish the rhyming scheme.

Almost all the elements are in place. Some editing, and you'll have a hit.

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Aaron David said 4722 days ago (April 16th, 2006)
Great singing
Thanks for the comments so far. I understand that plugging is looked down upon... but it is also one of the few ways to get your songs listened to... especially when you haven't ben around for a long time. I think I'm nearing that point when I have been here long enough and I don't intend to plugg anymore.

The mix.... yeah I think the vocal is a little high in the mix... I think I subconciously did it because depending on the sound system you are listening to it on, the voice can get drowned out. Nothing worse than not being able to hear the vocals... I'll play with it more...

Charlie.... the bridge is an answer to the end of the chorus. Do you see it?

Thanks again for the comments.... and I'd love more :D ;).....

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jiguma said 4720 days ago (April 19th, 2006)
I disagree
Aaron, I disagree about the mix - I think the vocals deserve to be up
front, and add a really intimate feel to the song. I don't relate to the
lyrics (and once I got the idea, stopped litening to them), but, that
aside, this is a very nice song. You have recorded the vox and guitar
very well, but I can feel a much more interesting drum/bass
combination to this which would lift it even further - I think you may
have let yourself down in that department a bit. All in all though, an
excellent track - congratulations, you have a fine voice!
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RickW said 4633 days ago (July 14th, 2006)
Aaron, I loved it all -- lyrics, mix, performance, arrangement.
Right on!

God bless you and keep you,


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TobinMueller said 4629 days ago (July 19th, 2006)
Wonderful voice
I love this sound. I agree with jiguma about the lyrics, it's a sort of one-
note traditional hymn sung over simply beautify simplicity. I'd rather have
lyrics that speak to something personal, something that changed you, a
real story. However, superb sound of intimate inspiration christian folk
music. I like your template, great sound. Fits you really well. Your voice
can carry a track.
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Aaron David said 4626 days ago (July 22nd, 2006)
Wonderful voice
Thanks Tobin! I really respect your opion as an artist. I completely understand what you mean about the lyrics. I find that ther is room for every kind of song somewhere. Songs that share stories of life are much more relational to a listener and therefore appeal to a wider audience. This song just fits in a different category :D

Aaron David - Latest song: Matchless
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Cori Ander said 4580 days ago (September 5th, 2006)
I am late here. Just wanted to say that like it a lot!
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mcsweb said 4533 days ago (October 22nd, 2006)
I like the quiet, soulful approach of the song and the production, particularly the unadorned vocals. As for the lyrics, the topic is difficult to capture without repeating what has been said before and sounding hackneyed, but I believe your voice rises above that quite nicely. Maybe I'm biased just because I like hearing others doing Christian music here too. :)
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blaky smith said 4532 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
Nice singing
Very beautiful voice on nice melody, bravo Aaron... Marc
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jdholliday said 3315 days ago (February 22nd, 2010)
very nice
Good job!
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